New Discovery! Want To Be More Creative? Become Creatively Bored!


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“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will. ” George Bernard Shaw

Today I will share with you one of the latest discoveries on how to be more creative. And this new discovery answers your life-long question:

“How Can I Be More Creative?” – Become Creatively Bored



  1. Dan Sjöstedt

    Nice video!
    I like to watch a movie or perhaps an episode of a show when I can’t come up with anything creative since most of my works are for producers in music and films..
    And as you said, it really does help!

    • James Richman

      Hi Aashish

      No we don’t mind at all mate :)
      In fact I’m grateful for your honesty.

      Obviously 1WD turning into an inspiration blog is not what we are aiming for.
      This really is Web Design Community, where Inspirational content is supposed to be addition.

      I honestly think we are trying to have a good mixture of technical and not so technical articles.

      What Do You Think Aashish?
      Do you feel there’s some topic you would love us to cover more than we are at the moment?
      More of some topics that would make you feel 1WD being a Web Design Community?

  2. Wendy

    Hello James!

    As usual your videos are exciting to watch and informative. Since I’ve first stumbled upon 1stwebdesign I have been keeping a notebook of great tips and things to remember. This idea of how to be creative when bored makes perfect sense to me. Great stuff! Keep the great tips coming.



    • James Richman

      Hey Wendy

      I’m really glad you are enjoying what we deliver to you :)
      Thanx a lot for commenting.

      Yes, when I first heard of this research I was very surprised.
      But then, as you said it actually makes sense when you think about it.

      Also after trying it out myself it actually helped me a bit.
      I guess, I will have to keep trying more to see more results.

      What About You Wendy?
      Do you feel lack of creativity at all?

      • Wendy

        What About You Wendy? Do you feel lack of creativity at all?

        I really don’t feel that it is lack of creativity at this point. I am constantly thinking of things to do and create. However, the fall back that I have at this time is the lack on know how in the programs. I’m handling that by constantly learning and watching tutorials. I know what I want to create in my head but actually being able to do so is my problem. I know that with time and lots of practice I will get there. At times it is a little overwhelming of just how much I do have to learn. It is a good thing that I am so fascinated by digital designing. Any helpful tips and or tutorials sites, please do post them.



  3. Nothing makes me boring as much as reading does so from now I will keep a book with me while working on things that requires creativity. :D

    • James Richman

      Hello Again Kevin :D

      Wow, I didn’t know you would find reading a book boring.
      That’s quite of a surprise to me.

      And Also Kevin
      Do you find reading boring, even if you read about a topic you are interested in?

    • James Richman

      Ahoy Adriano

      Very sorry to hear that :(
      Looks like no one else is experiencing problems.

      Can you see the video if you go to this link?

  4. Brilliant video! Love it. I echo Patricia, I would doodle when in meetings or on the phone to certain individuals and oftenr those doodle would develop into ideas but I never really connected the boring element to the creative spark. I guess it goes back to my school days too, scribbling on the desks when bored in class, haha! Thanks for the insight Sir!! Great video.

    • James Richman

      Hello Mike

      No problem at all Mike, it was my pleasure.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the video

      Also Mike Wanted To Ask You
      Is there any other task you find as boring?

      • Hi James,
        Do you mean boring tasks generally in life or on a professional capacity (of which I am still starting!)?
        I did find the self assessment tax workshops boring when I attended them in my business workshops, so I guess I am going to find “doing the book’s” a boring task – but a necessary one. I am also doing a Database assessment on my course, which is taking longer than I had hoped, and it is numbing my mind!!

        • James Richman

          Hi Mike

          Thanx for your reply mate ;)

          Well actually I meant tasks in any part of your life, that bore you.
          That bore you so much, that you end up daydreaming :D

          Bloody hell how many courses are you actually doing? :D
          You seem to have a lot on your plate.

          • No worries for reply James. I’ve said to Dainis I am intending to become more active in discussions on here. I may only be starting out and not know much, but I feel by being more involved in the community will only benefit my learning and hopefully others too. Everyone sees things in a different light and it is good to share!
            Lol, yeah I do have a lot on my plate. I am only doing the one web design course (although I am seriously unsure as whether I should continue it anymore), I attended workshops a while ago in preparation of starting my own business as a freelance, although I have had to put it on hold. I hope to start the business later this year.
            Generally I find tasks that don’t allow me to use my creativity or imagination boring.

  5. Dan

    Stand at ease Sergeant :)

    Top vid again James, thanks for sharing your time, think you could be well on your way to a television career!

    Keep up the good work!

    • James Richman

      Hi Dan
      Thanx a lot for your kind words mate :)
      Really made me smile.

      I’m glad you really enjoyed the video.

      Now Tell Me Dan
      How do you get more creative? What tasks bore you the most?

    • James Richman

      Well, it sounds like you are lucking self discipline Sharif :)
      That’s exactly how I felt many times when I had to do something.

      Now, I recently wrote an article about it.
      You can have a read here.

      Also Sharif
      I’d love to hear your opinion on it too :)

  6. Dino

    Hi, awesome video…

    For me it’s totally obvious that when you do boring repetitive tasks mind becomes single-focused, in other words mind stop the multitasking (multithinking chaos) and CRETIVE IDEAS that were here all the time begin to be more obvious. I think this is something that scientist have overlooked… It’s not that boredom creates creativity. but simple repetitive tasks causes mind to stop for even just a second and in that second you recognise previousely hidden ideas..

    Thanks for the awesome blog…

    Dino Kraljević

    • James Richman

      Hey Dino
      Wow, very nice comment, very nice.
      Really nice explained your point of view, thanx a lot.

      And I totally agree about multitasking or I even call it multiswitching.
      Because mind can’t simultaneously on more than one task at a time.
      So therefore it just ends switching between tasks.

      Now Can I Hear Your Opinion Dino
      What do you really think about Multitasking (Multithinking Chaos)?

      • Dino

        By multi thinking chaos i meant, when you have one automatic negative thought that leads to another and another and so on… for example. I will not make it –> it’s too hard –> i’m not good at this at all –> blablabla. But it doesen’t have to be negative thinking, in this information age we consume so much info in one day that our mind is overwhelmed with all kind of thoughts… In my opinion you cannot be truly creative and at your fullest when your mind shouts at you all the time, so it’s good to find the way to silience the MF. I find that when i’m driving often good ideas comes…

        Thanks for Your reply, all best!

        Dino Kraljević

        • James Richman

          Hey Dino

          Wow, I really like how you defined multi-thinking chaos.

          Actually I was reading some where that our mind only receives 1% of our information.
          99% is something our mind chooses not to “take in”

          Now, it’s then up to us to decide what includes in that 1% of info we get.
          Well, driving indeed can lead to daydreaming too, even tough it’s not the safest thing to do.

          What About You?
          Do you catch yourself often in the middle of multi-thinking chaos?

    • James Richman

      Hello, hello Teresa.

      Thanx for your comment.
      And yet it really explains a lot when you think about it.

      And What About You?
      What’s the one task that bores you the most?

      • Hmmm- cleaning out my inbox ranks high on the list of boringest tasks… and I take the bus a lot- that gets boring REAL fast! I usually bring pens and notecards and draw while I’m waiting.

        • James Richman

          Hi Teresa

          Hell yeah, this are pretty boring daily tasks indeed.
          And I think drawing something while being bored is very common.

          Now Let Me Ask You Teresa
          Are you actually proud of those drawings, do you like them?
          Or is it really just some chaos and abstract scribble? :D

          • sometimes it’s just scribbling, but most of the time I surprise myself! Not only do I enjoy drawing them, but the final pieces are AMAZING- some of the most creative work I do!!!

            I have someexamples at

            I’m pretty proud of them, considering what they are from (the more recent stuff is from a hospital stay, but it’s pretty much on par)!

  7. Patricia Bolt

    Very funny! I “got it” as soon as you said ‘meetings.’ I remembered that I hated meetings so much that my mind would wander and I would come up with the most wonderful ideas. However, I never connected the two things before listening to the video. Keep up the good work.

    • James Richman

      Ahoy Patricia

      Wow, nice one.
      It’s really interesting to hear your own story.

      And I’m glad that from now on you can defo connect the two things.

      Also I Patricia
      Is there anything else that bores you as much as meetings? :D

  8. Tamanna

    I like this vedio. Its very interesting & inspirational i do follow your links. Its great.

    • James Richman

      Hi Tamanna

      Thanx a lot for your comment :)
      I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      I Would Love To Find Out Tamanna
      How do you fight the lack of creativity?

  9. Fred Kitt

    I think I have been using this technique for a few months now. I’m learning to program and I always to my client work after, Its usually later in the evening, when my mind is most scattered, but that’s when I do the best work! Thanks for the video!

    • James Richman

      Ahoy Fred

      Thanx a lot for sharing it with us Fred
      I Really appreciate it

      Let Me Ask You Fred
      Do you think there’s something boring you always do in the evening?
      Or there might be something else that frees up your mind around that time.

  10. Iris

    Another entertaining video, as usual!
    *sets phone book beside desk in case of creative rut emergencies*

    • James Richman

      Hey Iris

      Thanx a lot for your kind comment.
      I love it! :)

      Whenever you get to use this technique please let me know…
      Let me know how many numbers you managed to copy :)

      Also Iris I wanted Ask You
      Do you feel you are struggling with your creativity a lot?
      Or only now and again?

  11. LOL! That was a funny video, specially the end with the 4 guys at the airport!! Good that based on the experiment in order for us to be more creative we don’t have to spend much just the usual telephone list! :D

    • James Richman

      Hey Artransmitte

      Thanx a lot for your comment.
      It’s highly appreciated.

      Well, yes those guys have become very popular on YouTube.
      They surely have enough of creativity.

      Now, Artransmitte Let Me Ask You
      One thing is copying numbers out of a telephone directory to become more creative, that’s right.
      But have you actually done yourself anything as boring or even more boring?

  12. AHAHA! :))) GREAT! This is just Super Great! :))) I’m laughing my heart out, ahaha!
    And thanks! This is useful idea.
    I’m going to go and read the numbers of telephone directory, aha :)

    • James Richman

      Privet Elena

      I know it actually made me laugh too.
      That’s why I love these kind of researches, where you can discover so much interesting.

      Copying numbers out of a telephone directory would bore me so much.
      That I don’t even dare to start doing it. :D

      Also Elena Wanted To Ask You
      Have you tried anything else as boring, or even more boring than this?

      • James Richman

        Hey Jim
        You’re right, today it’s really not easy to find a phone directory anymore.
        But I’m sure there are other just as boring tasks, if not even more boring.

        I personally love potato peeling. I kind of enjoy, but still find it boring.

        Now About You Jim
        Is there any other tasks you can think of, that would bore you?

  13. Ffion

    I used to be most prolific in my drawing when I was bored during class :) I wonder if it’s really boredom that’s the key, or just the fact, that we let the mind freewheel to go where it wants, which often isn’t possible in our busy day-to-day lives, but it’s worth a thought :)

    • James Richman

      Ahoy Ffion

      Thanx a lot for sharing your own experience.
      It just shows how interesting this world is.

      I actually would like to think that it’s because we let the mind freewheel.
      Because exactly – our day-to-day tasks don’t let it happen.

      I Wanted To Ask You Ffion
      What other tasks bore you to the level where you become more creative?

      • Ffion

        Hmmm… that’s really the main one, where it got most noticeable. I used to churn out masses of drawings in all my lessons at school, I’ve been drawing a lot less since I got out.

        Sitting in a car as a passenger on long trips can also put me into a similar mindset, especially if the surroundings don’t change much, as long as I have no other distractions with me, which usually I do. I don’t know if it’s the monotony itself that causes this zoning out into the world of daydreams, or just the fact that external stimuli are kept to an absolute minimum, thus directing our awareness inwards because there’s more fun stuff going on in there…
        When I was younger and used to regularly take the bus to ballett and karate classes I also used to daydream a lot on each trip. I used to listen to music then though too, which used to add emotional inspiration to the pictures in my head.

        I think the key for me and having “creative experiences” is solitude, relaxation, limiting input and external stimuli to a minimum. The brain is naturally creative and I think our subconscious is frequently throwing around ideas without us being aware of it. If we can tune out of the world around us and tune in to what’s going on inside we can become more aware of what’s going on. Possibly very mundane tasks also require less active energy for thinking, which can then be channelled into creative brain-play?

        Although I frequently get masterfully creative when I REALLY should be doing something else. Guess that’s advanced procrastination? ;) I start thinking of all the wonderful projects I could do instead.

        Have you experimented with the “boredom method” yourself? What were your experiences?

        Loving your site by the way.

        • James Richman

          Hi Ffion

          Really nice comment. Thank you :)
          I like reading comments like yours, full of own thoughts and experience.

          I really think doing something boring, just to become more creative.
          Is the way we force ourselves to stop doing those tasks that require a lot of thinking.

          Like many every day tasks and day to day routine requires our mind to be kept busy.
          People are very lucky if they can free up their mind naturally without forcing.

          In your case you really seem born with a very creative mind and character.

          Your Question To Me
          Yes, I indeed have tried this method myself.
          Something like peeling potatoes. I kind of enjoy it, but yet find it very boring.

          And I could do it for a very long time, if I want to brainstorm a bit.
          I find it relaxing and I feel my mind loves this time off I give it.

          I Have One More Question For You Ffion
          What do you think are the possible ways to free up our mind naturally without forcing it, by doing tasks that we find totally boring?

          • Ffion

            Hi James,
            I believe everyone is born with a natural creative mind, but sadly it tends to get dumbed down over the course of our lives… Creativity just isn’t given the attention and importance it deserves. We’re taught to conform and jump through hoops, not to think for ourselves and spend time “messing around”. I use my own a lot less than I’d like to, but I do try and schedule in some creative work now and then :)

            Yeah, I agree, I guess doing something incredibly boring shoves us out of everyday routine where our brain is always working away at full pelt and gives it a chance to escape into play.

            Speaking of peeling potatoes, washing the dishes can have a similar effect for me, and also when I’m baking, if I’m mixing the dough with my own hands and it takes a while, that can work too, although I wouldn’t really call that work boring, more meditative… Also the repetitive work of practicing individual calligraphy letters may have the potential to bring about this effect, again, not really boring, but meditative…

            Meetings at work would be another creativity inducing hell of boredom that springs to mind ;) I also had it, when I used to work behind the bar at a fitness center, if there were no clients around and I was on top of my work I’d also get pretty bored, as I’d have nothing with me to distract myself. My brain would get quite creative then too. Also, working at a conveyor belt in the chocolate factory worked sometimes, although that could get so boring my brain would just go into a stupor. xD

            Creativity is an amazingly interesting field… :) Thanks for this interesting article and the food for thought.

    • James Richman

      Ahoy Vicho

      Ouh yes, shame it they din’t mention more about that in their research.
      It would definitely be amazing to see.

      If I Asked You Now Vicho
      How many uses for a pair of polystyrene cups can you come up with? :)