7 Myths that Bloggers Should Stop Worrying About


The concept of earning money by blogging has been covered by the gurus, on their blogs, in their own ways,and sharing their experiences. This has confused some new bloggers about which source to give more credibility and which opinion is more reliable. Blogging, unlike some years back, drags new addictions towards itself because of the myths circling around about it. If you are already in the blogging field, you already would have went through the times and realized what I am going to tell you today. If you’re new to blogging, this information will open your mind and help you understand all that you have read so far about it.

1. This is the END of Blogging

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The reader’s love for current, quality content is the best way to have a long life blogging. I have seen famous bloggers tweet during their bad times that blogging is unreliable and can bring one to zero anytime. I agree that changes on the internet are very quick and not very predictable, but blogs don’t seem to be going away anywhere. A practical example of this is those blogs that at times seemed to be going down forever, yet are amongst the top now.

2. It’s Impossible To Earn a Living Blogging

Many bloggers give up very early if they don’t reach the goal they set for themselves when they started. It’s obvious that those who started blogging many years ago have learned a thing or two to reach the level they’re at. This made some people say that it’s impossible to earn a decent living as a blogger.

If you want to earn big, you need to put in consistent effort but have patience all the way along. It really takes some time to build a blog and take it to a level where you can make a living doing it. You need to put a lot of effort in during the first days to boost your realistic expectations, but always remember that if you continue putting in the effort just like you put in the first days, your blog will probably be successul. Your blog is just like an investment, you have to put in your time and money, so look at it like that and you will see the chance of success rising.

3. It’s Easy Making Money Blogging

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I remember when I jumped into blogging, everybody believed blogging was easy money. I know, I know, I just told you that it’s not impossible to earn money blogging. What I am trying to focus on here is not the opposite but just that it’s not ‘easy’ to earn money blogging. It has never been a good to assume that a few days after starting a own blog, you’ll be rolling in the cash and living happily ever after. It is in fact just a myth. The universal truth that applies here is that you can never get something without putting in hard work. Same can be said about your blog  it will need a lot of work and time. There are indeed a lot of stories of successful bloggers around but if you ask them, they will tell you the same.

4. Readers Don’t Like Monetization

I came to hear it from someone since readers come to your blog to browse the free content, so they won’t be interested in any of your monetization attempts. Well, indeed it’s true that they are only interested in the free content, but blogging is all about developing a relationship with your readers. Once you have earned their trust and you continue updating your blog with great content, you can monetize your blog any way you want. But keep in mind that your monetization doesn’t affect the free content’s visibility. The monetization approach can be either Adsense, affiliate marketing or even membership areas.


5. Huge Traffic = Successful Blog

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Including me, there are some bloggers that get discouraged due to the low amount of traffic on their blogs. Huge traffic does help you to earn more in the case of Adsense and selling ads, but I still have seen many bloggers who don’t have an awesome amount of traffic and still they earn a good living. Lots of traffic will help you in the short-term, but you have to connect with your readers, get to know the challenges they are facing and how they expect you to help. You might be having a very low amount of traffic, but if that traffic is organic then you are going to be more successful than the one who got huge amount of traffic instantly that wasn’t organic.

Let’s face the truth that blogging is a business and you have to promote what your audience is in need for.

6. Post On Your Blog Every Day

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This is not a very huge discussion but an important point circling around in newbie’s minds. Even I used to think that if I don’t post every day, at the same time on my blog, I might lose my readers. Well, if your blog is a news blog and you have a bunch of writers then you might need to post every other minute to stay current. But if you are a lone writer for your blog, there is no need to be as consistent but 3 to 4 posts per week are enough keeping in mind that daily posts may actually be of lower quality compared to your 3 or 4 posts for the whole week. You should always work on the quality first and then quantity. I have seen blogs that post every 3 days and still have very loyal readers who are waiting for more ‘quality’ posts to get published.

7. Your Blog is Dead If You Are Not A Great Writer

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Having faced this bitter truth myself and my writing, I have still earned the trust of some loyal readers. You might not have a good background in writing but if you are always writing, like anything else, if you keep at it, you will improve eventually.

On the other hand, it’s true if you are a great writer, you can lead the pack. But if you think you are not good enough, you can always hire someone to edit your posts or maybe ask your friends to help you out.

I’d love to hear from you about your experiences, and get your thoughts and feedback on this idea. After all, if you’re reading this, your feedback is king!



  1. Asad

    In myth 5 you say that organic traffic is better than other forms.

    Well, the major ‘non-organic’ traffic source is paid traffic and PPC.

    But, from my experience PPC is more targeted, and thus more profitable, then organic(search engine) traffic

    PPC is allow you to target a keyword you want, directly. Without going through the process of ranking.

  2. Ahmad Awais

    Loved the post especially the last point in which you told to post 3 to 4 times a week , where quality matters more than quantity !
    I am also not a pro bloggger with huge traffic , at time i loose all hope to pull my the weight of my blog in this world of gigantic blogs like yours :P , but i some how muster up my coonciense and tell myself , yes i can do it, may this is not my time , time is up, its just ahead , i am trying harder , harder and even more harder (getting less traffic wen you work hard is so much hurting like you just had a break up with your love :( … ) , well thanks for being my inspiration

  3. Lokesh

    Salmaan, Wonderful post here. I will follow your guide in my blog. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Great post. I particularly gravitated toward the juxtaposition of #2 and #3. Making money with a blog certainly fits snugly in the middle of those two points… for most of us, anyway.


  5. justoutblog

    Nice share. My first month of blogging did great , trying to put useful information for everyone, hopefully it continues that way :)

    Thnx again for the share

  6. Kundan Singh

    yes i agree mostly with 7th point its should be at first , because this keeps your blog to grow if you are a unique writer otherwise “Your Blog is Dead If You Are Not A Great Writer”

  7. Gonza

    Hello I’m from Argentina, the truth is that I want to enter the world of blogging, and this post I opened a lot ah mind … reminds me of what I want, was very helpful!
    Thank you! Greetings!
    PS: Excuse my language, but thanks to the translator …=)

  8. roezer

    Another myth is social networking as a blogger. Single person blogs can’t possibly have time to create a blog post a day, Make you tube videos and edit them and have time to chat on facebook or read all the blog posts they tweet. There is too much work to be done behind the scenes like checking for errors in webmaster tools, finding better advertising and affiliate networks, and testing out new site layouts and plugins not to mention dealing with spammy trackbacks and comments. When you focus on creating content you are always heading in the right direction.

  9. Ryan Predly

    I couldn’t have said it any better, you really have to put in consistent effort and time into making a living online in order to make it happen. Good things don’t usually come easy…especially online.

  10. Auren

    Hi Salman

    Thanks for writing this post. It help me to motivate myself to write more and more and never give up. Just consistent in creating new post even though I am single writer.

    yes blogger can make money blogging but yes it is not easy.

  11. When I first started freelancing I made an attempt to blog on my company site which was not successful. I was busy trying to find new clients and projects and didn’t have a side job which would allow for better blogging on my free time. So I took some time off and started up again a couple months ago with my new site.

    Now I try to find and share articles I find across the web which are inspiring, motivational and helpful in the web design field. I give my own 2 sense on the subject then link to the actual article for viewers to read. I find it fun and it works well with my daily life. It’s my own twist on an aggregator website which one day I hope to provide many with awesome/useful articles that will help them in their own careers.

    I’ll keep working hard and hopefully it works out, if not it’s still great to find new articles I feel will enhance my skill-set as a web designer.

    Thanks for this article!!

  12. Kalen

    Thanks for the feedback. bloggers need to learn to stop concerning themselves with traffic alone. It isn’t so much of an issue on organic traffic persay in my opinion, but the likelihood that the traffic will convert. Organic traffic through search engines is probably the most likely to convert, but there are other sources too. Whatever the case, bloggers should concern themselves with sales and conversions more than just traffic.

  13. Reza

    Finding ideas on what to write about is really challenging but not as challenging as the writing itself. It takes time and commitment to improve. But I think there’s still hope for me. I just have to learn from others.

    Thanks for this post.

  14. Larry James

    Coming up with fresh content and writing articles is a challenge for me, it does not happen easily for me. I tend publish my content in the for of video tutorials. It is a learning process though, and like you said I am only going to get better as time goes on. You are doing a very good job with your blog here, I am happy to be a follower.

  15. Kenn Schroder

    I think it all comes down to value.

    If you are offering things wanted, things of value, like fun, solutions, ability to connect, learn, then you’re good to go.

    I think those things need to be highly wanted.

  16. Flinn

    The best thing about Blogging for me is not making money from it, but finding others who share my passion and understand me.

    My Blog contains humor and some of it has benefited many just for a daily chuckle or to get through their day.

    Blogging for me has helped me find that my words can make in impact in others lives.


  17. David

    Love it. All very true. Blogging will never die, its just the new form of writing a journal or telling a story.

    • Patt

      Yup you see so many wannabe bloggers asking “what niche can I make big money in” but they need to understand that blogging isn’t an instant think. It takes passion, effort and work to become successful but it is definitely worth the effort.

      Writing in poor English doesn’t draw me into a blog, but many of the blogs I do subscribe to are written by non-native English writers who have an editor look over their work before publishing – a great idea and well worth it in the long run.

      And as for monetisation, I find a lot of readers are fine with advertisements, especially if they trust you as a writer. Some of mine have even gone as far as to let me know they’d rather click on an affiliate link in my blog if they want to buy something on Amazon, just to thank me for the work that I put in.

      Blogging rules!