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cards 480

Cards in Web Design: The Ultimate Guide

Web design is very dynamic. You can always see the web design landscape re-constructed with the emergence of new technologies, techniques, trends, and styles. Now, the landscape is changing once more with the use of the new design framework called cards. Cards are almost omnipresent nowadays – from real estate to news websites, they are there. … Continue Reading

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10 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Enough Clients

One of the advantages of being a freelance web design professional is you are free from the 9 to 5 grind aside from being your own boss. However, after being one for a certain period of time, you might be wondering why you can’t seem to get the breakthrough you’ve been expecting – that is … Continue Reading

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How to Have an Impressive Web Design

While it is true that some people maintain a website just to share to other individuals their passion and talents, it can’t be denied that websites are primarily meant for business. This is the reason why it is important for you to come up with an impressive web page design that is not just appealing … Continue Reading

hack tomas 480

How to Hack Web Design Learning Process

How Do You Hack Web Design Learning Process? When you say hacks or life hacks, it’s usually about shortcuts or the easy way out. These are the tricks and techniques you use in everyday life to make things easier. In education, however, there are simply no shortcuts. Or isn’t there? There might not be in … Continue Reading

earth 480

Quest for Disruption: Why the Web Design Industry is Ripe for a Change

Much like a shark, businesses and industries die if they stop moving. Few years ago I was managing a successful design agency in the heart of Tel Aviv and business was booming. However, not soon after establishing ourselves as a go-to agency for companies looking for design agencies, I identified several problems that were significantly … Continue Reading

Image Focused Design

How to Use Image-Focused Design to Increase Conversion

There have been several articles online predicting that one of the web-design trends for 2015 and beyond will include larger images. Many experts believe that larger images are important in attracting potential clients, especially if the website is aimed at selling and marketing products or services. When you really come to think of it, larger … Continue Reading


How To Use Bootstrap Mindset For Web Designers

How Do You Use a Bootstrap Mindset? When we think of bootstrap, the first thing that comes to mind as web designers is a computing technique or a popular HTML, CSS, JS framework for developing responsive, mobile-first projects on the web. Another definition of bootstrap, on the other hand, is the ability to get yourself … Continue Reading

50books 480

50 Books Web Designers Should Read

Learning is constant. As web design professionals, you have to be constantly in the know about the latest trends and technologies in web design. Aside from those skills, you also need to develop other aspects of your life in order to achieve a good work-life balance in order to succeed. That is why you might be … Continue Reading


How to Become a Valuable Web Designer

Learn How to Become a Valuable Web Designer from Brent Weaver How do you add value to yourself as a web designer? Even at the early stages of web design, the debate how much a web designer should charge their clients has been raging. The competition has always been a race to the bottom, whoever charges cheaper, … Continue Reading

how to stay passionate 480

7 Ways to Stay Passionate about Design

Last week, I was having coffee with a group of friends over at our local Starbucks. It didn’t take me long once again to notice the oh-so-familiar charades we would play every time we got together. It starts off really small at first- one person starts talking about how stressful and horrible work has been. … Continue Reading


How to Stand Out as a Web Designer

Learn How to Stand Out as a Web Designer with Dorie Clark How do you stand out as a web designer? There are many opportunities as a web designer. However, there are also hundreds of thousands of web designer in the World Wide Web, all of whom are very talented and creative people. Just imagine … Continue Reading

parallax 480

30 Stunning Premium Parallax WordPress Themes

Parallax scrolling is one of the most popular web design trends because of the beautiful effects it contributes to the website as a whole. Although the technique has been around for years, using it as a website effect was first used by Ian Coyle when he designed the Nike Better World website in 2011. It … Continue Reading

60plugins 480

60+ Of The Best And Most Popular WordPress Plugins: Ultimate Toolkit

This ultimate WordPress plugin roundup will be the last article you will need to read to discover all necessary plugins for your  WordPress website. WordPress plugins are arranged in sections for easier browsing, allowing you to simply scroll through to your interesting section. Here you will find all of the most popular and best WordPress … Continue Reading

aaron walker 480

Learn TOP Business Skills Needed for Every Web Designer

Learn Top Business Skills as a Web Designer with Aaron Walker What are the top skills you need to get more clients? For freelance web design professionals, being able to get long-term clients who pay well is one of the most important goal to achieve. It makes perfect sense because you still need to live and … Continue Reading

pauljarvis 480

How To Educate Your Web Design Clients

Learn How to Educate Your Web Design Clients with Paul Jarvis Why do you need to educate your clients? More often than not, web designers complain about their clients not trusting them enough or not giving them more freedom what to do in a website they are working. Whose the expert anyway? You, as a … Continue Reading

ecommerce 480

20 Best Responsive eCommerce Themes For Your Online Store

Lots of businesses nowadays have taken their stores online because the potential to reach a wider audience is boundless. With this growth, we have also seen the number of WordPress eCommerce themes increasing, giving you a wide range of choices to choose from. In this article, we give you our list of the best-rated responsive … Continue Reading


How to Position Yourself to Get More Web Design Clients

How do you position yourself to get more clients? What is the biggest need of a web designer or any business? Is it better design or marketing skills? These are important, but in order to be successful and profitable, you need clients for the long term. So how do you do it? Our guest for … Continue Reading


15 Websites that Use Typography Correctly

Typography is one of the core design principles, which can make or break your website design. Despite the limitations we still have when it comes to creative typography layouts, there are already a lot of resources which give you a massive range of fonts to choose from for your design. For this article, however, we … Continue Reading


10 Things You Can Do to Get Your Clients on a Retainer

Most web professionals would agree that getting short term projects that don’t last anywhere longer than four months is leaving money on the table. With all the opportunities that comes along with web design projects, you can maximize on clients big time by learning the right practices and mindset. Would you believe that just gaining … Continue Reading

simplicity joel

The Power of Simplicity for Web Designers

Learn the Power of a Simple Life from Joel Zaslofsky How powerful is simple? Does your life feel like an endless To-Do list where a new task pops-out after you finished one? Work, family, business, even gadgets seem to clamor for our attention. Even when armed with the latest tools to keep life uncomplicated, the opposite … Continue Reading