10 Secrets to Be a Better Freelancer


The struggle in freelancing is quite far from the competition of regular businesses. The word “freelancer” was first used to describe a “medieval mercenary warrior” to point out that that lancer does not work under any lord. An out-worker has to experience as much contenders as there are drops in the sea.

In order to leave a mark in freelancing, one has to fight with a countless amount of people from different regions and work cultures. In this situation, a freelancer does not even know about how he can get over his opponent. To spot the imprint of a lancer’s matchlessness, one has to keep mounting his spirit high and has to set his own distinguish rules of work because only he is the boss of himself. There are plenty of ways showed by the rulers of this industry, on the basis of which I gathered points which in my opinion are necessary to identify and market the uniqueness of one’s freelance business.

1. Determine Your Strength

Every person has some skills which help them throughout their professional life. In order to be successful in this field you have to know where your mind is set. If you enjoy your work the outcome will always be better as opposed to working just for a paycheck. By realizing your strengths and doing what you really want, you can get the best results in terms of productivity. The question that naturally arises is “how do I identify my strength?” You can discover your strengths through:

  • Impulsive reactions of brain to find out the area where it can process efficiently.
  • Desired field in which you found yourself excited and craving for more.
  • Stimulation of mind for learning
  • Work that leaves you feeling energized

2. Cope Up With Your Weakness

To become successful in your line of freelance business you cannot neglect or ignore your weaknesses. Nobody can improve in any career without accepting, and knowing, their flaws. Pretending that you are free of blunders is the worst thing and will potentially ruin your career. Hiding your flaws is not a solution; you cannot get away from them. Identifying your weakness and acknowledging it is the ultimate solution. To cope with your weaknesses you should not forget:

  • To look at your work with a critical eye
  • To recognize, admit and fight with your gaffes
  • To stay attentive and avoid repeating past mistakes

3. Boost Self-Confidence

Confidence is a key strength everyone must have to achieve success. Confidence enables a person to conquer anything in this world. Self assessment is necessary to know what the individual has done and what he is required to do. This will give a person a focused view of his/her career and motivate him to move one step up in his freelance work since there is no one else to evaluate him. There is no particular way to boost self-confidence; this is only motivation and determination which will help freelancers in moving forward and enhancing confidence. So self-possession can be increased by:

  • Daily self assessment.
  • Challenging yourself step by step.
  • Getting out of your comfort zone.

4. Identify Client’s Demands

For freelancers, it is very important to be up to date with their customers demands. This can be done by knowing their target market and what they like and don’t like. Knowledge about red-hot topics of the relevant field plays a vital role in dealing with clients’ demands. This is because people want fresh ideas and love ground-breaking work. If you want to be unique and yearn to reach a milestone, then you have to keep following your customer’s demand without sacrificing work quality. Do:

  • Know what they want by feedback.
  • Provide what they need.
    • if it is clear that what they need is risky, or goes against the whole world, tell your client. This might save them too.

5. Keep Track Of Appreciations

A word of appreciation is like gas to a car in this business. Since freelancers don’t have anyone who analyzes and evaluates their performance, this positive reception can be obtained through client feedback. In this business, always try to get as much feedback as you can. Always remember that feedback is just an approval of work, never get overwhelmed with joy from it otherwise you will fall off of your path. This appreciation will also assist you in finding your “right track”. Tracking of appreciation will enable you to find out the right position in freelance business.

6. Give Positive Response To Criticism

Criticism is another form of feedback which lets you know whether the work has been accepted or not. Never take criticism negatively because this will lead to great frustration and stress. Criticisms will help you analyze the likes and dislikes of your clients.

Apart from your knowledge of your weak points, criticism from your clients gives you a broader view of your work. Responding positively to criticism is like overcoming your weakness which will help you stand out amongst your competitors. This is the strongest way to stand out in the field of freelancing.

7. Keep Learning From Mistakes

Mistakes is the point where everyone loses confidence and might lose spirit also. There is no one on Earth who is perfect, even machines err. But coping smartly with mistakes will make you stronger. Mistakes should be treated as guide stones, telling you which way to go next time. The only thing which is necessary is to be vigilant. Mistakes are not a problem unless they are repeated. If you want to get noticed in freelancing, try and:

  • Prepare for the worst but do your best.
  • Not lose strength from blunders and keep the spirit high.
  • Learn from mistakes and do not repeat.
  • Go back to point 2 and know your weakness.

8. Be Aware Of New Trends

Trends change in a blink of an eye. To stay in the race, you have to set your eyes on the trends so that you are up to date. You can’t possibly beat several hundred competitors without knowing what’s happening in the world. This is unlike a full-time job where an employee does not need to know the trends; most office employees just do what the boss says. In freelancing, being up to date keeps you alive in the market.

9. Say “Yes” To Challenges

If you want to score a top position in the competition then embrace challenges with a happy face. This is because every time you want to provide the best for your client, you will come to realize that you are facing new challenges. Triumph can only be achieved by proving yourself in something that has not been attained by someone else before, or something you haven’t dared tried yet. You might get a good position in the market by constantly giving your best work, but this is not enough to achieve a remarkable feat. To stand out amongst your competitors, you have to come forward from the regular competition and do something different.

10. Never Forget Your Competitors

This is the most important point of all for a winning toss. Always keep your eyes open and stay informed about your competitors because they are also in the same race. In order to beat the others, you have to know their potency and limitations. Without knowing the traits of your opponent you cannot overcome their position. This will also help you learn. It is the trait of real conquerors that they capture knowledge regardless of the source as if it belongs to them.



  1. Issa

    I love the last item on your list and I’d go for the adage ‘…keep your friends close, your enemies closer..’ BUT.. one must do it with integrity. Sadly, I’ve seen many new freelancers in online marketplaces who would copy the overview of those seasoned freelancers ( verbatim ) and even had the nerve to copy portfolio items as well. A simple Google search of your freelancing profile can turn out into something interesting… I guess, what sets those who are successful in freelancing and those who are not is – work ethics.

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    Hi, great tips for a freelance, thanks a lot for sharing, by the way, the picture in the title says 110 tips, i am looking forward to the next 100 :)