1. Jessy

    This article review is really great. It really inspiring me for my logo projects

  2. Craig

    Job well done to show how logos evolve over the years. I was surprised to see FedEx old logo and how they improved that. Old logo for most of the companies are not good but for some, I like the older one than the new one. Good Job!!

  3. Grant Brooks

    Out of the all above mentioned logos, i think the most dynamic changes have been from Apple Inc.! I think Google has not changed much anything in last few years!

  4. David

    Funny thing is I see these logos all the time and did not even realize that they changed their logos, but after seeing them they needed changing, Fed ex really needed a change

  5. Hui Kah

    magnificent submit, very informative. I ponder why the opposite specialists of this sector don’t understand this. You must proceed your writing. I’m sure, you have a huge readers’ base already!

  6. kal

    Red Ice Creations did a good video on symbolism and progression of Apple and Starbucks logos. You should check it out!

  7. Stan

    logo,s are representation of the business , companies change logo once they see they are getting more business and they want to improve it i saw discovery tv logo is now more simpler and better may be companies change logo,s because they want to make things simpler and better to understand

  8. City of Melbourne’s logo is just awesome and unique.
    And for the Sprint’s logo, I prefer the old typeface. the new one looks too clumsy.

    Nice article by the way.
    Thank you. :D

  9. Patt

    The beauty of some of the logos that has been changed is that you hardly see it apart from each other, only when (like in this article) seeing next to each other you notice the difference, although some of the changes are huge.

    I believe that is the real power of the designer, making the changes without actually seeing it but really improve the logo and create a stronger brand. Thank for the reminder of under consideration, great resource!

  10. ryan

    1st things first Paul Rands version is the better one it is simple and elegant and does not fall into that “modern” trap of lets make logos look like they have lights shining on them woo!, look what I can do in illustrator, and photoshop.

    2nd why does the colonel have to have an apron on? just makes it cheesey and who in their right mind makes the connection between the slight angle implying quickness, I think the old logo yes dated looks great and feels more genuine then the thick outlinned stroked colonel hey yall look at me i make chiken thats why I have a apron on hick that is out there today.

  11. Kebing

    Firstly, I’m opposed to messing with anything Paul Rand did, you can’t find a History of Graphic Design book without his name peppered into it. Secondly, the article missed something important about Sprint — Because sprint is heavy in the cell phone market, the logo is made up of 5 bars referencing the cell phone reception bar symbol on your cell’s screen. Very Important to the logo, I don’t know why it was missed.

  12. Rachel Baker

    For continuity and simplicity you cannot beat BMW, their logo has barely changed since inception and is key to recognition within their market. Proof that simplicity works… and no big re-brand costs… clever carstards!

  13. Jarkko Sibenberg

    I really like the new KFC logo. I’ve stopped to admire it several times. The old one looks like a photo taken through a Photoshop filter, but the new one is detailed but still brilliantly simplified illustration. It’s also good to see more than just text and abstract shapes. Simplifying to the extreme is not always the best solution.

    Speaking of simplifying, the UPS one looks a bit old fashioned and heavy already. I wouldn’t be surprised if it got refreshed soon. Perhaps getting rid of the gradient and the outer shield shape…

    City of Melbourne logo instantly reminds me of MTV. Probably not intentional, but perhaps that way it’s appealing to a wider audience. It looks interesting though.

    Thanks for the post.

    • Ari Suardiyanti

      Agreed on the UPS, let’s see if they really going to slightly redesign it.

  14. Nice list! It’s interesting to see how big companies redefine themselves through rebranding. They keep what works and is recognizable, and spin it in a new direction. It would be interesting to look at a few cases where the branding went for a much more radical change, like Pepsi. We find that the best branding, especially established ones, are simple, recognizable, and evoke some emotion. The latter of which is the most difficult to accomplish.

  15. george

    Is there any place that I can submit my small businesses logo and get prototypes and if I use one I pay otherwise I don’t? Or any place that gives feedback on how to improve an old blurry logo.

  16. Richie

    Very good overview of the logo redesigns…. the effort is much appreciated … Also, i don’t think that’s the logo of Mail Chimp. Its the mascot rather … or so I think :D

  17. Coolzrock

    I was expecting Google here, but… Still a really great list. I like the “Melbourne” one. Feels like an aurora. Cool.

  18. Darren

    I like seeing the old logos and how they evolve over the years, good job with the research on this one very interesting!

  19. All well done redesigns, only the three stripes on the colonel`s grill apron are very sporty and looking at the new Melbourne logo, well do not know why but the first thing that came to my mind was the Sydney Opera House.However, great article with very good explanations of the companies logo redesign.Thanks.

  20. aditia

    wow when I see mtv logo is not really big difference in logo, but it have to be a big impact in their business

  21. The current Sprint logo is actually one of my favorite’s.

    I love the motion, the energy, and the homage it pays to its predecessor.

    Thanks for the list!