25 Premium Like Though Free Blogger Templates


25-free-premium-like-blogger-templatesLast days I was “assaulted” with questions about Blogger tips and tricks and also how to’s about design. Few years back my web blogs were based on Blogger and that’s why I have tested lots of Blogger themes and designs. Most of themes below are magazine style and some of theme are just designed for personal blogs. All of the themes were created by highly experienced web designers and they meet all professional criteria. A great part of the themes bellow were originally designed for WordPress and converted to Blogger.

Just to avoid repeating the same words…Demo and Download, I’ve decided to add a link to official template page on template name and the Demo link on the screenshot.

Hope you will enjoy!

1. Arthemia


2. Bizmax


3. Blogging Pro


4. Cheerful Blues


5. Chucky


6. Cracked


7. Creative by Nature


8. Flow


9. Forex Press


10. Freshmade Software


11. Gamezine


12. Gestured


13. Happy Blog


14. Infinity Blogger


15. Irresistible


16. Letter Frame


17. Magazeen


18. Milano


19. Monezine


20. Paper Craft


21. Presents


22. Theater Room


23. Zinmag Remedy v2.0


24. WP Polaroid


25. Ads Theme


I would like to thank for this beautiful templates to all webdesigners and contributors and as a sign of respect please leave the footer copyright notice intact. I hope you liked this themes and for more information about how to install them and how to actually use them, just visit the official pages.



  1. sujit kumar

    Very nice post, i like it. I love your blog, don’t find many that are so clear, It is nice to see .

  2. Dviev

    WP Polaroid is smoking hot! That is the type of design I would get for my next website! I hope it also has a good help doc with it for easier customization! It beats all the other!

  3. Mukund

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  5. These are some pretty good themes and I like the Gamezine one. I think I might try and use that for a blog that I’m starting for my friend. Thanks a lot for the post! Nice templates

  6. Josh

    These themes are awesome! Really flawsless man. I would have sold them for $50 each :p

  7. wow! this is an amazing post. i’m bookmarking this! i’ve been looking for this kind of templates for a long time. thanks for posting this buddy! i need a lot of templates for my upcoming projects. cheers!

  8. TomerEP

    Those are really nice designs, thanks for sharing them, how come they are free if they are premium?

  9. well structured web templates. I really like Arthemia Theme and this shows that you don’t need wordpress to make a good blog and I especially like the Papercraft and magazeen the most. Great compilation keep it up!

  10. Baron Chula

    These are well structured web templates. I really like Arthemia Theme. It is a very clean design and very well optimized for ad sense. Great compilation keep it up!

  11. Jamie

    Hey the Bizmax theme was just what I was looking for. Awesome share! Finding quality blogger themes are just so hard and you made it easier for me.

  12. zygrax

    I owned a WordPress blog and want to setup a new blog using Blogger…

    Looking for some custom template, I came to this site. I’ve downloaded some template and getting excited to try them to see how each of them looks on my own blog.

    I’ll post some Live Demos once I’ve set them up.

    Thanks to the author.

  13. Really nice templates you have gathered here. I especially like the Papercraft and magazeen the most. Great compilation keep it up!

  14. Extremely good themes, i love tese ones and make it look really professional.
    And this shows that u don’t need wordpress to make a good blog