How to Create Predictable Revenue in Web Design



How Do You Create Predictable Revenue in Web Design?

Freelancing has its perks and advantages, like being able to control your time and becoming your own boss. But when it comes to having predictable revenue on a regular basis, say on a monthly basis, that is out of the question.

Being a freelance web designer exposes you to unstable and fluctuating revenue from month to month – good today, bad tomorrow. This fact can certainly drive you towards hopelessness.

But wait! There’s hope because you can actually create predictable revenue as a web designer.

The statement might sound bold, even preposterous, especially if you have been around the web design industry stuck in a rut trying to make ends meet. You might be thinking, “You are definitely kidding me!” or “You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Paul Ryan of Marketslide, however, believes otherwise declaring boldly that you can definitely create predictable revenue in web design. He’s been standing by it, preaching it, and living it because he simply believes that web designers are in a fortunate and lucky position.

The Web Designer as a Hub

Again the declaration might be too overboard, but maybe we need to have a change in mindset when we think of ourselves as a web design professional. After all, half of the battle is won in the mind first.

Paul Ryan sees web designers as a hub, someone who brings all other professionals together and form a company. This company, then, brings into fruition all the shared ideas transforming it into a website which everyone can see.

The interesting part, however, is most web designers find themselves get stuck in one-time deals where they begin to wonder what or where the next gig is after the current project is done. A web designer is fortunate if they are able to get a monthly retainer fee to grow and update the website.

So where’s the advantage in that?

Since you’ve already created the hub, you can upsell the idea to your client stressing the fact that you can bring more value and more people who want to see and use their products. By creating a predictable revenue for the company, you, in turn, creates a predictable revenue to your web design business.

How to Sell the Right Way

Think about this: When you sell a website which will take you 50 hours to work on for $1000, it’s just like you have given it for free considering the amount of work and time that goes into it. This simply does not make any sense and you cannot live like that.

Before you get yourself into something, you need to know what’s involved in it; otherwise, you will be overworked and underpaid.

Paul Ryan shares that the right way to sell your products and services is to focus on the three areas of your business:

  • Sales and Marketing – how to sell your services and set clients’ expectations
  • Finance – how to charge and how to simplify charging for retainers on a monthly basis
  • Operations – how to manage your clients and how to get the work done

The keyword in all these areas is to learn how to simplify them so that you can focus on what you love to do best – web design and coding. This is possible by creating a hub where other professionals and creatives collaborate and work together to bring the idea to life.


Looking at what have been said, the biggest contributing factor is value. When you start to add value to your client’s business, that value will be reciprocated back to you. So when you help your client get predictable revenue, the same thing will be given to you.

Watch the video and learn more from Paul Ryan how to create predictable revenue in web design business. Don’t forget to share the good news to others as well.



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