40 Mouthwatering Websites for Your Delight


Being a fan of luscious food and cuisine, I like to surf the net and see what new restaurants are popping up.I crave for food too much that I find myself staring at very tempting pictures for hours. I do believe in the saying – you eat with your eyes first. We always look at how the food is presented before we make our choices. People want good food all the time, and that is a good thing for restaurateurs.  Putting up really inviting photos of your menu would really help your website get that attention. Get food enthusiasts running into your restaurant eating what you serve.

But in this new era of innovative technology, people grab their ipads, cellphones or what nots to decide before they go where they need to. It is best to reach out for customers where they find it easy, fast and convenient – the internet.

I have collected 40 mouth-watering webpages for your delight.  Enjoy!


2. Can Jubany

3. Ruby Tuesday

4. Saf Restaurant

5. Nuevo Aurich

6. Gibsons Steakhouse

7. Geogeske

8. Charlie Browns

9. Chez Gerard

10. Daimu

11. The Little Cake Parlour

12. Burger King

13. Olive Garden

14. Back Yard Burgers

15. Monkey Nuts

16. Giannis Steakhouse

17. Alley Pfannekuchen

18. Choga NYC

19. Pic Fresh

20. Restaurant El Amigo

22. isle

23. La Masa Mimatta

24. Veda

25. FIG

26. Osaki

27. Sesame

28. Springhill

29. Hoddows

30. Hunan Gourmet

31. Jake’s

32. Brooklyn Fare

33. Twelve Restaurant

34. San Diego Brewing

35. McDonalds

36. Pizza Express

37. The Noodle Box

38. TasteSpotting

39. Culinaria

40. Marie Catribs

Aren’t they tantalizing? They tickle your taste buds just by looking at them. It’s what I felt too while writing this article. It’s an ultimate feast for the eyes. Appetizing photos really catches attention and it makes people want to crave for more.



  1. Rahul

    Oww pleassee get this away from me , it’s time to eat something but no one is home yet and i’m starving , shall i wait or pictures will be enough ? great ideas , love the sites and i will check some right Now hah :)) thank You