SliderWall Giveaway Winners Announcement!


It has been a week since we started the SliderWall Giveaway and it’s now time to draw the winners! Who could be the lucky five winners of Commercial Licenses of jQuery Image Slider? Read more to find out!

For those who didn’t win, do not worry! SliderWall is not that expensive, it’s well-priced and if you want you can try it for free. Because when it comes to your website you should be thinking about how to make it look cool!

So, who are the winners?

The Winners:

  1. Janet – #16
  2. Juli Weirback – #8
  3. Martin – #5
  4. Hai Nghiem – #13
  5. Von Ferrer – #23

Numbers correspond to the commenter’s number here.

Note to the winners: please check your inbox!


The Prize:

A commercial license for 1 domain worth $99 with complete features. SliderWall is fully customizable (except the free version). If you are endowed with enough creative senses and has some knowledge of CSS then you can customize SliderWall however you want.

Why Use SliderWall?

  • If you’re tired of old image galeries and would want to find a more interactive way to present your works.
  • If many of your visitors use mobile devices. SliderWall is easily accessible through mobile devices.
  • If you want your website’s search engine rankings to improve.
  • If you want full control of the design.

Use SliderWall for Tours and Presentations

Use SliderWall as an Image Slider

Use SliderWall for Video Clips

Use Sliderwall for just about anything you want to present to the whole world! It’s easy to use, has a lot of cool features, and it makes your website a thousand times cooler!

Didn’t Win?

Don’t worry, you can still use SliderWall for free! Before you decide on buying it, it is prudent that you try it first. But I can assure you that a lot of people are looking forward to having this magnificent image slider!

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  1. Yeeaaahh I won :-). Thanks folks!

    Haven’t received the email though. Might you resend it. There have been some server issues of late :-(.