The Necessary Qualities Why You Should Hire Yourself


In freelancing, job hunting may seem a tedious process. First, you need to prepare a careful layout of your resume so that prospective clients will get to notice what you have to offer. Then you need to prepare yourself with interviews so you know how to defend yourself on why they should hire you. You need to prove to these people that you are the best person around suited for the position.

These days I work as a freelancer. And as a freelancer, seeking more clients is part of my job. This is because I want my business to keep going on and on. It is also essential that I meet their expectations and requirements so I can keep them on a long term basis. Working long for them will provide me with material things my family will need. It is also in this way that I gain expertise and more referrals from their associates who might be interested in what I am doing. It is a way to build more contacts for my job to prosper.

Opportunities do come to you especially if you seek and work hard for it. As a freelancer, it is your role to seek newer clients who might just need your service. You want to build trust and confidence in them. You need to prove to them that you can deliver the expected output that they want from you. Note that these clients search for competent individuals. And you need to put into your mind that you are the best guy around to fit for the job.

There are certain considerations which need to be pointed out before you go through the job hunting process. This article will show you the basics on what you should be when you want to work for an employer or a client (if a freelancer) and how you can retain your job and deliver expected outputs.

Know the qualities that employers/clients are looking for in a job

It is difficult to find the right quality within a person. There are many qualities to make the person successful and it only takes a responsible man to have these qualities:

1) Establish Integrity

You need to establish integrity within your work. This is very important as you need to be true to your word and complete the task as expected. This also includes being honest and doing the right thing in a given situation. You also need to have the initiative to do the job. It is in this way that employers can find genuine commitment towards your job.

2) Be Consistent

It is also essential to be reliable and consistent with your work. In trying to do the job, what you do today should be the same performance level on the succeeding days of work. The client needs to trust you that you are able to complete the job efficiently.

3) Be Timely

You also need to be timely in your job. As the saying goes “the early bird catches the worm (project) first, you need to finish a job on the expected time frame. Prolonging the job will make clients lose confidence in you.

4) Stay Organized

Staying organized is one quality that clients are looking for. Whatever you may be doing – be it in a meeting, relating with co-workers, or the need to beat deadlines, you should refrain from being messy to make them believe that you are capable of the job.

5) Articulate and communicate well

You also need the skills to be articulate and to communicate well with employers or clients. These two qualities should go hand in hand to be able to persuade employers that you are the best person around.

You need to evaluate your performance and job standards.

The next step you will consider once you land the job would be to know your performance and job standards. Regular employees receive feedback of their performance through appraisals done by the human resource department. As a freelancer, it would be rather difficult as you are on your own. But there are certain ways to determine where you stand right now in your job and I will show you how.

1) Ask your Boss

You can always refer to your boss on how you have been performing with your job lately. You can have a casual talk and ask him if you have rendered your service to their expectations. Of course, you can suggest possible ways to improve your service. In this way, there is an exchange of ideas which lead to more efficient outputs in service. Just ensure that you are thorough and professional in your approach.

2) Ask Colleagues and Associates

You can also go over your performance and job standards through your colleagues and associates. Just be careful with critical remarks that might hamper your self-review. You should have an open mind when this occurs. Who knows, taking this into consideration can help you improve your craft.

3) Review E-mails and Documents

You may also refer to existing electronic mails and documents to help you recall previous accomplishments.

Being slightly inquisitive means you want to be updated with what is happening around you with respect to work. All you need to do is gather information on how you can improve your skills to deliver the desired output. In this way, you retain your employer’s trust and confidence in you.

You need these attributes to keep you competitive in the business and land jobs. You also need to maintain these qualities to prove your dedication as well as keep the certainty of your jobs. Take this article as a piece of advice and mind you, you will land the job of your dreams.



  1. riza_gamutan

    you might think that freelancing is as easy as A-B-Cs and 1-2-3s but it takes a lot of hard work to succeed in this industry. you are working on your own so you need to work real hard to be successful. hiring one’s self is i guess the best solution if you cannot land to regular 8-5 jobs. you will easily find freelance jobs if you look for it. just be prepared to sell your abilities so clients will choose you over the rest of the people competing for the job. if you try it, i know you will succeed. good luck