Introducing FounderTips: Blog Focused on Online Income for Web Designers and Web Developers


As a freelance web designer or web developer you have probably already realized these two things:

  • You have to take care of your own financial future, because as a freelancer, you don’t  have any guarantees.
  • Annoying things always happen when you least expect them: cars break, clients disappear, you get sick, etc.

This means that you have to put in extra effort to make yourself as financially secure as possible. However, you can only take a certain number of clients at any given time, assuming you don’t want to lose your sanity. What else can you do to make your life easier?

Active income vs. passive income

There are two different types of income:

Active income

This is income you earn when you trade your time for money. The main advantage of this type of income is that it’s a pretty straightforward way of earning money (e.g. client work).

Biggest pro: It’s the most straightforward way to earn money because you are directly trading your time and skills for money.

Biggest con: You only get paid when you work, therefore if your only income is active income, and for some reason you have to stop working, you’re in a tough situation.

Passive income

This is income that you earn when you set up systems that allow you to continuously make money even when you are not actively participating in the business (e.g. selling apps, e-books, themes, etc.).

Biggest pro: You do the work once, but can get paid for it again and again, therefore if suddenly you have to stop working, you still have a source of income.

Biggest con: It takes a lot of time and energy to set up a decent stream of passive income (..and you are not getting paid immediately for that time and energy, which can be a real downer).

Most freelance web designers and web developers have only one income source: client work. You can definitely be very successful making money this way, but it’s quite risky, because if you have to stop working for clients for any reason, you’d lose your only source of income. It’s always better to have some passive income, no matter how small, because it gives you extra financial security.

I think Sacha Greif said it best in one of his interviews:

However, in general, having a source of passive income is important. It’s a must-have for me, because if you’re freelancer, you don’t have much job security. It’s hard to plan for the future without a safety net of some sort. Also, if you’re taking a holiday, or just stopping work for a couple of months, it’s nice to have an additional source of income that keeps going, even if it’s very small, even if it’s a few hundred dollars a month. At least it can cover your food bill or your rent, you know.

It’s important for me personally (although it’s not the only way to do it, you can be very successful without any sort of passive income). I don’t want to say that every designer needs a passive income source, because people would complain if I did, but personally, I think that it’s important.

Sacha Greif

There are a lot of great opportunities for web designers and web developers out there.

I’m not going to beat around the bush: web designers and web developers all over the world are leaving thousands and thousands of dollars on the table by not creating and selling digital products.

  • Most businesses either have a strong online presence or are completely virtual.
  • Facebook has more than 1 billion users and is growing everyday.
  • Apple sold millions and millions of iPads and iPhones
  • Kindle e-book sales have overtaken Amazon print book sales.

These trends are very likely to continue for the foreseeable future. That means that you, as a web designer or a web developer, have plenty of opportunites to set up your own streams of passive income by creating iPhone/iPad or Facebook apps, developing training courses or writing e-books. You have a real possibility to set up streams of passive income if you are willing to put in the time and energy necessary.

Other web designers are already making thousands of dollars in passive income online.

There quite a few web designers and web developers who are already selling digital products online. Those who successfully combine their web design/web development skills and an online marketing knowledge make thousands of dollars. Think I’m exaggerating? Well, I’m not.

  • Sacha Greif made more than $15,000 selling a 40-page e-book that he wrote in three weeks, “A step by step guide to UI design”.
  • Nathan Barry made more than $6,000 with Commit app and more than $30,000 with OneVoice.
  • Chris Converse brought in more than more than $80,000 with his “Creating Responsive Design” course on Udemy.

These guys are your fellow web designers and web developers who saw an opportunity and took advantage of it. You can do the same if you are willing to put in the time and energy. However, it’s not enough to simply be good at your craft in order to make money online.

You have to become good at online marketing if you want to make money on the internet!

Many people think that merely being good at what they do is enough to build a successful business. The truth, however, is that if you want to be a successful baker, you have to be good at baking, but if you want to run a successful bakery, you have to be good at business first, baking second. There isn’t any way around it: if you want to build an online business, you have to learn online marketing.

There’s one problem with learning online marketing, though: most of what is written on the topic is complete BS (I’m sorry for being so harsh, but seriously, have you seen all those “5 Hottest Twitter Tips” articles? ). People who are more experienced know what is what, but when you are only starting out, it’s hard to separate misleading trash from solid business advice. How can you learn online marketing without wasting your time and energy going through all of that  useless content that the Internet is full of?

Well, good news: we’ve solved that problem for you!

Introducing FounderTips: an online marketing blog for web designers and web developers.

FounderTips is the only online marketing specifically for web designers and web developers.

On FounderTips you will find:

  • In-depth articles that explain important online marketing principles in a simple and easy to understand way.
  • Extensive case studies that will show you exactly how other web designers and web developers set up streams of passive income.
  • Interviews with web designers and web developers who are successfully making money online.

FounderTips is not for the people who are looking for ways to get rich quick. It’s not easy to make money online. It takes a lot of time and efforts to get to the point where you are making a decent amount of cash in passive income. We want you to know what you’re getting yourself into, because if you expect an easy ride, you will give up way too fast.

However, if you are a web designer or a web developer who wants to have more financial security and flexibility in their lives, and you’re interested in setting up streams of passive income online, then FounderTips is a perfect place for you. Go and see it for yourself.                       

Go to FounderTips!



  1. Sinbad Konick

    Just awesome .. Let’s earn some $$ .Learn from 1stWebDeisgner and earn some cash from Foundertips blogs :D

  2. Kevin

    I really enjoyed your blog on the subject of passive income. You obviously have great experience and would probably be an effective Coach and Mentor to those who want to take ACTION. I intend to bookmark this site and come back to view it often. Thanks again and keep up the great work!

  3. This article was very interesting and passive income is something I need to look into for myself, so I love that you have started Founder Tips, I have already signed up to the mailing list and had a good look through all of the articles, all of which are very inspiring. Great work guys and can’t wait to ready more! :)

    Also, just to note I went on your contact us page and there is no contact form instead it’s showing the code from wordpress “[xyz-cfm-form id=2]”


    • Agota Bialobzeskyte

      Hey, April!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the articles on FounderTips, there’s a lot more good stuff coming.. ;)

      Thanks a lot for letting us know about the issue with the contact form, we will fix it soon!


  4. felix

    Great Post, man. We internet marketers have to realize that online it’s not easy but it takes work. Everything is a formula offline and in the internet marketing world.

  5. sreejesh

    Nice article, thanks for sharing such wonderful idea & information. I will try to implement these.

  6. Scott


    What a fantastic article to read,so much to discuss and think about for web developers.

    Will have to recommend that a few colleagues have read of this.


    Thanks for sharing this!!

    Kind Regards Scott

    • Hey Scott,
      thank you! Let me know if you headed out to FounderTips and if you learned something you can implement yourself and maybe something you missed there!?

      Cannot wait to hear what your colleagues have to say about this post! :)

  7. Paul

    Great post. Most people aren’t wiling to put in the time to get to the passive income and fail. You must take action on a daily basis to get the results you need to make passive income.

    • Hey Paul, so true!
      Few days ago I actually listened to interview where it was said – that each day spend 30minutes on money growing part. On actions that could actually increase your income – crucial! Something I need to do myself more of – in daily lives we are usually taken away with other problems, when actually it’s about business..and by analysing what drives income and if system can be improved..over long term is big key to growth!

  8. Hey Dainis,

    Thanks for the video and the post. In all honesty I had no idea founder tips existed until I read this post and I am really impressed with the foundertips blog, I prefer reading success stories for inspiration as some days you don’t have as much productivity as others, but when you read successful stories such as the ones featured on founder tips it really helps keeping you motivated. Great job guys.

    • Hey Jake,
      oh I am glad then that I did this video – thank you!! :)

      Ah yes, case studies, interviews, presentations always bump up motivation! If I can share anything then I would also suggest to write one action thing from each case study, interview you read. Something you will absolutely implement in your own actions!

      One thing to take away, otherwise too much value paralyse us and we don’t end up doing anything new :)

      I am grateful you enjoyed existing interviews, let me know if you missed something there!

      • Thanks for the tips Dainis, ill definitely plan on using your suggestions and I really enjoyed reading the founder tips blog! keep it up!

  9. Valerie


    First, I am grateful for – this site is and continues to be a very useful resource and I have been a subscriber for some time.

    Although, I am not a designer (I have built sites in the past, but would now prefer to hire others to complete the work), as a business owner, I am much more interested in the marketing and management aspects of a web design business.

    More important, I have been searching for resource that provides a good discussion around higher level topics such as marketing the business, acquiring customers, hiring designers, building teams/finding & hiring employees, outsourcing, other ‘How to’ and advice from other Entrepreneurs about growing a web design business. Definitely looking forward to subscribing to the new blog.

    Thank you to you and your team for providing these great resources!

    • Valerie, thank you!

      Oh and congratulations on stepping up to run business – it is challenging and rewarding (if you work hard&smart) place to be!

      On FT we will be focusing more on how designers can earn passive income, which is all about working smarter! On freelance topics however on acquiring customers, marketing business – company works the same way as freelancer would alone. On 1WD we have articles coming up about acquiring customers, i am sure you don’t want to miss :)

      On hiring designers, building teams, outsourcing – I am learning lots about it myself, and have been making lots of mistakes through several last years, but once we have learned something that really works ( and we have proof), we definitely will share that for you to learn too!

      Thank you for kind words and good luck for you in running business! :)

  10. Alex

    Dainis, thank you so much for sharing your experience with us the ones who are starting this freelancing way. It is so true that many different content is available online about start being a freelancer, and most of it is not worth the time. For sure your blog is a remarkable exception, and makes a big difference. Online marketing? Makes a lot of sense, opportunities are out there for those who are ready to invest time and effort on building an online reputation.
    For sure I´ll be visiting FounderTips today!
    Thanks again.

    • Hey Alex!
      Glad you enjoyed it and hoped it helped you relate with situation where are you now and offer some gold-nuggets.

      Designers generally are bad marketers, but that’s the lowest hanging fruit for them! Why? – because we know how to make web beautiful, we know how to create web designs, we can do basically everything online ourselves..and learning bits of marketing will pay back big way!

      If I could I would be talking about it all the time, keep learning, keep trying more and more techniques :) Online marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing, copywriting, online reputation building – branding, persuasion techniques – oh man, every freelancer should learn bits of it and performance would increase exponentially!

  11. Sheridan

    just wanted to say that I find your site and tips very interesting
    thanks for the good work especially on FounderTips the one with how to write blogs was my type(was the first but not last I will read)
    I will be back again
    keep up the good work

  12. Wendy

    Hi Dainis,

    Great video as always and thank you for posting. I did swing by the Foundertips blog for bit and found some really interesting information. I can see I will be spending a large amount of time getting myself caught up on the “how to’s” of blogging there. Thank you for providing this helpful link and information.

    Thank you Agota for writing this article. Great job, keep them coming.

    Thanks again guys and gals of 1stWebDesigner!

    • Oh hey Wendy!

      Can you let me know about which topics are particularly interesting for you? Actually blogging I consider to be the hardest, long-term ways of earning income (if that’s the goal). But building community and having blog on side is so rewarding, fulfilling. You must do it even just because of passion and self-learning push :)

      • Wendy

        Dainis: “Can you let me know about which topics are particularly interesting for you?”

        At this point I am learning everything so everything is new to me. To ask which topic interest me would be a large question to fill. I want to learn about everything really. So far I have noted that blogging is something I should do all the time, but not make it a major priority. Meaning, like you said, it will be a long term goal at making money so do as I go along. I have also noted that blogging should be about something that needs a solution for. Something someone is looking for answers to. For example, I was thinking I would put together a blog for other’s such as myself who are learning HTML and CSS. As a female in web design I’d like to put a fun spin on it. (Still thinking of how to do this.)

        In the meantime, I’m at the point of not knowing enough to really bust out and be able to market myself in any one direction of web design. I’m watching tutorials on Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, How to be a better photographer, and how to build better web sites. Now that I’m out of school, but yet not enough experience to get hired anywhere, still learning how to make a blog for the money in the future, what can do at the moment? I need to find a job that will hire me at the level I am now. What type of work do I look for? What do you say to an employer, “Yes I have very little experience, but I want to work and learn”. I’m still putting together my portfolio which is coming along very slowly because I’m learning everything as I go.

        Any suggestions? Where and how do you get your foot in the first door?

        Thank you,


        • Hey Wendy,
          actually I would suggest to try your hand at freelancing! If you can manage yourself, be self-efficient, you don’t need to work for agency.

          With blog – yes, it’s totally long term and huge time investment to be a business. However having blog on side with your focused freelance offer, will work well – to prove that you are expert in certain niche and know what you are talking about. You need to pick one thing though – be it indesign, be it graphic design..or be it webdesign (from my experience, that’s where most demand is – everybody needs web sites novadays). You just need to understand what you will focus on – ecommerce, lawyers, restaurant websites..something that will set you apart from classical – do it all – web design freelancer.

  13. Michael Jones

    Thanks for the video! I am so excited that you decided to focus the online marketing and business side of your passions in a different, more focused blog. I’m sure it’s a lot of work, but like you said, it will pay off in the end. Congratulations and I can’t wait to check out FounderTips.

    • Hey Michael – you are most welcome and thank you for taking time to write this comment!

      Work on different projects of course is challenging, but I have Agota, this great writer and organiser, who is making everything easy :) Let me know of your experiences on FounderTips :)

  14. Anton Boshoff

    Awesome topic, and awesome idea for the additional blog. Really looking forward in reading what the successful designers/developers have to say.

  15. Dainis,
    Thanks for a great article and video, I found this a very interesting subject. To be honest, the timing is brilliant. I read about Sacha Greif’s e-book and his story towards the end of last week (and watched a video by Jacob Cass) and actually came across the FounderTips website! I have bookmarked it but still to have a good look around, but I am really pleased you shared this with us as I am hoping to start up myself as a freelancer in the coming months and it is great to know there is somewhere I can go (and trust – as you say there is a lot of BS out there, people wanting your money and wasting your precious time) that can guide me in setting up business to work and grow online. I realise I am am going to need passive income to tide me over when there is little active income, for what ever reason.
    I know it will be tough to get regular active income when I start my freelance business, so there will be times when I can do some research and work on a project that will serve me through the tough times and generate income for me while I am working on client projects or equally when I have no client work. I will have a good look around Founder Tips soon!

    • Hey Mike,
      oh awesome, Sacha Greif and of course Jacob Cass both are awesome! Impressed that you actually found FounderTips site naturally!

      When you say BS, of course, a lot of people like to pretend as experts, so always looking what that author has actually done himself is very the trusting part. Interviews with people who have actually done it – so inspirational and you know they dont have any reason to lie or hide something! pure inspiration and value!

      Freelance is challenging, passive income is challenging – but all good things come hard right? :)

      • Exactly Dainins, hard work and effort reap the rewards in the long run. Building a solid foundation to work up from and this requires time and effort, if you don’t invest in these then you are doomed before you start.
        Thanks, the article I came across regarding Jacob Cass was the FT article I meant – I think it was called ‘why web designers and developers should have blogs’. I am intending on starting a blog soon, still to do a bit more research and find a bit time to get it set up. I don’t intend it as a form of passive income (but if it does then great!), I just want to share my experiences and insights with the community.
        Once I have the blog and my business set up I will start looking at ways to earn passively.
        I have still to read more on FT, but I am excited and inspired by what others above are saying, so I will try to read more soon (especially the blogging articles).
        BIG Thanks to you, Agota and the teams at 1WD and FT I feel I have a excellent resource to help me get ready for being a freelancer and how to do well. Really looking forward to the “acquiring customers” article you mentioned in a comment above!

        • Hey Mike!

          If I can suggest then don’t overthink, overplan it!

          Here is quick video showing how to have responsive wordpress website up and running in less than 5 minutes –

          Once you have a blog, you can start working on it, learning what you need as you go, worked like charm for me! You always can prepare better, but well, it’s better to start now, not being ready, but start! :) You will make mistakes, but you will learn from them much better than reading on blogs! :) Good luck!