Get More Pageviews: How To Encourage Visitors To Click More


The secret of success in constructive blogging, is getting more page views. This will make sure readers get involved in your site and click more, resulting in an increase in the traffic and page views. Search Engine Optimization gets better if a reader stays for a longer period of time on your site, thus decreasing the bounce rate. There are many ways to appeal a reader click more on your site, but out of all those tools and methods, I tried to pick up the most effective and suitable to every blog/ site. These methods are being seen in practice on even the blogs of the gurus, which proves that what you are going to learn today, would be reliable.

Related Posts

The best method in this regard is having a list of posts related to the one that was just read. There are several plugins found on the blogging platforms for this purpose that adds a list of posts under a post. These posts are selected on the basis of categories or tags of the post above. This method does increase your page views as by the end of the post, the readers has got enough interest in the topic that they are ready to read more about it. You can also give a little tweak to this method by highlighting those posts to catch attention. Apart from that, some blogs have related posts underneath a post along with their thumbnails. These are then easy to integrate are more appealing to readers for they would then click on it. An example of this can be seen on Demortalz here in the image below.

demortalz image thumbnails

You can use following plugins to show related posts underneath a single post:


Normally a visitor enters your blog on the recent post and then either leaves immediately or might read a post or two more. Interlinking is a method that keeps the reader on the blog for a long bit of time which will decrease the bounce rate. You can link different keywords from a post to other relevant posts, categories or tags. This gives the readers more chance of clicking a link and hence increases page views of your blog. Different plugins are there to do the job but as for WordPress, they now have it integrated within their hyperlink option. Not only linking the new posts to the older ones, but you should also link your old posts to the new ones, whenever you get time. This method has more chances of success than the related posts at the end of  a post. Apart from that, when we link the keywords to the relevant articles, it increases their Page Rank which will result in more page views too. This can be done by browsing through the search engine keywords sources to your blog in your analytics. The keywords that brings traffic to your various posts can be linked to them in other posts. This will show google that those posts are more relevant to these keywords. Hence, it will increase the chance of driving  more organic traffic via those keywords. The best example of this can be seen on the blog ShoutmeLoud down below. shoutmeloud interlinking

You can use following plugins to do interlinking between:

Popular Posts

This is one of the appealing method for every reader do get attracted towards something that is famous. We have sidebar widgets on WordPress platform and something similar can be there on the other platforms. Try to have bold letters in this area to make it more catchy and include up to 5 most visited posts on the list. The common name given to this list is ‘Popular Posts’ but you can select something else associated to your blog/ website too. These highlighted posts will receive more traffic thereby increasing your page views. A good example of this can be seen on SmashingHub in the below image.

smashinghub popular posts widget

You can use following plugin to do interlinking between:


If your blog has more content and less pictures, you might want to give a try to this method. Often we have the follow-up links at the end of our posts in order to turn our readers into subscribers. If you follow the same method on your blog and those links at the end of the posts are increasing your followers, then you should try to have categories there too. What happens here actually is; when you write an article on a specific topic, try to search related articles under the same category on your blog and give a link at the end of the post saying, ‘if you want to read more on ‘category’, you can check out the articles related to the topic here. This method is widely used by Redmondpie in their posts regarding iPhone tweaks where they give the option to the readers if they want more regarding tweaks.

redmondpie categories posts


This might not be the a very effective method for the said purpose but as we are talking about increasing page views, hence here it is. Showing excerpts on the home page of your blog with a link to ‘read more’ will inspire the readers to click and read the full article. This will obviously increase your page views. Other than that, having excerpts on your home page is a good method for managing your home page. All the new posts aligned accurately and the readers get to have options to read either the very latest article or 2 to 3 before that. Designzzz can be a good inspiration in this regard for I personally like their ‘Read More’ link, being it is more appealing.

designzzz excerpts on homepage

Links in RSS Feeds

I cannot give you the real statistics but there are lots of readers who has subscribed to the RSS feeds of several websites and blogs. This actually decreases our number of page views or visitor because many RSS readers now give them the option to read the whole new article there on the reader. Take example of Google Reader where if I have subscribed to the feed of a blog, it brings up the whole new article on my reader. This way I don’t need to visit the blog to read anything. The solution to overcome this thing is by enabling links in your RSS feeds. When I talked about interlinking up there, I might have forgotten to mention that you should try to have as many ‘good’ interlinks in your first paragraph as you can. Now, when you will enable links on your RSS feeds, the subscribes might click on the links, hence bringing them to your blog at-last. Another option that can be useful here is by showing excerpts in your feeds, rather than the whole article. An inspiration here can be iDownloadBlog where they have links in their feeds as well as show excerpts (shown in the image below).

idownloadblog links and excerpts in rss feeds

I agree there are more techniques for increasing page views where mostly the quality of content is appreciated. But writing quality content will surely drag them once again, but won’t make them dig more for sure. I would love to hear your experiences about what method you came across that worked effectively for you, in the comments below.



  1. Sagar

    The related and popular post plugin is a great way to increase pageviews and increase engagement. Also interlinking posts and categories is equally important and helps in SEO.

  2. Its obvious, you will have more clicks with more page views, but recently I seen 1 tutorial on seomoz blog, not to give more concentration on interlinking, they said it hardly matters. Now I have to change my strategy of link building a bit. First time I got to know about some new things..

  3. Dr. Jonathan Christenbury

    Just wanted to state that I followed several tips said by Salman Saeed on this post to improve clicks on my sites so I can gain more from the same visitors, they worked like a charm, I ncreased a 27% my income!
    I liked specially your idea of links on RSS feeds.


  4. akif

    This is pretty interesting.You really made me consider a lot.I’ll be checking this out.I’d like to read and learn more about this.Thanks for sharing!

  5. aman

    great post, this will surely help out the newbies to get most from their blogs………..thanks for the share…

  6. Tim

    I use the interlinking to boost SEO but certainly this will help keep the reader tuned in. If they like the article they are reading and the topic is captivating they will want more info. The excerpts and popular posts will stand out more and are basically design features that will keep the reader engaged. Good article….I am off to read a related :) How the Web Industry is Changing STEM’s Perception

  7. Wasim Ismail

    Overall having a clean design, with good use of design where your call of actions are, encouraging your visitors to click though, should help .
    Interlining works good, ensure that you have good colour styles on the links, so that your readers know it’s a link. Interlining done well will also help with your SEO.