[Giveaway] Five Premium WordPress Themes from Themefuse [Ended]


You read that right. Our pals over at ThemeFuse are sharing five premium WordPress themes of your choice. You are probably already using WordPress for your website or blog, why not vamp it up with a fresh look? After all, a custom or premium WordPress theme is the ideal option – with all those features and elements that you just can’t find on free themes. We know that premium WordPress themes are expensive…

You don’t have to worry now. You can be one of the five lucky winners. You can go through all of ThemeFuse’s attractive and amazing WordPress themes and choose the perfect one for no charge at all.

Giveaway has ended! Here are the winners:

  • Antonella – My Journey
  • Bahador – Interakt
  • Roy Condrey – Creative Juice
  • Adolf Witzeling – Video Grid
  • Ilyassat – Creative Juice

Themefuse Giveaway (wide)

How to win one of the five vouchers that we are giving away:

  • Scroll down to the bottom of this page and leave a comment. Tell us which theme from ThemeFuse’s gallery you would like to win. Don’t forget to tell us what you’ll do with it!
  • Click to join and Tweet this giveaway!
  • Tell the world you like ThemeFuse by liking it on Facebook.

Note: when commenting, don’t forget to leave your email address on our form (will not be shared publicly, no spam) so that we can contact you in case you win!

Next week, we will post the names of lucky winners, so keep in touch.

Why is this such a good prize?

ThemeFuse is one of the best WordPress theme stores out there. When you want your website or blog to look its very best, you need a quality theme. That is just what you will find at ThemeFuse. They don‘t stop there either. The company offers themes that are easy to use and technically well-designed.

Here is something cool too. ThemeFuse is working with a trusted hosting company in partnership. This means you can get web hosting with a free domain and all of your installs will be handled at no charge either. You can set up your website in just minutes.

Visit the gallery and pick the WordPress template you want to win from ThemeFuse!

Conexus – Responsive WordPress Theme

This WordPress theme is versatile. It can be used for corporate websites or laid back designs.


Exquisite Works – Corporate WordPress Theme

If you need a classy corporate website, then this theme is right for you. It is sleek and stylish.


VideoGrid – Video WordPress Theme

A video WordPress theme that will show off your hard work in an eye-catching and stylish way.


Creative Juice – Portfolio WordPress Theme

Perfect for design firms, web agencies, and studios, this theme is ideal for creativity and dynamic style.


My Journey – Blog WordPress Theme

Ideal for personal blogs, this WordPress theme will even let you use your iPhone to post videos and pictures.


You know you want one of these themes! Don’t wait another moment to sign up in order to win. Your website will look so much better, more eye-catching, and more professional when you have one of ThemeFuse’s premium WordPress themes!

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  1. Huzaima Khan

    I would like to have “writer” theme.. Will write posts like technology, reviews etc..

  2. Hey, I would like to the Conexus theme on my Barefoot website. It’s an online shoe store for men which we plan on using very soon. My business partner is going to China this week to purchase some inventory for the store and this theme would be perfect for our store. Thanks. I hope I win.

  3. Hello,

    I like the evangelist & thepractice theme, i am learning wordpress, and i would like to examine the code of this themes and create some good designs

  4. Barbara

    Grrrhhhh – you mean I have to pick just one???? Mission Impossible but if pushed really hard – I would have to select Exquisite Works. I am in the process of refocusing my business on helping others build their business and Exquisite Works theme could offer me a stylish, elegant and “exquisite” branding to showcase what I can do for others!

  5. jaCk

    Hey! Thanks for the opportunity to improve on everyone’s website ;)!
    I know i’d use it on mine if I am chosen as the lucky few to get such amazing themes.

    What really caught my eye was the Conexus – Responsive WordPress Theme.
    It is simple, elegant and looks really solid that is pleasing to viewer’s eyes.

    It will be an honor to be selected to win and given such great themes to incorporate into one’s website.

    Anyway, all the best to all other contestants and thanks again for this great opportunity ;)


  6. Khai

    I love the style of “VideoGrid” Theme.

    Potentially to be able to show all kinds of stuff, with changes to the color scheme of the site. I have a website, ready to be made into a full-fledged website soon as i am still struggling on the “perfect” layout for the website theme.

    When i saw this giveaway, I’ve decided to take the chance and try to win the VideoGrid web layout design. At the very least, I now have a grasp on how my layout going to be.

    Thanks 1stWebDesigner, ThemeFuse and the designers for making giveaways of these awesome layouts!

  7. Norberto

    I would like this one Creative Juice – Portfolio WordPress Theme. I really like this page. Im going to use for the web site of the non gubernamental organization that im workin for.

  8. I like the VideoGrid Theme. My current active WordPress site is a blog of encouragement from real-life experience and musings similar to a devotional. (Would that I could organize myself and life to be able to post more often.) :) Since graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design, I have a greater appreciation for the old adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words” as well as the fact that a quality image in the beginning of a post can start delivering your message before your visitors even start reading. Therefore, I like to begin each post with a bright image. This VideoGrid Theme would help me to do this in an attractive and well-laid-out manner. :) Thanks!

  9. Karen

    I would love to win the Conexus theme, it looks brilliant and is exactly what I want my website to look like!!!!

    I will soooo promote you guys to all my friends and contacts if I win this!!

  10. Brett Whyte

    I’m a self employed 30 years exp Graphic Designer in New Zealand but currently have no web presence. I know I need to, I help my clients get online – but I’m way too picky to settle on a design for my own and never seem to find the time to sort it out. Then I saw your theme ‘Creative juice’ and thought – that’s me!
    Love that I can customise it, love that the bulk of the work is done. I have a huge body of work and only a paper portfolio – please help this old cumudgeon face his personal web demons. I will return the favour by spreading your work around on the other side of the world as I talk my clients into using your themes too. I’ve just completed a rebrand for a Kiwi lawyer here – wish I’d seen ‘The Practice’ before I commissioned a very expensive bespoke website!
    Cheers – Brett

  11. Diane

    I would love the VideoGrid. I will be graduating soon and it would be perfect for my portfolio.

  12. Lots of good themes to choose from–I’ve always been a fan of ThemeFuse–and have a tough time picking just one.
    I’d probably choose Evangelist, as I get a number of churches asking for sites and this would be a great option to have. I might even end up using it for my own church’s site rather than the other theme I’d been working with.

  13. I’d love to win the “Conexus – Responsive WordPress Theme” to use for my own website which I need badly to update and upgrade. Furthermore, the Consexus theme offers an excellent, impressive, “Image and Video Slider.” All perfect “stuff” for my interests that would seem to help me jump in viewer interests, google rankings, and, as well, my own peace of mine happiness.

  14. Tim

    Great collection of themes from ThemeFuse. Hard challenge to pick only one. I finally settled for MetroVibes. In the beggining I wanted a full website for my web-design startup but I’m now heading more on a minimal yet upgradable site which MetroVibes seems perfect for.

    And thanks 1WD for the giveaways !

  15. John McTyre

    Creative Juice would definitely be the way to go for me, because I just graduated with an Associates of Science degree in web design and development, and the structure and responsiveness of this site would be perfect in order to showcase my sites and my work in voiceovers, having been in radio for close to thirty years, but now finding myself at a crossroads when it comes to career change. Still, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to combine the two. Besides I have samples in Flash, HTML5, CSS3 and Edge as well as some voicework samples. My next addition to my portfolio will be WordPress, and this would be a fantastic opportunity to add to my list of capabilities and accomplishments with the right medium, and help get work in an agency or freelance or both. You can even check out the site for yourself at and let me know what you think. Good luck to everyone in this contest and in your future endeavors with hopes that you achieve success.

  16. Billy

    I would really like the theme “My Journey”. It’s fun, yeah?! I have a personal website and have always wanted to start blogging. My personal journey may be of interest to others who have suffered the conditions I have suffered and have overcome and would like to be able to share with them this experience. I’m not familiar with WP but love the ease and a nice theme like this, would be perfect.

  17. I would love to win the “Exquisite Works” theme. I think that it would fit very well with my freelancing services and also add to my personal blogging style. I think the backgrounds and color scheme are versatile enough to fit nicely with my branding goals, while still having a clean feel so the site doesn’t appear over-designed.

  18. Mona

    I like kiddo turf may be because there aren’t many WordPress themes that target children’s websites

  19. Hi,

    These themes are fantastic. Would love to play and use the Conexus the most. Although most of these themes would be great for any website. Thank you.

  20. Whales

    I love the journey – blog wordpress, it will definitely make a good theme for my upcoming webblog.

  21. John

    I would like to have the My Journey theme, when i finish my PHd I want to post research results and photos..! It would be perfect for this.

  22. Love the Metro Vibes. Here’s why. Finding a Portfolio that is not confusing to set up and with the most options has been a quest of mine. There are lots of themes that claim to be portfolio but the just do not pan out.
    I like the clean layout. Too many portfolio sites are too busy and upstage the portfolio
    Love the fact that instead of a slide show there is a dynamic portfolio right on the home page.
    The tags cloud is a great design touch.
    Icons are clean and elegant
    Great job. love it…..

  23. Love the Conexus and Creative Juice themes! Great designs and cool color options. I’d use them for clients as well as for redoing my own portfolio site. I have a lot of respect for ThemeFuse themes with their wonderful options and features. Thanks!

  24. Good guy ThemeFuse, good guy 1WD.
    I explored ThemeFuse themes collection and I must say they are all cool and well structured.
    That said, the one I would like to win is the INTERAKT theme.
    I love its flat and modern design, and I could use it for a new client or even for my personal site.
    Finger crossed!

  25. Andy

    I would like the Conexus theme. I’m looking to start out as a freelance web designer/developer while working my way through university, so a free theme would be ideal to add to my collection. This design looks perfect for a friend’s website I’m about to start on!

  26. Best comments first? OK, 1stWD is the best in providing resources which I realized after subscribing to the site. These days where free resources are becoming scarce, 1stWD comes to the rescue and has saved my web life pretty well. Particularly I admired the PDFs given at the time of subscription.

    It was a compilation of web designers’ space around the world, and believe me, I have never seen a fellow web designer’s workspace before. Lot of inspiration was going on and my desktop was tidy the next morning to my wife;s surprise. Keep up the good work 1stWD, for I like all the themes and nothing to dislike.

  27. amst3l

    I would say Conexus, its a very nice and clean template that I am sure I can put to good use in either my portfolio website or my webshop!

  28. Shelley Luster

    Conexus is outstanding. Browns are under-utilized on the web. What a great way to stand out.

  29. I would love to win the Video Grid theme. I was looking for a video grid type theme for a client last night, so I could immediately put this one to work for someone.

  30. Brenda Scott

    Oh my….WAY too hard to choose!! Id probably take Evangelist! Our church needs a new site!

  31. I would really like to use the Conexus theme for my personal Billboard! I have a site that’s been in development for a while but when your busy with paying clients, your work always gets put on hold. I put up a quick portfolio site with ProSite as a temporary fix, but it doesn’t feature my current WordPress work. Regardless, if I win a free version or not, Conexus would be a good fit for my design style and I will consider it.

  32. Dave

    I really like the Exquisite and My Journey themes. Exquisite. I can see My Journey being used for some niche sites and Exquisite for businesses (even my own :))

    – Dave

  33. Alexander Rotter

    Conexus would be the perfect theme to jumpstart my freelance business. I’m just setting everything up and it’d make things much smoother to have some help web design wise. So, I’m looking extremely forward to winning this helluva piece of art. :D



  34. jullus

    VideoGrid looks awesome and minimal! If I win it, I will use it as a reference in my future projects!

  35. ilyassat

    Hello ,
    I would like to have the creative juice : Protfolio WordPress Theme , It’s really waaaaw ,, Well I’ll use it as my personnel page ,to spread my service as a freelancer .

    thank you

  36. Tapas

    I like the “Exquisite Works – Corporate WordPress Theme”. wow what a clean and simple look. I’d like to use that as corporations theme if possible.

  37. burim

    I would like to win the Conexus theme. I will use it for a project for an ngo for children care in my city. Since they dont have budget for their website i`m looking for some free theme.
    Thank you in advance.

  38. I love to Get “Metro Vibes”
    Giveaway notification on Newsletter, I’m Surprised.
    Its really a wonderful opportunity.
    Thanks Dainis Graveris

  39. Alisa Meche

    I would love to win the Conexus Theme to use it for my own website. I have been training on learning WordPress more in depth and just subscribed to 1st Web Designers BootCamp and WordPress Hub Magizine. This would be a B-E-A-UTIFUL Theme for me to start my own website on and love the VideoGrid Theme to let my daughter use for her illustrations and drawings, and I would love to have it for all of my work as well.

    I liked ThemeFuse on Facebook and shared this post on Facebook, as well as like/share the post on ThemeFuse Facebook page about their sister company.

    I have also Tweeted about this great opportunity as well:

    Thank you for the opportunity!

    Thanks A Million,
    Alisa Meche
    P.S. – Fingers & Toes Crossed

  40. Cosmo

    Pick me, pick me!

    Any of these templates would be useful a number of my clients, whether for a new site template or a design refresh.

  41. Pierre

    I guess I sort of like them all. I would use them hopefully with a client. I’m mostly curious at how the CSS works in each case.

  42. Manu

    I would like to win the CONEXUS theme to build a site for my father’s Cultural Center, I’ve been wanting to build it for some time but I haven’t had the time and this theme with some tweaks would help me get the site online in a very short time, specially with the upcoming event so close.

    Anyway, thank you for this amazing giveaway and the oportunity.

    Here is my tweet

  43. Kaori

    I like Creative Juice most. It’s just simple and effective to show the contents you need to be accessed. I’d use it to crate the NGO site where I collaborate (hasekuraprogram.com)!

  44. Zajozor

    I love the videogrid theme, its exactly the theme I am looking for…

    I would like to use it for my personal blog where I present my code work..

  45. I’m just getting my business started and I have been working exclusively with free themes and just making them work.
    Money is lacking until I get my business making better traction but I know it is just a matter of work and time and work and time to get it going.
    A premium theme would help to put me a little futher ahead.
    the Exquisite Works is beautiful and really eyecatching. Love it.

  46. Ilario

    I’d like to win the Conexus theme because it’s really a good theme and I should use it for a lot of projects, like my blog, my master thesis or for a tons of blogs and websites my friends (and friends of my friends and so on…) want me to make for them! It would be very useful for me.

  47. John Ryan

    I would like to win the Conexus theme. I am currently rebranding my companies website. This theme will allow me tools that will showcase my work in mobile applications, webs and design. Plus it is a nice way to get into offering WordPress Site work, using themes from ThemeFuse.

  48. Aakash Singh

    Thanks for the offer 1stwebdesigner & ThemeFuse, i’d love to win the Conexus Responsive Theme to use it on our small business website!

  49. Rima

    I loved this theme: Conexus I would love to use it to redesign my existing website to give it a fresh new look.

  50. I really like the Creative Juice – Portfolio WordPress Theme. I will use this theme for a client that is I am currently working on

  51. I would love to win the Metro Vibes theme for my portfolio! I just graduated and have been constantly adding to my portfolio. I’m hoping I can find a job soon. It would be amazing to win this theme! I hope you will consider me :). Thank you!

  52. I would like to win Conexus – Responsive WordPress Theme. It is an amazin theme with lots of shortcodes, well designed framwork, etc. I would use the theme to build a great website for a company of mine Topcalc, to have a professional look and brand image. :)

  53. Kaan Levendoğlu

    I would love to win Blog WordPress Theme because i love to travel and share my experiences by picturing them with comments below it.

  54. Kimberly

    I really love the “Metro Vibes” WordPress theme! The flat, tiled design is simple but also very fun. I’d use it for a portfolio site or for a business!

  55. Larry Thomas

    I would like to get the Conexus theme to start using WordPress for a new Fraternity Site here in Boca Raton-Delray Beach area. Conexus is smokin……..

  56. Palash C

    I would really like to have the ‘My Journey’ theme. It’s an eye-candy of WP theme kingdom! I would start my personal blog with this theme.

  57. Ariane Fleischmann

    I would love the Conexus theme to use for the website of my boyfriend’s new restaurant (Turtle) opening soon in Vancouver BC.

    It would create a polished look that can fit with the brand and keep his customers engaged!

    Thanks themefuse for the chance to win!


  58. Destiya

    I want Creative Juice theme as I will build a brand new portfolio website for my team..

  59. Eloise

    I’m a big fan of themefuse themes. Love to win the PixelWhiz theme. Would use it to build a website for my Aunt’s small business.

  60. Ariel

    I would love to win this giveaway because my family and some friends are trying to start a major blog and my coding skills have been tested to the limit. It would be wonderful to have decent themes to work with! :)

  61. Prateek

    I would kill for the Conexus theme! (OK, most likely not. I’d still like to have it though).

    I’m currently bootstrapping my first startup. Getting this theme will help me give the site a professional look without having to spend an arm and a leg on a professional designer.

    Also, I love the stuff over at the ThemeFuse Facebook page. They’ve got some really useful information regarding WordPress. Thanks guys.


  62. Mikhail

    Theme: Conexus – Responsive WordPress Theme

    What I’ll do: Finally finish my personal web developer website .

  63. First of all great theme’s. I’d really like the Just Married theme, since I will be getting married April 2014. This would be useful for our follow up site on out getting married site. Besides that I like the Interakt theme voor a new client.

  64. Evi

    Hi, thank you for this opportunity. I really like the Creative Juice theme and would use it to make my site and graphic design portfolio look more professional. The themes are awesome, will definetely keep you in mind for the future anyway :)

  65. Stefano

    I’d like to win the VideoGrid theme, as a present for my wife’s brand new website :)

  66. Tim

    I would like to show the world how great Themefuse is by winning and using the themes how they were meant to be used! :)

  67. Sentio Henry

    Creative Juice works for me really with it’s unique themes and color matching,it’s the ideal for my website

  68. Jimmy

    Im going to start a personal blog with SW develope projects, a little bit as a showcase of my own projects, so Conexus (or maybe Creative Juice ) may fit perfectly with what I have in mind

  69. I am redesigning the website for the non-profit Magnolia Women’s Recovery Program, which helps pregnant women and postpartum women deal with addiction issues in a safe, home-like rehabilitation facility. The work that Magnolia does filters down into making happier, well-adjusted children and safer and better-educated communities.

    I am just learning WP right now and if I won the Exquisite Works theme, I could hone it to fit with my html5 redesign. I would learn a lot from seeing the code for such a top-notch professional theme and hopefully someday be able to design my own themes, as I am partially disabled and have to work part-time from home. All true, no sob story. I am happy that I am still able to work! Thanks for considering me!

  70. Kim Mace

    Conexus – Responsive WordPress Theme
    I just think it’s a great-looking theme with many options.

  71. Sylvia M

    I would like My Journey Theme. I would use it to build a site for my kids and along the way show them how to do some WordPress things. I’d also use it for some of my artwork (when I get going again on it, that is) Thank you for the chance to win. It was hard to pick just one, I really like them all.

  72. Mark

    I would like the evangelist theme to create a simple stunning website for my church. We simply have a basic HTML website with contact details and nothing much else attached to it. This theme will give our not for profit organisation a worldwide stunning focal point.

  73. Tina Willet

    I would like to win the portfolio theme one. I think this would help any new clients see the kind of work that I am able to do for them. I like of the themes you did on this page.

  74. Marnus

    Awesome give away! Thanks 1st Web Designer!! ;-)
    I really like the “Interakt” theme! I will use this theme to revamp one of my
    first clients website for free… as a thank you gift for their loyalty! ;-)

  75. I would love to win Creative Juice! I’m an indie author looking for the perfect way to showcase my books. I need a great-looking site so I can drive traffic to it without being embarrassed by my lack of coding skills. I love this theme’s wine-colored background (no color tweaks needed!). I would make custom graphics featuring my book covers and loglines, and feature them on the home page. I also love that this theme has customizable widgets!

  76. I would love the Conexus – Responsive WordPress Theme because the UX is beautifuly done. I haven’t had time to perfect my theme. This would be great to use, thanks!

  77. I would love to win the Creative Juice theme to update our website to be able add video and have my site be responsive.

  78. Cristian

    Conexus :) Checking their website, the theme Evangelist grabbed my attention. Looks cool and we’re currently planning our church’s website redesign ^_^

  79. Narinder

    I really like My Journey – Blog WordPress Theme. I have tons of photographs and I would like to use this theme to give an amazing look and feel to my blog.

  80. Exquisite Works would be my choice. I think that it would fit what I am trying to do: continue to have my personal blog, have a more corporate-like theme for freelancing, and also sprinkle in some info regarding my activities as a bedroom DJ. I think the backgrounds and color scheme is versatile enough to fit nicely with those branding goals, yet it has a clean feel so the site doesn’t fit over-designed. Hopefully it supports the latest 3.6 version of WordPress :)

  81. Kim

    I like them all… GREAT. Fantastic work… To my own website.. and to my customers…JiiiHiiii…

  82. Hi,
    I am just love the VideoGrid. i am a beginer in Graphic Design and I am doing freelancing job. So that i already have a wordpress blog for showing my work to my clints. I am use a free wordpress theme. Its nice and Dark themed. But VideoGrid Theme is look more Dinamic and Cool. I think its show my work in very good way. If i am win i use it and make my website more dinamic and good looking. So that my clints are see in good way. Also a big Thanks for you guys to give a chance to win and Also Congrats to Winners. :)

    NR Sabbir

  83. Thuy

    I’m having my first baby next month, so I have been extremely busy and exhausted. The Conexus and perhaps the Videogrid looks really nice. These themes would save me lots of time since baby is coming. I could use theme for my personal healthy lifestyle blog or photography website. Excited!!

  84. Vladimir

    I would like to win Conexus theme and in case of success it would be used for personal portfolio-blog development.


  85. Kuriakose

    Conexus -really i like this.
    i’m sure this will help me show the world a new phase.

    Thanks a lot team.
    Wishing you all the best……..

  86. adolf witzeling

    They are all great, but for my intended use VIDEO GRID is my favorite. The obvious grid pattern in this theme is very attractive. “The grid is the underwear of the book.” – Massimo Vignelli. This pretty much sums it up. I’m building a site where the contents (movies, music, games, video tutorials, blog) need to be separated into categories in order to avoid dilution and confusion but at the same time still accessible through the sidebar categories at all times. How often do we get lost in a site with massive contents and categories. That’s why VIDEO GRID would be my ticket. Again each theme is awesome but Video Grid would serve my purpose the best. The site I’m building is NOT for a client but will be my personal professional outlet (All Content will be free after you sign-up for my newsletter).

  87. I would loooove to win the Conexus Theme to use it for my own website. I haven’t been able to work on my website properly, since I’m currently super busy finishing my studies. But as soon as I give in my thesis (November!!) I want to redesign my homepage (www.vanesaortiz.com) and use this wonderful Theme for it! I’m keeping my fingers crossed! Thank you for the opportunity!


  88. Nice Work on the entire gallery! If I can only choose one of the five I’ll have to go with Conexus. I think it will be a great (much needed) update for my companies website.

  89. Jeeniejolie

    I’m in love with almost all the themes! particularly loving the kiddo turf: http://themefuse.com/demo/wp/kiddo-turf/ because my 8 year old is so fascinated with my career choice that he wants to start his own blog, this would be such a great gift for him – his b-day was in July and my oldest treated him to a walk in bday party with Chucky Cheese but mommy is yet to come up with something he really likes.- I also like this theme for a persona blog I been wanting to get out but ^_^

    Second choice would be the cloud host: http://themefuse.com/demo/wp/cloudhost/ I think it can work for my site, I want to give away hosting along with my WP design services as I’ve heard in one of your webminars and I think this theme can’t get any better!

    Third choice was: http://themefuse.com/demo/wp/the-muse/ it brings back memories of an Elegant theme I’m also in love with but this one has more texture to it … I’m such a sucker for textures

    …. If I was the winner I would probably run to get Kids turf, just to see my son seeing his name online and telling his friends about his new blog would be awsome! I can probably start him into some google adsense with it so he can actually earn his own allowance already.

    Good Luck to everyone!

  90. Mark curran

    I’d like to win the my journey blog theme because it would really modernise my own personal blog.

  91. I would like creative juice. If I were to win this theme I would use it to build my brothers website for his clients to look at the sheds he has built.

  92. Eskil

    I would love to win the Conexus theme. I’m just starting out as a freelance web designer and I really need to set up a good-looking portfolio quick.

  93. I would love to win the MetroVibes theme. As a freelance designer I’m always looking for ways to keep my online presence fresh and up to date to help attract new business!

  94. Terry

    Do I have to choose . . . really great themes. I really like Welcome Inn which I would use for my client, Just Married for my recently engaged sister, and Qlassik for my own site. I am sure all the others themes are great too.

  95. Trish Cerbelli

    Hi, great giveaway! I would love to win the Creative Juice WordPress theme! I’m interested in developing an online presence, posting my portfolio and expanding my reach as a graphic designer with skills beyond the “box.” It would be a wonderful, professional theme that I could easily customize and come out looking as fabulous as I am! Woo hoo, go me! Hope you pick me!

  96. I already set up a RWD wordpress theme for my start-up craft brewery (novarunda.com). I had to improve it a lot (with coding), but it’s still buggy (not to mention slow) :-(. I would appreciate it a lot if you could give me your Conexus
    RWD theme, ’cause of this reasons:

    1. It looks amazing (I tried demo and it works properly and it’s fast).
    2. It really is responsive.
    3. I have a tight budget :-).



  97. Elegant Totality

    VideoGrid for me, please. It looks like it would be a nice way of laying out the content I’ll have in this new startup project of mine.

  98. Hi,
    Thank you for the opportunity to win one of these fabulous WordPress themes!
    For me it has to be the ‘VideoGrid – Video WordPress Theme’ as it’s likely to attract the students I teach and I could use this to upload Instructional videos and other relevant information to help my students with their GCSE work aka ‘Flipped learning’.

    Best regards.

  99. I like the Conexus theme and I would use it to revamp my website or one of my customer’s websites. It is very eye-catching and professional and I like that it is responsive!

  100. Marc

    I’d probably go with Evangelist, but that’s because I’m getting ready to do a church website and it’s a responsive theme.

  101. Celia

    I like VideoGrid because it is clear. I plan to put my artworks in it for the beginning.

  102. I really like the Creative Juice – Portfolio WordPress Theme. I will use this theme for a client that is I am currently working with that is wanting a website for a Seamstress Work group. This would work well for what they are wanting to do. Highlighting various projects and links to job postings and a how-to blog.

  103. Sylvia May

    My main website is in need of a full revamp, and I love the sleek look of Exquisite Works.

  104. Shaun Powell

    These are all really great themes but would love to win the Creative juice theme. This would help to really get a project portfolio up and running.

  105. I would absolutely love to win Coffee Lounge.

    To be fair, I’ve never looked on Themefuse before, so this was the first time and this theme is perfect for my personal project.

    My girlfriend always talks about opening her very own Coffee Shop, and I’m planning to surprise her with a logo and website to get her started.
    I’ll present them to her at her birthday (24th of december)

    I’ve both tweeted and liked the page, hope I will win!

  106. Akash kumar

    I would like Exquisite wordpress theme.Please provide me this awesome theme for my startup company.Hope to get this theme .