50 Examples of Modern Single Page Website Designs


Everyone loves to have fast and quick way to get what he/she wants. Single page websites are the best ways to offer your visitors all the quickness possible by compiling all the content you want in a single page. They can be extremely charming for designing your portfolio or to market/sell any product. However, if you have a lot of content to express or have diverse and unrelated content, then, you should choose traditional multi-page layout. If you want to design single page website on your own then you should also have extra ordinary JS skills to create interactive and smooth navigation effect. Today we present to you 50 impressive single page websites for your inspiration.

1. Barrel + BARC

Barrel BARC

2. Help Us

Help Us

3. Catalytic Design

Santa Clarita

4. We Shoot Bottles

We Shoot Bottles

5. Mr. President: STOP THE LEAK


6. Natrashka


7. Third Culture Studios

Third Culture Studios

8. Riot Industries

Riot Industries

9. Sage Media

Sage Media

10. For The Record

For The Record

11. Beaver Lab

Beaver Lab

12. Bitbots Toys

Bitbots Toys

13. Iamjamie


14. Lilly’s Table

Lilly’s Table

15. F5


16. Jon Renner

Jon Renner

17. C3 Media

C3 Media

18. Analog


19. Balazs Koch Photographer

Balazs Koch

20. Carmilla Vampire

Carmilla Vampire

21. Christian Arth

Christian Arth

22. Conway Anderson

Conway Anderson

23. Dale Harris

Dale Harris

24. Crystaleyes


25. Danmoore


26. Edward Dark

Edward Dark

27. DavidSalvatori


28. Fabmedia Studios

Fabmedia Studios

29. Ftdesigner


30. Goin Nutty

Goin Nutty

31. Helveticards


32. Hire me

Hire me

33. Itsmeasgar


34. Josh Sender

Josh Sender

35. Komrade


36. Make Photoshop Faster

Make Photoshop Faster

37. Make Your Mark

Make your Mark

38. Mobily


39. MovieTweets


40. Pusulaweb


41. Provenance Digital

Provenance Digital

42. Redesigning Claudiu Cioba


43. Rafael Vergani

Rafael Vergani

44. Tackle


45. The Hope Design

The Hope Design

46. The Dollar Dreadful Family Library

The Dollar

47. The Beehive Market

The Beehive Market

48. Zitrusfrisch


49. Twenty2designs


50. TheCyberTouch


That is all for this time. Let us know your thoughts about modern single page website designs. :)



  1. JenniferHewitt

    I like “The Hope Design”, really innovative and attractive. I liked the concept of how the word “Hope” is written.

  2. Richard Harris

    One page websites are great for websites that need to show just an overview. Anything more than that and the scrolling gets annoying.

  3. Andrew

    This is one of the best collections I’ve seen in a while. It’s great to see typography taking a front seat, and also people breaking out of the predictable website structures. Good work!

  4. Lobo

    Does anybody know where to find tutorials about how to build single-page web site??

    Thank you for the great job!

  5. shawn boyle

    I am the person who built Sage Media’s website. In the past few weeks, I have watched this site go viral on different websites that promote and highlight web design. It is so refreshing to me to see my work get all this attention.

    Thanks everyone

  6. Man Mohan

    Hi Taimur,

    First of all, Thanks for my website CrystalEyes in your article.

    Nice inspirer article for whom those are looking for single website.

  7. jacekks

    Great collection. BUT.
    Why don’t you just disable this irritating lazy image-loading ?
    It’s something like cloud of tags. Everybody went crazy about it, but it was a crap that noone used at all.

    Usually I like to open a website in a new tab, in background, and wait till it loads while reading something else. This extension is just a fokin crap that makes web-browsing a terrible experience.

    Your reader

    • Rony

      You can set the code on how close to the edge an image should come before it is loaded (so you can download and display the image when it is not visible yet, so it won’t be flickering/fading/etc.).
      It’s all about http-request efficiency, and page load speed – and this technique is also very useful on websites with a bunch of heavy content.

  8. Another single-page website from our works:
    Built on XHTML+CSS and jQuery with query string manipulation (“pages” are linkable) and AJAX techniques.
    No self-promote, just an example :)

  9. imran khan

    Oh!!! wonderful…. the list is just amazing and totally inspired me… every single website is worth watching… Great collection

    Thanks for sharing =)

  10. Lau Ardelean

    Also a good example of one-page sites check out my portfolio page: http://www.iamform.com. Not trying to self-promote. but rather contribute to this post. I’ve gotten quite a bit of attention regarding my site.