50 EPIC Examples Of Street Art That Will Blow You Away


An artist needs no permission to display his art and his creativity has no boundaries. Street art is a perfect illustration of this aspect in artists. Although this art form is unsanctioned no one can stop it from expansion. Graffiti is different from corporate art which is painted for advertisement purposes. For some street artists there is no reason other than personal expression. Some street artists, however, use their art as a way to subvert the mainstream or raise political or social issues.

Apart from the reasons that gave birth to street art, the brilliance, endowment and ingenuity of graffiti artists is undeniable. There are as many examples of street “doodles” as there are boulevard virtuosos in the world. Many of them are so picturesque and breathtaking that you can not keep stop looking. Here are some that I can’t stop looking at, enjoy.

1. Autumn 3D ish Pavement Art

2. Taupo

3. ZHE 155

4. Cuba Gallery

5. Street Art Off Degraves Street

6. 3D Street Painting Step By Step

7. Rotterdam


8. Panty Graffiti2


9. Contrast Layout


10. Doter


11. Dibs 2011


12. Japan


13.Chalk Art – Cause On Uproar

This chalk art was developed for a chalk walk art event at Hyde Park village. The theme of this work is National Geographic’s “cause and uproar”. The look of the lion has been captured tidily in this image.

14. Wall In The Mall

15. Setik 01

16. Graffiti 1013

17. Stencil work

18. Retard

19. Pilipinas Street Plan

20. Graffiti 863

21. Mushism

22. Wood Morning Wall

23. CStyle

24. A Revolutionary Let Down

25. The Wild Ones

26. Shades

27. Homeless Not Smiless

28. This Is Bandung 2011

29. Bokito

30. Artist At Work

31. 1134 NYC Stencil

32. 3D Jupiter Postcard

33. Valparaiso, Chile

34. Tiger

35. Street Art In Colors

36. Street Art

37. Octopus

38. Swan

39. Excavation Of Dinosaur

40. Mucha Chalk Art

41. Street Art Amsterdam

42. Design Conditioner

43. Street Art Monster

44. Ruined Building Art

45. Street Art From Spain

46. Street Art Of Monkey Man

47. 3D Dog

48. Street Art With Eastern Look

49. Melbourne Street Art

50. Sweet Art-PAC Milan