The Niceties & Standards of Real Estate Website Design


On my professional opinion, real-estate websites are among the most complicated types of projects to be planned and designed. One of the reasons is that competition is extremely high and with the standard approach you will be buried under the heap of your competitor’s websites and secondly, the creative design does not guarantee anything.

Most of the industry websites have old-fashioned tabled designs with small fonts and cluttered layout, however the traffic to this websites is tremendous. That said and having observed the behavior of website visitors from some of the studies, I can make the following conclusions:

  • people don’t pay much attention to the look and feel of real estate websites;
  • it’s the properties database and convenience of search that play the main role;
  • the older the design is, the longer the company is on the market and thus, there’s more trust.

In my post today I’d like to present you the collection of thoroughly chosen and best in their niches websites related to real estate market that should help you with your own real estate project. The designs presented in this showcase below cover a wide range of property and real estate related websites and thus I hope will be useful for every designer and project manager.

The websites do not stand out by their designs only, the parameters I used when making this list are:

  • clean layout;
  • great presentation of the property search;
  • call to action buttons that make you want to click;
  • effective header area;
  • creative use of photos, icons, illustrations;
  • workable color-scheme;
  • website memorability.

None of the websites in this list are perfect (except for probably Remax which is my favorite one) but every single site has something worth seeing and analyzing. Some of the websites may have a unique property search presentation only, others may have cool call to action buttons but lack user-friendliness and clean page structure. Some of the websites present real estate standards formed for ages and nicely embedded into new design, others are quite innovative and created in the mixed style you will probably love. Like in every niche, there’s always place for experimentation but there’s also customer experience that we should never neglect.

Browsing trough the list you will find the one-property websites, vacation rental websites, property portals, corporate websites of property companies and much more. Enjoy the first-class concept presentation and share your thoughts with us!

Terminus Real Estate


Vacation Rental Station

Cantera Real Estate

Naked Apartments

Find a Property

Equity Apartments

Houston Apartment Help


Avalon Communities

Optimal Rentals

First National

Lincoln Property Company


Real Estate

Be The Middle Man

Lanikai Properties

Emlak Center


Preview Naples

Meadow Castle Rock

Belvedere Inc

Woolshed Grove

Rental Property Shop


Kensington Lakes

Prudential Real Estate

Windermere Real Estate

Rental Homes Plus






For Rent

Better Homes Real Estate





  1. Luke Bouman

    I have always liked the websites done by real estate webmasters. Thanks for sharing the good websites, it gives me some ideas on what to do with mine.

  2. Julie

    My favorite one is Find a property. Plus I have been successful looking for a house using this website so I suppose this helps

  3. Bill Gassett

    Wow there are some really fantastic looking Real Estate sites here! You guys obviously do an outstanding job putting together these Realty pages. First impressions are everything and you have nailed it with these.

  4. Palmdale homes

    Remax is my favorite too. I wish I could get my site to look as nice as theirs.

  5. Taylor

    Thank you. This is some great graphics inspiration. These are some really good sites to look at.

  6. Ben

    Thank you for including site in your list! We worked really hard on it.

  7. The usability on a lot of these are really good. I’m almost shocked that so many have done well by creating a website for the user and not based on the whims of the graphic designer :)

  8. TG

    Good references and information.. While creating a property portal, I feel the imminent needs for adjust it for local users who may have strong preference in search, navigation behavior and properties

  9. Nicky Lock

    Thanks this is perfect as I am currentyl working on a property site for a lettings agency in the uk.