A Simple Guide For Skype Interviews To Boost Website Traffic


Are you looking for innovative ways to increase traffic to your website? Adding educational and entertaining video content to your website is a great way to do just that. Posting videos to your website sounds like a great idea, but recording traditional videos can be costly and time-consuming. In order to get around purchasing costly video equipment website owners can leverage Skype and Skype recording software to create video content for your website. In this article we will explain what Skype videos are, review the benefits of adding them to your website, review many different ideas for Skype videos that you can create, and explain how you can create your own Skype videos.

What Are Skype Interviews?

Did you know you can record your Skype video calls? Well, now you know! ;) Skype has over 1 billion users worldwide and that number has been steadily increasing over the past few years. As more and more users get on Skype people are finding new ways to leverage the online video chat tool. One very cool new way to use Skype is to conduct and record video interviews relevant people from within your industry.

Skype interviews can be recorded and outputted as side-by-side videos which can then be embedded in your website. These interviews serve as educational and entertaining video content that will attract new website visitors and keep existing visitors coming back. The man who made Skype interviews mainstream is David Garland of TheRiseToTheTop.com.  To get a feel for what a Skype video interview looks like, check out one of David’s signature Skype videos when he interviews Seth Godin on Skype.

The Benefits of Publishing Skype Video Interviews on Your Website

Record Skype video

Creating Skype video interviews for your website offers a number of benefits. Here are a few of the top benefits you will incur by taking time to publish Skype videos to your website. Skype videos:

  • Attract new visitors to your website
  • Encourage past visitors to return to your website
  • Allow you to engage with other leaders within your industry
  • Provide an entertaining way to educate your website visitors about your products, services, industry, etc.
  • Help you build relationships with website visitors and/or customers (think about using Skype videos as a way to obtain customer feedback)
  • Position you as a thought-leader and innovator within your industry
  • Increase SEO juice for your website

I’d say these benefits are probably exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to giving your website a boost. Add all of these to the fact that you don’t have to spend a dime on video equipment and Skype video interviews should be at the top of your list of ‘things to do to increase my website traffic’!

Ideas for Skype Interviews

Now that you understand the powerful benefits that producing Skype video interviews can have on your website, let’s come up with a few ideas to help you determine what type of Skype video interviews you’d like to produce. Below is a list of Skype video interview ideas.

Interview a/an:

  • Customer/Reader – Allowing new/potential customers or readers to hear what an existing customer/reader has to say about your website, product, or service might entice her to become a new customer/reader of yours.
  • Industry expert
  • Competitor (some might cringe at the thought of interviewing another website owner within your industry, but it could make for a great interview)
  • Employee/Writer – This could be a great way to recruit new talent to help with your website
  • Local community member
  • Athlete
  • Student
  • Professor
  • Politician

Each website focuses on different topics, therefore the list of ideas for Skype video interviews will be different for each. The list of Skype video ideas above is simply a list to help you get started. To come up with your own ideas, simply think about what you’re trying to accomplish and how Skype videos might help you do that.

Create a Skype Video – Pre-Recording Process

The Pre-Recording part of creating Skype video interviews is probably the most important part in the entire process. In anything that you do, planning is critical. Planning is even more critical when you are going to be taking someone else’s time (ie. the person you’re interviewing). You want to ensure that you’re ready to conduct & record the interview. Below are some of the things you should consider when planning to record a Skype video interview.

  • Establish a goal for the interview
  • Determine who would be best to interview in order to achieve your goal
  • Put a list of questions together (keep this to 3-4)
  • Reach out to the individual you’d like to interview, explain what you’re trying to do, and see if he/she is willing to participate
  • Set a date/time for the interview
  • Test the recording software prior to conducting the interview

Recording Skype Videos Interviews

Once the pre-recording process has been completed, it’s time to conduct your Skype video interview. When you have the right online tools, recording a Skype video interview is basically as easy as conducting a normal Skype video call. As you’ll see below, you essentially ‘flick a switch’, or in this case, click a button, and you Skype video call starts being recorded.

Record Skype Video Interview with Ecamm Call Recorder

Ecamm Call Recorder is a plugin that you can download for $19.95 (well worth the price when you think about how expensive video equipment is). When you’re ready to record your Skype video interview, simply do the following:

  • Call the person you’re interviewing. Cover a last minute details before you start the recording.
  • Make sure you both have your video turned on.
  • When you’re ready, simply navigate to the pop-up box entitled ‘Call Recorder’. If you’ve downloaded Ecamm, this appears automatically every time you make a video call on Skype. Click ‘record’.
  • Click the ‘Stop recording’ button when you’re finished with your recording

Here’s a great video tutorial on using Ecamm for Skype video recording.

Record Skype Video Interview with Pamela Call Recorder

For PC users, Pamela Call Recorder is a great tool to use. It’s just as easy as using Ecamm Call Recorder for Mac. Follow the steps below to start your first Skype video recording:

  • Call the person you’re interviewing. Cover a last minute details before you start the recording. Make sure you both have your video turned on.
  • A pop-up box from Pamela Call Recorder will pop up and ask you if you want to record the call, click ‘Yes” to start recording.
  • Click the ‘Stop recording’ button when you’re finished with your recording

Here’s a great video tutorial on using Pamela Call Recorder for Skype video recording. Once the video has been recorded, you can go into the software application to retrieve your video file for publishing to your website.

Publishing & Promoting Skype Video Interviews

As you can see from the information above, recording the Skype video interview is actually the easy part. It’s the pre-recording planning and the post-recording promotion that takes the most time. Both Skype video call recorders will create a video file of your interview. We recommend that you host your video file on YouTube and then embed the YouTube Video into your website. Depending on the content of the video, you can either embed the video to a main content page OR create a blog article and embed the video within the article. For SEO purposes, creating a blog article for each new video is a good idea. You can create content introducing the video and explaining what readers will see if they watch the video. You can optimize the article with keywords and embed the video within the article.

Once the video is published and embedded into your website you should go out to your social media channels to start driving web traffic to your video. Over time each video will attract hundreds, if not thousands, of new visitors to your website. You will also start to create your own video library, which is an extremely valuable resource for anyone who’s looking for information about your subject matter.



  1. Darren

    Dress appropriately. On camera, this generally means foregoing the all-white shirt. It’s going to reflect light and may make your face look washed out.

  2. Jaylen

    Skype interviews are sometimes become difficult for the candidates. As he may not understand and express the total expression.

  3. Warren

    Oh boy, I can’t tell you how much I wish I had read this articles a year ago. I have recorded dozens of Skype Interviews and it never ocurred to me that there is actually SOFTWARE for this purpose. My workflow has always been the following:

    I put on skype, start the conversation and then I started Screenflow to do a Screencast but I had lots of issues with sound etc…

    I will definately try this as it seems to much easier.