Use Screenr to Record Screencasts for Your Website


Are you looking to make your website more engaging? Are you in need of a new way to explain some of your website features? What if you could use a free online tool to create engaging screencasts in as little as a few minutes? Screencast software has been around for years. There are some really great tools already out there. With that said, a new free screencast program has hit the streets and it’s looking to make things even easier for users. In this article we are going to explain what Screenr is, how to use it, the benefits you’ll receive, as well as, see how it stacks up against other free AND paid screencast software tools.

What Is Screenr?

Screenr is a new screencast recording tool. Screenr allows you to record screencasts and publish them to a unique web page on Screenr. Website owners can take advantage of this new free tool for creating things like product demos, explaining features of their website, comparing other websites to their own, etc. What’s nice about Screenr is that it’s completely web-based, so there’s nothing to install. It runs on both Macs and PCs. It’s free to use and the video/audio quality is quite good.

How to Record Videos Using Screenr

Interested in testing Screenr out? Nice! It’s extremely simple to use. Here are the steps that you need to follow to use Screenr effectively:

  • Navigate to
  • Click the record button
  • Position the recording frame on the area of your screen that you want to record
  • Choose your microphone – You may want to use a headset for top audio quality
  • Click Record

Everything you say and do is now being recorded. You can pause your recording at any time. Simply click ‘Done’ when your recording is complete. You can then use the text box to add a message to your Screenr screen cast. That message will then appear under your screencast, which is served up on its own unique web page.

It’s that simple!

Benefits of Recording Screenr Screencasts for Your Website

Screenr is a great tool for making your website more interactive. Instead of simply explaining a new product, service, news article, website feature, etc. with copy, you can now easily do it with video and audio. Screencasts are much more engaging than reading words on a web page. Here are a few of the many benefits you’ll receive if you start using Screenr to record screencasts for your website.

  • Easily explain new or complex features of your website with audio and video
  • Quickly create screencasts for your website – Screenr recordings literally take a few minutes from start to finish to create.
  • Use Screenr to capture feedback from your website visitors. Record a screencast and ask the viewers to leave comments with their opinion on any topic you’d like.
  • Ability to share it on Social Media channels like Facebook and Twitter
  • Upload to your YouTube Channel
  • Easily embed your screencast into your website
  • It’s FREE

Other Screencast Software

As we mentioned above, there are a lot of other screencast software programs out there for you to take advantage of. Perhaps you’ve even used some of them. Before completely ignoring these other screencast applications for Screenr, let’s examine some of them so that you can make an educated decision on which screencast software makes the most sense for you and your website.


  1. iShowU HD - iShowU HD is a relatively cost-effective screencast program for Mac users only. The base package is $29.95, with the Pro version running $59.95. Once nice feature that iShowU HD provides is the ability to integrate webcam footage into your screencast.
  2. Camtasia - Camtasia is another great screencast option. Camtasia is a bit more expensive than iShowU HD, but it does work for both Mac and PC users. The Mac version will only cost you $99, while the PC version is $299. You might be thinking that $299 is much more expensive than FREE, and it is. With that said, Camtasia is known throughout the industry as one of the best, if not the best, screencast software out there. One really cool new feature is Camtasia works with Windows Speech Recognition to automatically turn your audio into captions! You then have the ability to fix anything missed in the transcription.


  1. Webinaria - Webinaria is Windows-only open source screencasting software. It allows users to record screencasts as an .avi files and turn them into .FLV files. You can then go in and add audio to your file. Webinaria allows users to add in webcam footage and leave captions for their viewers.
  2. Jing - Jing offers both a free version and paid version. Jing runs on both Macs and PCs and allows users to create quality screencasts. The paid version allows you to upload directly to YouTube, which the free version does not. With that said, using the free version still provides users with a quality screencast to share with their audience. Jing also allows users to capture screenshots in addition to screencasts.

Here’s a more extensive list of free screencasting tools.

Pros and Cons to Using Screenr Over Competitors

Now that we have seen what other screencasting software is out there, let’s take some time to compare those competitors with Screenr. Below is a list of pros and cons to using Screenr over its competitors:

Pros for Screenr

  • Screenr is 100% FREE while other screencasting software can be expensive
  • Some screencasting software is free, but they limit the features that you have access to
  • Screenr works for both Mac and PC users
  • Screenr is EXTREMELY simple to use
  • Audio can be recorded during the screencasting session, instead of adding it in at a later point, as is the case with some other screencasting software
  • Screenr allows users to easily upload to YouTube, embed in your website, and share on social media
  • Screenr publishes all screencasts on their own unique web page, allowing users without a website a location to publish screencasts to

Cons for Screenr

  • Screenr doesn’t offer as many bells & whistles as some of the paid screencasting software
  • Screenr doesn’t allow you to integrate webcam footage into your screencasts
  • You do not have the ability to edit your screencasts once they are published

Will You Use Screenr to Record Screencasts?

After doing a little research, reviewing this article, and taking some time to think through what you’re looking to achieve for your website, do you think you’ll use Screenr over its competitors to create your next big screencast? Screenr seems like a great tool. Each time I have used Screenr it has worked perfectly. I’m sure other screencast software can work well for you, but for me, Screenr is my screencast tool of choice. How about you? Will you use Screenr? Leave your comments below.

“So that’s Screenr. Screencasts made easy!” –



  1. Robinsh

    I was previously using the Screen-O-Matic which works but it is not as Good as Screenr, Thanks for letting me know this is really a better solution to capture screen !!

  2. Rajnish

    Thanks Ryan,
    I was looking for this type of site as which software I use makes video in .wmv format which I can upload on YouTube.

  3. Screenr looks to be a very useful tool. We use the Orchard CMS platform to develop content management system based websites for our clients. Currently we show our clients how to make updates with CMS admin tool, through Skype live. This could be very beneficial to make a screencast video tutorial to show clients how to use the admin section of their sites and make content updates. Great! Thanks!

  4. Norm Gregory

    I’ve switched to No Install. Export to your computer. Free. Fantastic editing tools, feature I have not seen elsewhere, and very good support.

  5. Mohsin Nazir

    Most of the time I am worried that how I get snapshot of the page, but after this article my problem is solved. :p