Popup Domination Software Review – Revolution In Email Marketing


In internet marketing it’s all about the traffic and the people you can reach. One of the best ways to reach people is by having an email newsletter. But how to make people willing to subscribe to your newsletter? One of the ways is to offer a high quality product in exchange for their email addresses. This is where Popup Domination comes handy.

Continue reading to find out what is this WordPress plugin (actually it works on all sites) about, what it does and why do you need it.

So What Exactly Is It?

Popup Domination is a powerful WordPress plugin for attracting email subscribers. It creates a lightbox based pop-up window which helps to increase opt-in email list conversion on your blog. Popup Domination installation comes together with 4 beautiful high converting themes, 15 different colour combinations and 8 button variations.

The good thing is that you don’t need any knowledge coding at all. Just like most of the WordPress plugins this one ain’t no exception and does all the work for you. Simply customize the settings and with a click of a button, your interactive plugin is ready.




Why Do I Need It?

If you want your online business to be successful, having a large audience is crucial. And as you may know, reaching and building trust to your audience isn’t an easy job. One of the best ways to do build it is to have a mailing list. This is where Popup Dominations comes handy. The principle is that you have to be able to give something to your readers, so they would be interested in sharing their email with you.

Here are some of the features you’ll find on Popup Domination 2.0:

  • It will work on any website

Unlike 1.0 version, in this one there are included both a WordPress plugin and a brand new standalone version which means you can enable PopUp Domination on any website.

  • 7 themes and 15 different color options

The standard Popup Domination installation comes with 7, yes 7 themes and 15 different color schemes. All of which are unique and fully customizable.

  • Works with any mailing list provider

All you need to do is input the HTML generated and you are good to go.

  • Works with any caching software

Developers had listened to feedback and worked hard with this feature.. Theres more themes, more options and more functionality. You can check out the video on their homepage for a complete run down of the new features.

  • Page Selection

Within the WordPress plugin you can choose exactly which pages and posts you want PopUp Domination.

  • Impression Counter

Only show PopUp Domination once you have receive a certain number of impressions from a particular user.

It’s really easy to set-up and customize. You can fully customize this plugin without leaving your WordPress admin panel. Templates, colors schemes and text fields are easily editable. If you’re more experienced user, you can access to CSS files and edit the plugin beyond recognition.






Briefly, I want to say that Popup Domination is a great and worthy plugin which will be appreciated by marketing veterans and rookies as well. Easy customization and user-friendly design makes it one of the best this kind of plugins in the game. It can be priceless investment to your online business. So whether you are an online marketing expert with years of experience or just a newcomer, Popup Domination is the must have a thing for your toolkit.

I have bought and tested Popup Domination myself, not using for 1stwebdesigner yet because still I think it’s a bit too proactive way for getting subscribers, but very effective one, I think it would be good to not receive this pop up once you’ve subscribed, but I don’t know if there is any chance to recognize already subscribed person. But for short time effective marketing definitely must have plugin in your toolbox.

If you want to get Popup Domination and learn more about it, you can do it by clicking here. It’s not a cheap plugin though, now it costs 77$, but true marketers will evaluate its functions and will do anything to increase their mailing list to eventually increase their own earnings.

If you have a bigger subscriber count, usually it also means better chance to actually sell something to them. The same is with website –  if you have a great website but no one knows about it, you don’t earn anything and don’t have any exposure. Do something about it and convert your loyal readers to even more loyal followers in your mailing list.

I hope this informative promotional article helped you to evaluate good plugin and email marketing at all! Take care!



  1. @ChrisB — Loved your “back button” comment – I thought it was just me (or perhaps my audience – we despise distractions — focus is tough enough as it is!) Many of us (like moi) have to “refresh” our mental desktops every time the visual changes on us — sometimes even when WE are in charge of the change, but *always* if we are not)

    We tend to have hair-trigger startles (brain hiccup like a computer temporarily frozen, not “I’m so scared,” btw), so it is **b-e-y-o-n-d** annoying!!! I NEVER return intentionally to any site that blinks or explodes or pops up at me (you guys have to monitor the way your clients ADs display, fyi, some are so distracting I can’t even think, never mind read – so even if the content is AMAZING, I can’t do the headache that comes with accessing it. I am in the minority of ADDers who are excellent readers, too. Most don’t really read because it is too much work to do it.

    You designers out there will probably HATE the design of my new blog ADDandSoMuchMore.com – but it is “designed” to be ADD-friendly: quiet, non-distracting, focus directed intentionally to concept and content. The few visitors I’ve had so far (not marketing yet) have commented favorably on how “easy it is to read” without being asked.

    Ahem – designed as much as possible, that is — I must admit I am struggling with WordPress. HATE their editor (wysiNOTwyg), and even the way the html renders is wacky. I think I could have done an Encyclopedia in html in the time it has taken me to get as far as I have (with MILES to go ) Yea, I know – you’re not supposed to HAVE to mess with html – but it seems to be the only way to get anything even CLOSE to what I need visually.

    Everyone tells me that when I get off WP.com and begin with the ‘org’ version (and Thesis) there will be fewer limitations to work around (and I desperately need to redo my longstanding – read stylistically obsolete – domain THERE) – but I’m wondering if I haven’t made a HUGE mistake that means I will *never* get my darn blog-site working so I can get to the any of the many other items on my agenda.

    BTW – I am a cofounder of the ADD coaching field and one of the best ADD Coaches in the biz, starting life anew on the heels of a 4 year hiatus due to health and personal stuff — any of you guys interested in swapping ADD coaching for WordPress fixes and/or coaching? Until I get the pump primed, I don’t have the budget to simply HIRE, or I would!! Pass it on to anyone you know in your field who is struggling with ADD challenges – themselves or with loved ones. There’s an e-me option on the top menubar on my blog – use the “I am in ACT12″ option and I’ll know to get back to you about a possible skills swap (I know my students).

  2. Natta

    Thank you for this awesome article been doing some research on image searches
    and this has been very informative.

  3. Mike

    I would recommend against this plugin. I have been having issues with it – doesnt work properly and the response I got from them was –
    PopUp Domination support has taken a back seat whilst we deal with client projects in the run upto Christmas.
    So, if it works great else you are on your own

  4. I hate this thing. Whenever I go to a website and an enormous pop up explodes in my face, 99% of the time I’ll instantly hit the back button. Sell me your “fantastic” e-book by writing great content that supports it, not by putting up an obnoxious billboard. I drive past hundreds on my way to work, I don’t need to see them on my computer, too.

    • Alex F

      i totally agree with you – the book is not what i’m looking for when i search through the internet. but it is interesting that they still do this.. and i ask myself why? is there anyone who buys those books?? probably yes, ’cause they would stop their campaigns. the inet is full of “interesting” people..

    • Stan

      Sounds Like you might be just a little bit sensitive. You would avoid an entire website that you have most likely searched for because of a mouse click? It really compares in time and inconvenience to shooing a fly away that lands on you screen. It is just a split second inconvenience for those who don’t want or need the service of a newsletter or a e-book of information that you don’t have to find at the library or book store. Believe me when I tell you that by far the majority of the visitors to my sites appreciate the service VS the inconvenience of the pop-up. If it were not so I would be a fool to put up a stop to customers and/or traffic that I worked so hard to