The First Month Of 1stwebdesigner


1st Hey! I wanted to check in with You, guys! Today is the first month of my website existence. I want to really say thanks to my loyal readers – for now I got 132 RSS readers – I really appreciate that You spend Your time reading and checking out my articles! Without You I am nothing!

Why I started to blog? Main reason was – I read many articles and sites, where other people say that blogging is the best thing happened to them. I thought why shouldn’t I give it a try! And yes, I totally agree – I started blogging and that’s one of the best things happened to me, even if it’s only the first month :)

And I must apologize to You about very slow web page bandwidth speed – I will  switch hosting as fast as I can, so I only wish You’ll wait while I get rid of my problems. And yes, I didn’t write so often for few days because I got one big and serious project to do, and doing it, I understood I need to create slightly different and more user friendly webdesign – I am pretty sure I will do all these things in this month.

So…yes, this month was really good – I created 27 new articles, got ~45 000 unique visits and much more.. I think stats for the first month are pretty good! So I want to ask You too, which kind of articles You want to see more on this website? – tutorials, different list articles,  I don’t know – now I just created articles, because I got really big interest in them by myself and I wanted to share information with You. Maybe there are something You thought to research but You haven’t got time? Share with me, and if the idea would be interesting – I’ll do research with the joy! :) I will do screenshots of my website too each month, so everybody can see how web is changing! Hopefully after a year it will be interesting to look through!



Okay, that’s all I wanted to say for now – however I will appreciate feedback – say what’s You got to say – be active and take action! Do this in everything You got interest in! See You on the other side!!

Dainis Graveris


AwesomeWeb is Awesome!

Andreas W.

Submitted 9:02 AM .Oct 16, 2014

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  1. Those stats are for first month and look how amazing those stats are but its almost a year for your blog and looking at the stats again shows how popular has become.

  2. Jahangir


    Regarding the articles I am pretty happy with what you are sharing. But it would be great if you share some of your own work/portfolio.

    On a blog we expect something from the writer, you are sharing good stuff but it is others work, will be good if you share some of your own work :)

    Good luck.

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  3. siraj

    Really the information you are providing is a very good stuff… Keep Rocking.. All the best…;-)

  4. Kris

    I’m a bit slower in finding these quality sites. Why did no one tell me about it? ;)

    Great site. Keep it up

  5. @Kris You should ask me! :) I am thinking to create huge list of all my subscription sites I have, to share the list..:) And thanks for checking! See You! :)

  6. That’s one heck of a first month! Congrats! Very well done.

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  7. Markus Zilgalvis

    Would it sound gay if i said “ouch, you’re hot.” ? (giggle), those are really some great stats you’ve got there.. knowing that this is your first blog. ;)

  8. Maris

    Congrats! I think your 1st month results speak for itself and I belive that this will be outstanding resource for many designers.

    Good luck and keep up the good work!

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  9. Jim Gaudet

    Great stats, congratulations. You have a Page Rank 5.

    ~ Jim

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  10. Matt

    Congratulations on a great first month, good luck in the months/years to come!

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  11. Great stuff!

    You know I think your a demon poster (demon as in so quick ;) )keep it up!

    The links and content you provide are much appreciated by everyone!

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