Successful Redesign Tips From Movie Sequels


Ever wondered how some film series’ original can be so good it builds up a good amount of buzz for continuing films, yet its sequels are just nowhere near as good? Well, this of course can boil down to a number of factors. Sometimes too much time passes between the release of the original and its sequel for audiences to even care, the plot didn’t stack up, actor/actress changes messing up chemistry, etc. The list can go on forever, but there is one bigger question to ask. What do successful sequels do differently?

That is what we are going to be taking a look at, and how these traits of successful movie sequels can be used for your upcoming redesign.

Proper Timing

*Image Credit: Martin Pettitt

The worst thing anyone can do is not properly plan out the time frame from the completion of the original work, to the time when the next chapter in its story is released. This is probably the trickiest part of planning a relaunch of anything. Is it too soon? Has all that can be taken from what is already out there been taken? Will this be too long of a wait? What if the wait is too long and the interest fizzles?

When going about a redesign it’s always important to remember, timing is everything. There is no point in putting time into something unnecessarily just to keep up with rapidly changing trends, but waiting too long can be just as harmful.

Is the Demand There?

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This goes hand in hand with proper timing, as long as the people are looking for continuation. For example take a look at two films, one with a strong audience and another with one less than average. It would make sense for the film with the strong audience to release a sequel with proper timing. However for the film seeing less than average public demand, a sequel would only be more of a wasted effort.

Whether it’s your own personal website, or one for a client, the demand of your audience ultimately gives you an indication when it is time for a redesign. If they are continuously happy and impressed with what has been already done, then just leave it alone and work on other things for now. If your website is on the other end of this scenario, then a redesign probably should come as soon as your schedule allows for it. Unlike movies, not having a big buzz around your site could mean that a redesign is a good way of improving on that.

Can the New Script Carry the New Installment?

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There is nothing more disappointing than going to a see a movie sequel that ends up having a plot that leads to only one question. Why in the world would anyone ever release this to the public, and to make matters worse, think it would be considered good? From beginning to end, it just feels like a poor attempt from the production companies producing it to squeeze a little more money out of the original film.

If you’re going about a redesign, and it is clear that improvements are being made based on what your audience wants, there’s probably going to be a lot of self-inflicted backlash approaching.

Keep Aspects that Work

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Would anyone go see a Pirates of the Caribbean film if Johnny Depp wasn’t playing the great Captain Jack Sparrow, or if the character wasn’t even in it? Those are very slim chances because out of all the great actors and actresses adding great value to their respective roles, Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow is the cornerstone of this movie franchise and it wouldn’t have the same success without him.

On every website there is something that signals a little bit of significance above everything else, and if taken away, may cause its audience to leave too. When most designers go about a redesign it’s always with the idea of one of the latest trends going on leading the way there. This is, of course a good thing, but there also needs to be a realization of what is currently working and why it needs to stay.

In Conclusion

When extending the life of something by adding another chapter to its saga, whether it be a movie or website, the qualities that create a successful addition are, for the most part, out of the hands of the creative behind it. The majority of the tips mentioned above aren’t a definitive guide to go by that will ensure an automatic success. However, what they do  is provide a way of thinking that can be applied to redesign which can only lead to positive results.



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