The Shortest Web Design Guest Posting Guide You’ll Ever Need


There are a million web designers out there and every seven seconds there is a new blog that goes live. The connection? It’s competition. At least for freelance web designers.

The truth is, the online world is a very harsh place for freelance web designers, or even web design firms. It takes a gazillion tons of sweat and marketing to be known. People’s attention spans are very short. Who are you again?

What if I told you that guest posting is your way to fame? That simply by guest posting you are increasing your chance of getting hired for new projects, or be an authority figure?

It only takes 5 minutes of reading.

Also, I wrote this article in under 40 minutes. Do you want to know how?

Which of the Three Are You?

1. Design blog owner?

There are thousands of active design blogs on the internet and yours is probably one of them. Your problem might lie in the fact that no one is visiting your blog.

How do I promote my blog? To whom should I reach out? Should I spend money on advertising?

Want to start your own blog? Check out our guide!

2. Freelance web designer looking for job?

I told you before, the internet is a very harsh place where only the strong survive. Remember MySpace? Facebook came along and now MySpace is only a fraction of what it used to be. Freelance web designers are the same.

How do you tell the world that you are different?

3. Web design firm?

Of all the web design firms out there why should clients choose you? Well, they will probably choose you because of the services you provide. But is that enough? Unfortunately, no. Clients will choose to work with you over other design firms because you are known to them. Becoming well known is not really that hard, all you need to do is establish a constant presence out there. Scrap social media for a minute. It’s “that place where a lot of designers and people who want to have a website” go to that you want to anchor your presence on.

The Real Problem

The truth is, you don’t need to spend money on advertising just to get known. You don’t need to be ultra unique to compel people to visit your website or hire you or use your service. All you have to do is to make your presence known.

Make my presence known? Yes.

The citizens of the internet have a very short attention span. You too. Name at least five new blogs you visited in the past month. Can you? Yes, quite hard right?

I have a solution for that.

And it will only take you an hour to get started.

Why Not Guest Post?

Solution to your problem? Guest posting. Submitting articles and tutorials on blogs will never put you at a disadvantage. You can earn money by guest posting, a lot of people do this regularly and earn a living. Through guest posting you can also shout out to the world that you exist, that you are worth looking at the first time and the second time and on a daily basis.

By guest posting you are establishing dominance, if done right. You get your existence known.

10 Design Blogs to Guest Post On, okay?

(never end a sentence with a preposition, so I added “okay”)

1. 1stwebdesigner

(currently not accepting guest posts)

2. Smashing Magazine

3. A List Apart

4. Hongkiat

5. WebDesignTuts+

6. Onextrapixel

7. Webdesigner Depot

8. Think Vitamin

9. Web Design Ledger

10. Web Designer Wall

How to Write a Guest Post?

A few things you need to know before whipping out that pen and paper (or keyboard and text editor):

  1. You should know what you are writing about
  2. You should have a good grasp on grammar and spelling
  3. Be persistent

Do the following:

  1. Visit the blogs I posted above, including 1WD
  2. Visit at least 10 pages of each blog and check which articles tend to get shared and commented
  3. From there you’ll know what kind of articles are accepted and what tends to be popular

Then you contact the blog editor or owner. Be sure to read their “Write for Us” page or whatever they may have.

Writing the Article

Once the blogs reply to your guest posting inquiry, that should be when you present your ideas to them. Choosing the perfect idea is crucial to building a long-lasting relationship. Choose a topic that is needed, current, and you have a solution for. CSS, jQuery, Photoshop, HTML5, PHP, and a lot more.

Follow this structure:

  1. Introduction – in the most simplest sentences tell the readers about the whole article.
  2. Statement of the Problem – this is important, everybody has a problem they’re trying to solve. Tell them you know what it is and that you have a solution for it.
  3. Offer a Solution – people love solutions, so should you. Either the solution is a tutorial on how to hack WordPress or design a better logo, this is the place where you drop the “awesome” bomb.
  4. Conclusion – not necessarily a conclusion. It can be a piece of advice, a more pressing question, or more resources that can help them solve their problem.

Follow this structure and you will write that first guest post of yours in under an hour.

Keep in Mind:

  • Provide valuable content. It’s your name that is at stake. Write terribly and even if it gets published no one will be impressed.
  • Have a list of blogs to follow and read from on a daily basis.
  • Don’t just “post and run”. You should engage with your readers by replying to comments, that way they will know that you’re not a robot.
  • Guest post regularly – establish a relationship with blogs.

Special thanks to Danny Iny. Danny is the “Freddy Krueger” of Guest Blogging. He got that name because every online marketing blog you go to he’s always there. And together with hundreds, if not thousands, of people he taught me how to write in under an hour without losing the essence of the whole post.



  1. First off – very useful post, especially as guest posting is blowing up at the moment.

    Secondly, do you have any suggestions for “lower-end” web design blogs that allow guest posting?

    It can be near impossible to post for a site like Smashing Magazine without years of real world experience under your belt.

  2. Great article. I love your blog.. I just join and everything is useful, practical and easy to apply. Keep up the good job.

    Miami FL

  3. Tina

    A very good article, John. I’d like to add one more thing that, as for me, is important for a successful career of a guest writer: understanding the audience, their interests and needs. If you give your audience the answers to their questions, you’ll always be on top of popularity.

  4. Hi Rean,

    Great article. I’m in the process of getting myself set up for blogging so this sort of information is really good to know. How many posts or how long do you think you should blog yourself before you start to approach others?

    Many thanks

    • I recommend at least 20, so that when people visit your website they can feel that it’s already established and can roam around for several minutes.

  5. Rean,

    First thing which comes in to my head is, Perfectly created an atmosphere which can lead me to 10 Marvellous Guest Posting Ventures! I hope you got me here, I believe if People like Danny can simply be found in each and every Marketing blog, then why not in just 5 to 7 blogs that you have mentioned, can i be Found by you and others! I’m gonna roll my thoughts and lets see what comes first and who comes next in my Guest posting target!

    Thank you for such inspiration, you did great!
    Good luck!

    • Hi Kiefer, thanks!

      If you’re interested on reading more about people like Danny, you can visit, we have lots of interviews there from successful bloggers. :)