Creating Your Own CMS Part 1 – Secure Login

Have you ever built a site to realize it is a pain to manage? There are a lot of CMS options out there but some of them cost money, some are hard to learn, some your hosting company might not support, and well sometimes they just don’t have everything thing that you want. So today … Continue Reading

Things And Tools To Consider When Analyzing Competitors

Being secured in your online business is not all about setting up your defenses but also by analyzing your competitors. Keeping track of what services they offer work for them and how they bring people into their site will provide a good overview of how to improve your business. No matter how they hide their trails, there will always … Continue Reading

Getting Started With MySQL DB and PHP with PHPMyAdmin

Today I am going to show you how to get a new database setup with PHP/MySQL using PHPMyAdmin. For those of you who don’t know PHPMyAdmin is a great free tool to help you manage your databases. If you use cpanel or anything you have probably already seen/used it.

The Ultimate Roundup of Blog Design Tutorials

Creativity has no end to it and especially designing has seen and is seeing a continuous growth in its field. To be creative we need to be updated with the latest updations, and WordPress the most popular blogging platform has seen a rapid development in a quick span of time. Mastering this can become quite … Continue Reading

Awesome Tips and Tricks for PHP Beginners

Ok, so now you have “learned” …. wait should that be a single quote …. PHP and you are ready to really be able to start using it for something more than you can do with HTML. I will get into the use of single quotes vs double quotes, short tags, inline if statements, a … Continue Reading