40 Beautifully Designed Mobile Apps With Excellent UI Experience in Mind


With so many apps being released in such a short period of time, designers need to really create apps that stand out. In this roundup we’re sharing 40 beautifuld mobile app designs with excellent UI experience in mind. Also at the end of the post you’ll find some more resources to follow top mobile app design trends.

Mobile apps are even changing the way we design anything nowadays! Everybody is pushing to higher resolution with new retina displays (iPad3) and I believe whole web will get super beautiful and sleek soon enough!

But before it happens we can inspire from these high quality inspirational mobile app designs. It doesn’t matter for which platform you create a design; you can transfer experience from mobile to web, from web to tablets!  As you can see even print and web is not so different now. Big typography, textures, images are used everywhere!

Only one big difference in my opinion is touch screens – for mobile and tablets you need to put big attention in UX, usability. Make sure buttons are easy to click; you effectively use touch controls to swipe, expand, minimize with your fingers.

If you are designing mobile apps yourself, I would strongly encourage to download a lot of these apps on your mobile, tablet and play with them! Even if you are just designer not developer, you need to plan whole experience with your design. Ok, now off to the inspirational part – enjoy this roundup we put together for you.

Which is your favorite mobile app by design and usability? Leave your feedback in comments.

1. Camera Genius


Camera Genius is a camera application that significantly increases standard functionality. It has separate focus and exposure areas, picture editing tools and effects, social network sharing features and more. Great idea to blend SLR with phone and the UI design is nice and clean.

2. Istid


Overview of the shops selling good quality ice cream. The usability and typography are great.

3. Jauntly


Mobile website of Jauntly – a simple goal setting web application. Simple design with a beautiful color scheme.

4. ChowNow Tip


Tip screen for the forthcoming ChowNow mobile ordering platform. Crisp design with a gentle touch of texture.

5. Wieden + Kennedy BlackBook


Browse employees alphabetically. Awesome contact list.

6. Nike Fuel+ App Concept


A new concept for Nike Fuel+ app. Fine contrast and vibrant colors.

7. Moodswings


Moodswings helps you add and track your daily mood through time and location. Check how people in your neighborhood are feeling and understand the reasons behind your mood swings. Good concept brought to life with a beautiful design.

8. MemoCards


MemoCards is the ultimate flashcard app for language learners. Excellent design that combines both usability and creativity.

9. Grocery List


Make shopping easier with ordered lists.

10. Quote Roller


Quote Roller for iPhone lets you access your QuoteRoller account from wherever you are. Lucid and neat web app’s transfer to mobile.

11. AirCasette


AirCassette is a unique cassette player application for iPhone and iPod Touch. Creative design but the functionality lacks a bit.

12. Meernotes


Another to-do list app yet this one really feels like a notebook in your pocket.

13. Mingle


Mingle is the new, fun way for professionals to network anywhere they are. Modern and glossy interface which might not go with the app’s goals.

14. Sudoku


The best sudoko app for iPhone. Tough game but at least you have a beautiful interface.

15. I Do Lists


I Do Lists is a list creating app. But it’s for lists of things that “I do” rather than things “to do”. It combines good graphic design with ease of use.

16. RaceSplitter


RaceSplitter is an easy-to-use, yet powerful race timer, that allows you to time a race or training session, and get splits and relative standings while out on the course. Clean interface and great functionality.

17. Billings Touch


Billings Touch is a part of a unique time tracking and invoicing solution called Billings Pro. Clean and crisp design makes it easy to keep an eye on your money and projects.

18. Ogorod Stuff


Ogorod Stuff is a great way to share pictures of your clothes, gadgets, vehicles and all the other stuff that you use everyday. I don’t see the point of this app but you got to admit that the design is neat and refined.

19. TV App


TV Show tracker app idea with glazed and pixel-perfect interface.

20. WoooBee


WoooBee is a location based service, where you can share the hottest spots in town with your friends and receive discounts. Beautiful color scheme with pixel-perfect elements, yet it looks like the functionality of the app won’t be that great.

21. Probki.tv


Blogging app for those who are unlucky enough to spend their lives in traffic jams. Clean interface with a touch of retro.

22. Arla Köket


A cooking app with trendy design and great color accents.

23. Air Dictate


An iPhone app that uses Siri’s speech to text to dictate text to your Mac. Luxurious look with a nice touch of texture.

24. iPhone Restaurant App


A restaurant app concept with a warm and cozy look.

25. Jet Lag


Suffering from jet lag? Flying between timezones may cause your biological clock to run amok making you feel tired and disoriented. Jetlag App helps combat these feelings so you can enjoy your trip and be alert all day long. Minimal design with a nice color scheme.

26. Italian Challenge


Deepen your knowledge of Italy by answering more than 1000 questions that this app offers. Attractive design with cool illustrations.

27. UN News App


The UN News Reader is a free mobile news application for quick and easy access to all stories from the UN News Centre. Perfectly aligned elements and plain design.

28. redpepper


Mobile website of an advertising agency. Bold and engaging design, a great transfer from the web version.

29. Bosquet


Your new favorite Forrst app? The appealing design might help make it.

30. My Seeen


A movie app concept with clean, pixel-perfect, detailed design.

31. tmn wallet


With this service customers can purchase products in vending machines, catering spaces and custom food delivery services using just their mobile phones. Clear and bold.

32. Mountain High


The official Mountain High app for your next ski and snowboard experience. Bright and rich interface with bold accents.

33. Readability


Readability turns any web page into a clean view for reading now or later on your computer, iPhone or iPad. It’s all about simplicity and the reading experience.

34. Red Stamp


Email, text, tweet, facebook, and paper mail personalized photo cards, notes, invitations + announcements right from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The app itself is very simple but those photo card designs are awesome.

35. Snapguide


Snapguide is a simple, beautiful way to share and view step-by-step how to guides. The good looking design and usability makes creating a guide fun.

36. crouwelclock


Clock made from kick-ass typography.

37. Calvetica


A super simple calendar app using Helvetica typography that looks worlds better than inbuilt.

38. robick


Robick is an audio player for listening to music deeply. change and visualize the way you listen to music.

39. eBoy FixPix


Tilt your iPhone to explore eBoy’s mind-boggling art and find the right angle to solve the puzzle. Graphics by the Eboy artists.



SKTCH is a generative drawing application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Instead of adopting traditional “brush” based drawing, SKTCH is about presets, created by a number of digital artists around the globe. In this app, you’re the designer.

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Aware of some more awesome mobile apps? Share with us in the comments!



  1. Nice collection! Android or iOS, both of them are inspiring many with their vibrant designs and UI. I strongly feel that User Interface is the first factor that primarily determines the success of a mobile application. I really loved the first one on your list!

  2. It looks like you have done lot of research and hard work for this article. This is great post. The images used for showing screens of each apps are great.I will defiantly try few of them.
    One thing, does this apps are slow in working, due to their designs?

    • Jessica, thanks for comment, it’s interesting that you ask…you should try installing these apps and check yourself. It’s awesome to see that these advanced apps mostly also work awesome..so it’s not affecting speed..great encouragement for others!

  3. Thanks a lot for your excellent article, Beautifully Designed Mobile Apps With Excellent UI Experience in Mind, it is very helpful task.

  4. Dan Weese

    Great list! I really like the UI and usability of Paperless by Crush Apps. The colors are pleasing, you can assign icons to the different lists, and it’s easy to reorder things. It’s one of my must-have apps.

    • Thanks Dan, once you enjoy great usability on any app, you know that’s what you want to create yourself!

      I am big fan of Clear iPhone to-do list – a lot of creative sweep controls!

    • Thanks Lisa, glad to hear you enjoy this collection! It is indeed great inspiration when you work on any design task! I would strongly encourage to download these apps to enjoy UX fully to understand why these apps are so successful and try to implement the same strategies in your own projects!

    • Howie, can you comment more, why you want others to try these apps – what makes them stand out?

      Haha, when I saw ui-porn I thought it’s yet another spam comment :D

      • Howie

        Hi Dainis, sorry for not commenting more.

        *Disclaimer. I am the creator of UI-PORN. I created it mainly for my own use because none of there categorized them the way I would like it to be.
        As for PTTRNS, it’s just an alternative to and additions are pretty frequent.


  5. Ivan Lara

    You should check the app called “Do it (Tomorrow)” it runs on iPod Touch / iPhone / iPad. Best to do app ever.

      • Ivan Lara

        the minimalist design and functionality makes the use of this app a great experience, and theres also a free version so you can try it :) and i appreciate your reply thank you

        • Yes, having free versions help to test these apps fully :) Sure Ivan, and wish you best luck on implementing the same great UI experience on your own projects!

  6. Thanks for the roundup! I really like the first one-Camera Genius. It has a tactile feel which I’m sure pro and amateur photographers will recognize and appreciate.

  7. tk

    Mobile =/= iPhone, so please next time you write iPhone apps or post another platform (Android, WP7, …) apps aswell.
    Nice article anyway.

    • You are right, we should have created more varied list of different platforms. Just for other platforms there is much harder to find beautifully designed apps as most UI designers really focus on Apple.. Will put it my notes for another showcase :)

      • tk

        I totally agree with that, but it’s not that simple. For example in Android, many apps are based on the system’s main UI elements, which can be a bit ugly. Although on custom ROMs (best example is MIUI) these apps are looking so much better.
        BTW keep up the good work on this site! :)

        • Yes, unfortunately it is like that, Apple users are more selective about design and usability where Android and Windows is still falling back. I guess here in this article we took easier way to showcase iPhone apps because of the above reasons.

          And thanks for kind comment! :)

      • Hey Dainis,
        Nice list!

        We’re finally seeing a change in Android app design and we’re starting to see apps that look nicer. The look of Android apps is very different from iOS though. Fully custom components, glossy, fake leather etc look is not in fashion on Android. I really don’t think that the apps look worse but they certainly look different than iOS.
        I wrote about the changing look in my blog some time ago here: http://www.androiduipatterns.com/2012/04/holo-new-look-of-android.html

        I gathered some very usable and good looking apps to this G+ post:

        There’s also a site dedicated for Android apps that look great:

        We very rarely see same site listing good looking Android apps and iOS apps in the same list due to the very apparent difference in the style. I think it is very difficult to find both styles appealing.

        • Thanks Juhani for spending time to leave these valuable tips for Android platform! Android is much different in general, it is more technical and that’s why designs aren’t so polished, but it’s great to see Android is working on keeping up!

          But well, it’s nice to have separation to maintain good competition here! And I am saying that as 2 year Apple fan heh!