7 New Year’s Resolutions To Help Improve Your Personal And Work Life


So are you ready for doing awesome things (remember, this year can be the last one)? And which things do you want to do? When are you doing them? How will you know by the end of 2012 that you’ve done all that you wanted to?

There is a simple tool to help you keeping tracks of you accomplishments: write down your new year’s resolutions.

I see a lot of people talking about nerdy things, like “learn a new programming language” or “write more about what you know” but the truth is if you aren’t satisfied with your personal life you won’t get better results at work. You need to improve yourself in both sides so you’ll be a better you.

Well, what we’ll see here is a kind of “new year’s resolutions template,” with a lot of ideas that you can steal and we’ll see how to keep track of them.

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My Resolutions

Credits: adesigna

What I do is to write down in a paper my big targets. I try to keep them more specific that I can, so instead of writing “Read more” I should go with “Read at least one book per week”, which is based on what I’ve been doing before and what I want to do now. Le’s go to the funny part, the examples.

1. Read one funny book per month, at least

Credits: cindiann

Please change one to what better fits in your reading taste but remember life is not just about boring coding books, you have to get some fun sometimes.

2. Write 100 lines of code, every day, including holidays

Credits: Chapendra

Yeah, this post is not just about work. And so is this resolution.

It’s about discipline and self commitment, which is much more related to self-improvement than to work. The lines of code are just an auxiliary, you can change it to anything you want to do and be really good about.

3. Call parents and friends once a week

Credits: Neal.

You should be close to people that makes you feel good to be alive. Be it your parents, girlfriend (or boyfriend), friends, relatives. For me life is about what difference you make to other people, what is your piece of change in the world. Believe me, this will make you much happier.

4. Read ONLY 5 posts per day

Credits: zendamnabil

Ok, this one is pretty tricky. I know your job is to be updated, so is mine. But you have to deal carefully with information overload. Again the best way for doing so is discipline.

So what you have to do is chose a maximum about of posts to read, websites to visit, time to lose. And in the end you have to get your own ideas, it’s just impossible to hear every single opinion about a topic, just pick the best ones and move on.

5. Play with my pet every day

Credits: flynutaa

I have a turtle, so this is not that hard for me :)

Well, spending time with pets will help you to clear your mind and is a good exercise of giving your time to other people. And in the meantime you may lose a few pounds.

6. Play guitar (or just give it a try)

Credits: boston_camera

Listening songs is great for my productivity. But learning how to play guitar is much awesome. I mean, I just know the basics, but if I play it like 15 minutes it gives me a boost to work better and better for hours.

7. Check: Am I happy with what I’m doing?

Credits: Sigalokos

Credits for Steve Jobs by this one. Have you ever felt like “damn, it’s late and I have to sleep, but I wish I could work on this 24×7″ ? If no, my friend, you don’t know what is satisfaction.

If you do things that you don’t want to by a long period of time, it drains your energy, it drains your life. It just doesn’t worth it spending you time on what you don’t want to do.

Keeping track of them

After choosing what you want to do of your life next year, it’ll be good to know how you’re doing this during the year. So after writing down what I’m doing is to go to a to-do-list software (like wunderlist) and set up there my goals.

I’m used to track them down weekly so it’s way easier to change things since if you don’t beat a goal in one week you still have 51 weeks to change this, but you have only 11 another months to correct things.

So break them down to weekly goals and every Sunday read them, check how’s things going and change what you want, you don’t have to wait until next year to do so :)

After all I just can wish you a happy new year!