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Web Development Tools, Elements and Techniques

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When I was starting out as a web developer, I had to face some struggles when finding solutions to some of my problems. I had to learn and try new things but there weren’t as many tutorials as there are today. The best alternative was to learn and study from the work of others, analyzing their process and work methods.

These days, it seems like a new tutorial appears every minute, but personally I believe that looking at actual implemented solutions is still a powerful way to learn, and you also have many tools and methods at your disposal which can help you see and figure out how your favourite websites were built. Everything you need to know and learn is right in front of you and at your disposal.

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24 Helpful Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

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Competition between Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome has been intense since the day Google released their official browser. Chrome is the only browser to hit the market and became so much successful in a short span of time. It has outperformed Apple Safari and Opera in speed and surpassed the extensibility of Firefox. Many Firefox users have been flocking away from Firefox since Chrome launched its Extensions. Many bloggers, including me, have done the same because of the effective and multipurpose extension Chrome is supporting.

Today we are featuring helpful extensions especially for bloggers, which can make blogging a really fun and pleasing experience.

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Are You Ready To Transfer To Chrome? – 30 Irreplaceable Chrome Extensions

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I’ve always been using Firefox browser, I mean already for 5–6 years and never thought I would want to choose something else. Firefox is great browser and what makes it so great is all those thousands of plugins you download freely. You can find now plugin for almost everything you could ever think of – there is only one big downside. Firefox is much slower than Chrome and actually eat’s more of computer’s CPU than other browsers.

I have a friend who suggested to try Chrome again and I thought I will give it a try – now I will check how much and how good extensions Chrome has and is it enough to transfer now???

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