Reasons Why Every Web Designer Should Blog


I won’t be polishing a non-existent shoe. Those web designers who are totally against the idea of blogging (believe me, there are a few who really won’t appreciate this post) can hop out of this discussion. Although, I would feel blessed if you leave your thoughts – positive or negative – in comments section below. I guess you can squeeze out a free minute from your insanely busy schedule?


With that introductory disclaimer already in place, let me tell you why I will be (literally) begging web designers to start blogging. The human race has a come a long way since our monkey-sort-of ancestors started to dish out newer ways to survive. All of us are aware of the art-like images left by them in their luxurious caves. Those drawings have been a major source of learning for people behind Nat Geo shows and their so-called discoveries. Aren’t those cave drawings just early image blogging? Haven’t these drawings helped us learn a lot about their lifestyle and the stone age as a whole? I guess you know the answers!

So? Web designers must blog because our ancestors had free time for drawing?

Nooo! I mean, not yet! Stick with me and see where this is going. During its infant years blogging started as a personal online diary for many. Soon our money loving race commercialized blogging to heights that nobody might have ever imagined. The likes of Tech Crunch, Mashable, Engadget and our very own 1st Web Designer happened. Stars from the big silver screens gave it the much wanted Midas Touch!

The end result was phenomenal. A constant stream of quality content that could increase your IQ (EQ and every other form of Q) exponentially erupted all around the Internet. The human brain has been designed to consume infinite amount of information and blogosphere cashed upon the same. No doubt why different forms of blogging like image blogging and video blogging popped up.

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Henceforth, when I ask you to start blogging please don’t assume that I am only talking about text blogging. There are some really informative image based blogs and video based blogs. Content, in any format, will continue to be the king of Internet!

Well said! But, why should “I” blog?

I am assuming that the readers of this article are studs, heroes, geeks and other similar words. We are our own idols. We listen to nobody and we follow our own rules. You know what I mean – we are the best!

Now, isn’t it the duty of this smart race to help themselves grow for their own good? Today’s cement and brick age faces the same challenge as was faced by the stone age – extinction due to fast paced technology. Out of the millions of web designers barely any are sharing their thoughts and making a note of their journey.  What about the rest? Are they earning nothing? Do they have no client list? Of course they do. It is just that they have no time (and no reason) to share the same with the outside world.

Case One:

The copy-cat web designer from a nearby high school makes over a grand just by using free templates whenever clients approach him. He is famous and considered a geek in his circle. But do we know about him? Some of us might be earning half of what he earns. If he was blogging then we would have access to a database of smart tricks that can help us start our own web design business.

Case Two:

The 75-year-old work-from-home grandma of three has witnessed the evolution of the Internet since its infancy. She has the knowledge and experience to come up with an idea that will be a true blend of legacy and technology. She knows why most of the work-from-home dreams end up crashing and why internet marketing is a scary business. Her tips hit the bull’s-eye and she has 100 % success rate. Again, are we aware of her existence? Wouldn’t it be amazing if she was blogging about her experiences? Many would have loved to call her grandma if they knew the vast amount of knowledge she had.

Any monetary benefits?

Now you are talking! Well, I won’t give away tips if they had no monetary backings. After all money does make a difference. doesn’t it?

Usually, web designers tend to have an online portfolio which at times is their only source of income. Without that portfolio they will cease to exist. What if you add a “useful” blog to that portfolio? The benefits involved with a successful blog will indirectly affect your portfolio. This will help your portfolio with the much wanted visibility that you had been deprived of otherwise. Let me list some of the benefits below:

  • Your domain earns backlinks from reputed websites.
  • Those backlinks get you bonus traffic.
  • You earn visibility on the Internet and more people admire your work.
  • Your search engine rankings improve.
  • You will be tagged as the “generous web designer” who isn’t afraid of sharing his secrets.

money from blogging

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Lastly, the most important benefit is the jump in the number of clients. Let me do some very quick calculations:

  • You spend 30 hours writing 5 overly informative articles.
  • 2 out of those 5 articles get the requisite social media recognition.
  • 1 out of these 2 articles get backlinks from a few famous blogs.
  • These backlinks send you referral traffic which would be, let’s say, 150 visitors.
  • Assume that at least one of these 150 visitors just ONE ends up hiring you for his next online project.
  • To wrap up – he pays you $500 for that project.
  • End Result – You earn a client that otherwise you would never have met.

Imagine the returns when you rinse and repeat the process. With time, you might just be the in-demand web designer. Sounds luring? Now will start blogging? Please?

Other “exciting” benefits!

My teacher used to say that you should start and end your essay with the your best content. So, let me wrap up this article with some of overly exciting benefits of blogging:

  • You are a part-time freelance web designer? You hate your boss? Start blogging, attract more clients, earn more money and resign!
  • Be the next-big-stud of Internet and attract the girls. Trust me, girls love nerdy studs!
  • Your dad assumes that you are killing your time online? Blog, increase your online income and surprise him.
  • Your dream weren’t met because your family had financial issues when you were a kid? Blog, attract clients, earn money and live your dreams.
  • Blog to be the Google of your own kind. You won’t believe but in few years blogs become the information hub of their own. Situations come when you do not have to look outside one particular blog when you are stuck. Imagine if readers find your blog to be the one stop place for all their web design queries. You will be famous!

In short, live the freelancer’s dream in return of the extra effort that you put in to your blogging.

The Showcase

Looking for inspiration? Here we go:

1. Adii

2. Brian Gardner

3. CSS Globe

4. CSS Tricks

5. David Airey

6. I Love Typography

7. Just Creative Design

8. Larissa Meek

9. Octwelve

10. Pearsonified



  1. Justin

    Nicely done Salman,

    I myself started a new blog, its not about freelancing, its about technology, its doing good till now :)
    But i will have a category about freelancers experiences in the coming days, i just need to know what to add …

  2. Warren

    Nice blog you created! It looks very well laid out, and looks like you know exactly what you’re doing. I’ll definitely be back to catch up on more of the stuff you write

  3. Peter

    I think it is a great idea to blog, even if you have just a little time to do it as you can increase your visibility a LOT.

  4. Andrew Groat

    Great post dude, I’ve been slowly working at getting myself into a regular blogging schedule. Damn it’s hard when you’re busy!

    Also I’d just like to say you have a great writing style, by far you have the most interesting articles on 1WD.

    Keep up the great work!

  5. Karlene Cameron

    I’m going to start blogging again. This article has inspired me to start blogging!

  6. Sarspazam

    This was a really interesting read. It’s quite encouraging to actually start blogging, which is something I’ve never gotten around to myself.

    I do feel however there are quite a lot of people out there that would be more that up for blogging, but feel like they shouldn’t bother, whether it be because they’re not very good at writing or that they feel they don’t have anything of use to contribute.

    One reason I’ve personally held back from posting online is more to do with not wanting to share their identity so publicly. Perhaps it’s because I’m paranoid, but I’m sure others wouldn’t want their name online. Which does ask the question, is blogging still as beneficial under a pseudonym.

    Despite saying that, I’ve found blogs such a fantastic resource of knowledge and information that I’m very thankful for them :)

  7. Lee

    Nice informative article though I’m not completely agree with some parts.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Evan

    I agree with Jay. Unless you have something of value to add, be it well written prose about your latest design or a truly helpful ‘how to’ article then you’re just adding to the endless and pointless clutter that is the poorly run blog.

    I understand the logic of blogging to increase awareness of you/your company in return publicity and possibly work but unless you’re interesting. No one really gives a shit.

    • Salman Siddiqui

      Agreeeed. I nowhere asked web designers to start pushing in foolish stuff. Actually, I was assuming that people will not write useless things on their portfolio’s main blog page. Really, I didn’t think of that :)

  9. Simon France

    Great post, I did start out with the greatest of intentions in maintaining my blog daily / weekly, but without consciously knowing it, slowly stopped. One question I do have is about the consistency of design appearance between your main site and your blog, do both have to look exactly the same?

    • Salman Siddiqui

      Simon – That depends on what you plan to push into your blog. Really!

      If you think that you blog will be more like a personal journey from being a Web-Designer-round-the-corner to being THE-WEB-DESIGNER then you can keep it in sync with your main site’s design. A part of the process is to keep a good hold of your clients. Be friends with them. And such a blog will help them attach with you personally. Imagine a post on your blog which goes something like – 5 Clients That Helped Me Become A Full Time Web Designer.

      The clients will love that article and it will stick in their minds for years to come.

      On the other side, if your blog will be overly personal like what you did with your kids, gf, wife etc then you can keep the look different.

      I would prefer the in sync looks with the main site as it just makes thing simple to absorb. I won’t have to spend few extra seconds understanding that I am on the same site and it is just a different design. Get the idea?

  10. Brian

    Great tips, I think the hardest part for me is coming up with something to write about. I am fairly new to web design and have very little time between my full time job and being a full time student to be able to keep up with everything. Once I find that balance in life I am going to work more on blogging and coming up with content.

    • Salman Siddiqui

      You know what Brian, you made me remember the first “About Me” in one of my early blogs. It was something like:

      “Student from 7 AM to 5 PM. Part time job from 5 PM to 8 PM. Blogger from 8 PM to midnight!”

      Look at me, I have come a long way. I have cut down few things of that and today I am trying hard to be full time into what I love to do. Stick with it buddy. Someday we will make it through.

      See you on the other side :)

  11. Fred

    Not EVERY designer should blog, simply, because s/he may have nothing useful to add. There’s an old Spanish proverb:”En boca cerrada no entran moscas.” Flies do not enter the closed mouth.

    • Salman Siddiqui

      I have been following Darren of problogger since I can remember. He has said it multiple times that your first blog post won’t be the best. It might just happen that your 1000th blog post won’t be what you actually wanted it to be. It is really the act of drafting multiple versions of a content before you finalize the best of it.

      And, please don’t tell me that a web-designer will have NOTHING to tell to the outside world. I mean, really? Even if he is copying templates, he will be using his brains to give them his unique look so that clients are satisfied. Copying is an art :) … and he seems to be practicing that very well.

      I am not forcing you to blog but you don’t learn unless you try. You really don’t!

  12. Ralph

    I would love to blog, but I suck with writing, so I don’t.
    It’s simple as that. Not every web designer is a good writer or has the skills to explain in a easy to follow way a design/development progress in a tutorial. In fact if these ‘non-writing’ web designers make an atttemt to write blog posts on their website, it probably will hurt then benefit their business :)

    • I suck at writing too Ralph, but I try to contribute when ever I can. In the blogisphere you “reap what you sew`which means, if you put nothing in you will get nothing out of it. Try it Ralph, the more you write in your blog, the better you will get.

      • Salman Siddiqui

        @Larry – Thanks for the push. I badly need it. Looks like (those who left comments) were against my idea :)

        @Raplh – Although Larry said it all, still I want to contribute just a bit.

        Was your first web design a star material? Did you win awards for that? Did you go famous because of that? I guess, NO!

        You know what, when I said start blogging then I had assumed that people will blog something which “they think” will be useful for the readers. And when you apply this condition to your write-up then (TRUST ME ON THIS) you will not publish articles that are crap. You got brains buddy. You will use them. But, you got to try first. Right?

        • Ralph

          @Salman – I’m not in particularly against your idea. It’s the title of the article that I have something to do with. It seems like you’re assuming that every web designer is automatically also a writer. Which is not. There can be plenty of reasons why someone doesn’t blog, even while they maybe want to, but assuming they can is IMO a bit short sighted.

          Nonetheless it’s a good article, but it deserves another title such as “Benefits Of Having A Blog”. Perhaps not the best title, but then again… I’m not a writer :)

  13. Jay

    This article is questionable. Why would you blog about hating your boss? Blogs are public, you know. Why do you have an ad for creating free web sites at the top, how does that help web designers find work? Why do you think blogging will attract clients, especially if you blog about hating your boss? There are millions of blogs, most of them don’t get read. Is this blog a sham?

    • Jay

      Scratch that last sentence. It just seems questionable to have ads for free web sites on a blog that is supposed to help web designers find work.

      • Salman Siddiqui

        I really didn’t mean to put ads on your blogs for “free websites”. I am not sure if you even actually meant that.

        You know, sometimes ads can be one amazing way to expand the horizons of your blog. All that you got to do is improve the relevancy of such ads. My upcoming article on “Advertising” will throw more light on this.

    • Salman Siddiqui

      To start with, this blog isn’t a sham. We know that well :)

      As I wrote in the first para, this article is not for all. See ..

      — There are designers who do not earn too much and they might just agree with my thought. For them blog might be just another way to earn few extra bucks and in turn create a small little net income. Also, it might open a whole new source of income. You can comment that I am contradicting my idea of generating useful posts when I ask not-so-famous (or not-so-experienced) designers to blog but we really never know when one can come up with a idea that others weren’t aware of. I am working on an article on “Localizing Business” and there I will discuss one such amazing idea.

      — About “hating boss thing” … well … sometimes you just got to blog things you know. And, when did I say that you got to write such posts when you are working under him. People have x-bosses, right? :)

      — I think (and I know) that blogging will attract clients because it really does. I am not sure if you will believe it or not but some of my articles have lead to mails inquiring if I can help them with ideas for their new blog designs. I don’t say that I am one of the star web designers but I assume that I have that “tiny little” vision which helps me judge things. Again, I am not perfect so please don’t assume that I over-said it. :)