25 Most Recommended WordPress Alternatives For Bloggers

Being the most popular blog publishing application, WordPress caters to all bloggers and web developers alike. As an open source Content Management System (CMS), powered by Php and MySQL it has many features including a plug-in architecture and a template system.   But it may not cater to some specific needs. There is no harm in trying … Continue Reading

60+ Handwritten Fonts To Add Personal Typing Touch In Designs

Before computers and printers were invented, every prints were handwritten. From letters to documents, and notes to advertisements. Even today, writers and some designers use pen and paper first to create a draft. A handwritten style is a way of putting a human touch on your design, and one element you can use on this are handwritten fonts. … Continue Reading

Stay Updated: 60+ Must Like Design Blogs On Facebook

What are Facebook pages? These are pages for organizations, businesses, celebrities and the like to broadcast their information in a public manner to those who choose to connect with them. The same with profiles, Facebook pages can be decorated with applications to help communicate with the audience and capture new ones virally through friend recommendations, … Continue Reading