Accountability Groups for Freelancers & Its Advantages

“Freelancer” – a title very self explanatory. You wouldn’t need a dictionary to understand what it means. Being such, you work on the comfort of your own home & time. No one is the boss of you – just yourself. But let’s face it, two heads or more is always better than one. Getting ideas and … Continue Reading

Simple Yet Effective Brainstorming Tips for Freelancers

Great ideas are born in everyone’s mind, it takes careful planning and powerful execution to turn them into reality. Here brainstorming enters, it is the process by which you squeeze out all ideas you can think of and from there you piece them together to come up with a plan. The human mind is so … Continue Reading

Why Collaborating with Other Freelancers Can be a Great Idea

Being a freelancer is a great way to work for a lot of designers and creatives. To be able to give your clients the best possible package though, you may have to look at doing things a bit differently. By considering to collaborate with other freelancers, you’ll have an even better chance to offer something … Continue Reading

Things To consider before going International as a Freelancer

Whether you’re a new freelancer, an employee considering to go freelance or an established freelancer in your country – this article can prove useful to you. Being a freelancer in your home region or native country is one thing. Succeeding internationally can give you many extra things to have to take care of. In this … Continue Reading

The Signs That You’re Ready To Start Freelancing

A lot of designers spend some time working for others before they start getting the urge to start up their own freelance business. This is in most cases a good thing as you will get a lot of valuable experience both in seeing how a business is run and getting the feedback and help needed … Continue Reading

Minimize Freelance Stress the Easy and Clever Way

Are you working as a freelancer? Do you constantly feel the pressure and stress of running your own business? In this article we’ll have a look at how this stress can be made easier to handle for you by following a few simple tips. You probably know a few of these from before, but are … Continue Reading

Discover What Type of Designer Are You?

Just like there are different client types, and different people in general – there are a few different types of designers. In this article we will have a look at some of the characteristics of some of these and give you some tips on how to improve. Hopefully you will have a few good tips … Continue Reading