Simple Ways To Sharpen Your Freelancing Skills


Most people find themselves working eight hours a day, five days a week. They could be connected to a small business or work in a prominent establishment where income is manageable. However, working on a daily basis makes you burn-out and want to work on your own with no boss watching you around.

Why freelancing is right for you? These days, seeking regular 8-5 jobs seem impossible to find. Employment seemed to have decreased over time with the current recession. Because of this, you find many people out of work. This then calls for a freelancing job where you can maximize your own time. But remember, you need to have the quality skills to become a successful freelancer.

Freelancing is simply working on your own. You take your own directions while starting an honest day’s work. If skills are practice well, you have a greater chance of becoming successful than staying employed. This then is the topic of this article – making you ready to become a freelancer and the qualities you need to build your own skills.

Why freelancing is beneficial, if not unfavorable?

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1) Knowing the benefits of freelancing

Freelancing is beneficial because you get to choose when, where and what you work on. Unlike having a regular job, there is no need for you to prepare, dress-up and worry that you will be late for work. You also get to choose the location of your office and what projects you will be working on. There is freedom with respect to work as it will solely be to yourself. I guess you only have you to please yourself.

Because you choose the people you work closely with, income generated is solely for your own. All you need to have is the impulse to dominate your own business. If you want to have more clients in your business, that could be a positive attitude because this could mean more revenue. Income generated from each client is done separately. So once you get a bad client, you can simply hack him out. Why waste your time and effort on people like that.

2) Why freelancing could be unfavorable

Working in a prestigious company will guarantee you regular work while income is stable. But as a freelancer, it is your own discretion to have more clients and work hard for you to experience unlimited income. This is because income earned by freelancers is variable. There could be months were income is high; there could be months were revenues are low. This will even go down if you are lazy and get to choose poor quality clients.

So for you to be an effective freelancer, you need to have the patience, diligence, build trust and confidence in your clients to make things work efficiently.

How to sharpen your skills?

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The common reason why people tend to improve their skills is paying the bills. Skills are necessary to keep you in business and create a name for you in the freelance industry. In doing this, clients will believe in your competence and will do more projects with you. To keep up with the ever fast changing world, improving your skills are necessary every now and then. When tasks are done well, more clients will welcome your job and everyone around is happy.

1) Find an inspiration to motivate you to work.

You may have not noticed it but you have been working hard too long. You tend to be preoccupied with work that you forget to have an inspiration. Having an inspiration provides you the significance of why you should work. You may also refer to other people who have done a great job.

2) Allocate time to learn

Whatever you are doing within a day or a week, allocate time to learn. Learning newer things about your job is easy. You may refer to some reference materials that will help improve your craft. It could be reading magazines, books, blogs and trade journals. You may even opt to go back to school and learn new things. Whatever is your decision, it is time to refresh your mind with excellent lessons to enhance your freelancing career.

3) Taking classes to further enhance your skills.

It is a great advantage if you take classes to work-out on your skills. This is because constant communication in school makes you learn new things and allows you to interact with co-students. A teacher is the best mentor to improve your skill.

4) Work with good people

Learning new things from people who have mastered their craft is also beneficial. People like this know what they are doing. They are good examples and you can begin by merely observing how they perform their skill. Working with them, be part of their team sounds great. You can also ask them questions if something needs to be clarified.

5) Stay focused and pay attention to your skills

We may have skills that need to be polished. Stay focused on this skill and find ways to improve it. You can work on this skill, practice it till it gets perfect, explore new horizons and be creative. Who knows it can take you to places like having more clients. And having clients believe in your capacity brings great advantage.

6) Take some criticisms positively

We might think that we have done an excellent job. But sometimes we are engrossed with work that we forget about its own share of mistakes. Whatever the case may be, we need other people’s opinion about work. Of course, there will always be painful criticisms. But if you take things lightly and on the bright side, we learn and can try to improve the craft.

7) Try new challenges

Things will turn customary when work is started. There may be instances where it becomes boring. When this occurs, you need to assert a certain diversion and explore new challenges. Experiment by trying new methods that cans further enhance your skill. For instance in writing, you can experiment blogging, article writing and forums so things will sound interesting.

There may be other elements not discussed here that can further enhance your skills. The above mentioned merely shows you an overview of why your current skills need to be improved. It is important and should be given utmost value as you need to meet the expectations and requirements of your clients. It is also because you want to establish more lasting relationships with them. And you simply want to build trust and confidence in them. If your freelancing skills is improved, excellent results are achieved.



  1. Lanny

    I agree with staying focused and paying attention to your skills. Many times in the industry I see people good at something moving to things that they are not good at, instead of working on what they are good at unitl they become great at it.

  2. Adam P.

    basic but vital tools to learn. freelancing is more than a job–it’s actually a lifestyle too. it’s a good read but could need improvement on grammar and typos

  3. Phil

    Hi to evey one,

    I would like to say thanks for a briliant article.
    It as been helpful to me and a joy to read.

    All the bast

  4. Mandy

    I have to agree, there is nothing like inspiration that gets a graphic designer / web designer / logo designer get going. The mind generates ideas and thoughts of its own, but most of us graphic designers are visual people, and to see and get inspired by someone else’s work, is truly a helpful factor.

  5. Steven Britton

    Great post! I have to say that learning how to take criticism positively has definitely helped me to refine the way I see things.


  6. Recently I’ve started reading the consulting book “Getting Started in Consulting” by Alan Weiss. What I think it is very important for people who is trying to improve their skills in this field have one of this. It’s very complete and attention-catching. I’m learning alot of thing from it.


  7. Jason Gross

    Good post Rizza :)

    While you started this article off talking about freelancing and how these steps can help you out when you are working for yourself I find it no less meaningful for those who are full time employees as well. One thing that I think I would add that ties into a lot of what you said is to take time out to practice what you do on a regular basis. It can be so freeing to work on a personal project that has no deadline and wont be presented to anyone. This is a great opportunity to try out new things as you pointed out.

    I find that these days I devote some of my time to reading articles such as this one but one thing that I stopped doing is following along with tutorials. I used the wealth of online tutorials for web design to learn in the beginning and I think its worth investing some more time into learning new tricks and techniques to further improve ones tool set.

    • riza_gamutan

      Thanks a lot for taking time to read my article. It’s a good way to practice these tips if you want to last long in your freelance jobs. It is not easy though but if you take time to really work out on it, I guess you will pretty much do better than regular employees. What is lacking is the drive and the guts and if you have these too, you’ll really make it big in the industry.

      Thanks a lot,