3 Smart Ranking SEO Tips You Better Be Aware Of


title-seo-ranking-tipsThis article will take a little insight in several most popular ranking systems around here and teach you how to get better Google pagerank, get better results on Alexa and Moz ranking systems as well. Many of these tips will seem very basic and easy, but that’s so through – optimization is not hard, bust just requires small but regular time investments. If you can use those tips in daily basis, then you definitely get some great results! For example, check on 1stwebdesigner.com website which is only a little bit more than one year old, but has got really high rankings!

I wrote a post Learn SEO by Improving Important Web Ranks a few months before but now I guess it’s the right time to upgrade and elaborate it because Google and other search engines are changing their policy at high pace. First we need to get head into three of the most important ranks on web:

  1. Page Rank
  2. MOZ Rank
  3. Alexa Rank

1. Page Rank:


Nowadays there is a big fuss that Google removing page rank or it’s the end of page rank. Well yes Google have removed page rank from webmaster tools, but still I don’t think it’s an end to page rank because this topic is going on from past 4 years. That is why we will talk about improving page rank as well.

Page rank is one of the most important and commonly talked about ranks on web. its the heart and soul of SEO and getting traffic from search engines. Page Rank is said to be an estimate of your site’s popularity on the web by measuring the number of websites linking to your site, assigned by Google. Page Rank is determined by Google Links not Inbound Links!! This is an important part to understand, Google links and inbound links are not same. Inbound Link means that links pointing to your site from another site, while Google links are an extract of the quality inbound links. In Short Google links are taken from the inbound links, but only quality links.

How to improve your site’s Page rank:

Improving page rank is a difficult but still not so difficult task to do. You can easily get about PR 3 in first two months. Sounds impossible? Well not actually I can do that with a challenge :), I have done that to plenty of sites. So how to? Some very Simple Techniques!!!

  • Optimize your homepage for search engines.

    This includes proper page Title, Proper Keywords, Proper Description and most of all Proper Content. Now what do i mean by proper?

    By Proper I mean that your title, keywords and description should not consist of extra stuff like numbers, stop words (and, or etc.), same keywords must not repeat more than 3 times in title and description. In Content Optimization Keep your content clean, fewer images, Use your main keyword in H1, also try to use keywords in h2 and h3. (For Details see this post : on page Optimization)

  • Install Google Toolbar
  • Start using Chrome Browser since they take data of sites you are browsing.
  • Post your site’s Links to these social bookmarking sites like Delicious, Digg, Deddit, Facebook, StumbleUpon, LinkzDirect etc.
  • Nofollow outgoing or not so important links. How to do that?

    Normal Links: <a href=”http://www.sitename.com”>sitename</a>

    Nofollowed Links: <a href=”http://www.sitename.com” rel=”nofollow”>sitename</a> (See This post for more: Nofollow)

  • Ask for sites with same focus for link exchange, Don’t hesitate to ask they won’t say no trust me :)
  • Avoid using URL Shorteners if you are bookmarking your site’s link in social bookmarking networks, because with this the inbound link goes to the URL Shortener site not you. Twitter is exception since it nofollows all links.

In about two months u will achieve Page Rank 1-3. If you want to improve your site’s Rank and push even further please see this post: Link Popularity Building

2. MOZ Rank:

Moz rank is some what like link juice estimation. Link Juice just like page rank flows from page to page of your site or links to others sites on your pages.

In simple words the more quality inbound links you have the better moz rank you get. Quality links are considered as inbound links on sites whose page rank is higher than your site. For example if my site’s page rank is 2 then putting link on site who’s page rank is higher than 2 or 3 would be considered as quality Inbound link, of course by using proper link posting method.

Proper Link posting is something like this:

Normally if u post a link u do it like this. <a href=”http://www.sitename.com”>Site Name</a>. Well yes u did made a link but not quality link. Here is how u can optimize your link. <a href=”http://www.sitename.com/” title=”your-keyword”>Your Keyword</a>

Now what’s different in it? You are using a title attribute which strengthens your links focus and instead of using link on your site/brand name it’s better to use your keyword in it.

Once you do this and get a grip on SEO Moz tools you will easily control the flow of your link juice in your site and can control your site’s SEO to some extent

3. Alexa Rank:


Ok, everybody knows what it I won’t get into details is. Just simple to improve alexa rank just install alexa toolbar and browse your site daily. Refresh after a few minutes or so in a week you will improve your rank to about 200000 places. Note also this will work only to really new and fresh sites, for well established websites you still need traffic to get ranked.

Want even more??

  • Optimize your homepage for search engines (it’s very simple just read this post : onpage Optimization)
  • Ask members of your site or friends to install alexa toolbar and browse your site.
  • Even More?? Install alexa toolbar on a network of computers and set your browser’s homepage to your site so whenever its opened your site sends a hit to alexa , thus your rank improves..

When u will go through all these steps just to improve your site’s rankings once, you have learned SEO.



  1. Anytime you can forget usefull things, and you can remember by reading and learning from others. Thank you.

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    Most of these I know and use, but I realized a few essential issues. The title=”your-keyword” was some thing I didn’t realize was measured. I’ll need to focus on that much more. If only most of individuals toolbars ended up available for chrome, I’ll ought to go check out from equivalent chrome extensions…Thanks for the info.

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    The best article I have read so far about the difference between these 3, and the first one that really explained it :)

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    To get better page rang on google I would recommend to bookmark the website with as many as possible social network sites such as delicous or digg each day. After a 2-3 months the PR should go up.

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    Very helpful tips. Sometimes you just need to be reminded of the basics.

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    Most of these I know and use, but I learned a couple of key things. The title=”your-keyword” was something I didn’t realize was measured. I’ll have to focus on that more. If only most of those toolbars were available for chrome, I’ll have to go check from equivalent chrome extensions…Thanks for the info.

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    Ive just started using SEO Moz tools. The Site Explorer is fantastic if you get to grips with it you can do some great analysis of what improvements you can make.

    Good info thanks for sharing.

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    This is a very sloppily written article. It’s a shame because there is some useful information here. Other than grammatical & punctuation errors, my biggest piece of advice is to not assume that “everyone knows what it is” and give more details. Also, proofreading & asking for a second & even third opinion could not hurt.

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    Backlinks are important…but a lot of low-quality links can hurt your site more than it helps. Shoot for links on high PR sites for the best results.

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    I love it how web designers always talk about SEO like it some dodgy, black market activity and if web designers weren’t so ‘pure’ and ‘legit’ they would be able to master SEO in a day.

    Pagerank is no longer considered a good signal for determining the authoritativeness of a website, its only good for obsessive SEO’s and websites that sell links.

    Your readers should also understand, having a keyword rich webpage with ‘s etc IS NOT going to do squat for your Pagerank. You can only earn Google pagerank from links from webpages that have a higher pagerank than yours.

    An anchor’s title tag is also a non-factor when it comes to the relevancy of a link. It is the actual anchor text itself that passes the link relevancy or increase in SEO effectiveness.

    URL shorteners like bit.ly do pass on link effectiveness, because they utilize 301 redirections, most modern search engine spiders recolonize this as a signal to pass on the link juice.

    Frankly I’m surprised you didn’t mention the super effectiveness of putting all your keywords in the Meta Keywords. :-)

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    I don’t think the browser you use makes a difference. Google gathers data about which search results you click on regardless. And the sites you visit without searching aren’t going to get bumped up in search results since you’re not searching for them.

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