Can You Smell What “The Rock!” is Cooking on Twitter?


Close the window right now if you don’t know who is The Rock! He follows ZERO users and is being followed by over 2.5 millions users on Twitter. As a side fact, his facebook page has 6.4 million likes. His wikipedia page is full of praises for the legend and YouTube is flooded with his videos. The Rock is simply the most important reason behind WWE’s social media success just because of his engaging twitter habits. He forces his fans to “Bring It” in every aspect of their life and people go mad when they read a reply (he replied to me too) from “The Rock!” himself on twitter. A Hollywood superstar, a Twitter superstar, a Facebook superstar, a bestselling author and of course the WWE superstar – the Rock has come a long way all on his own. Today I will dig into the human side of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in order to understand how he keeps Twitter trending.

He replied to me within 2 minutes!

Yes! That isn’t a fake screenshot. I sent a tweet on Twitter before I started working on this article. I tagged Dwayne and pat came the reply. Let me just bask in glory for sometime before I move on to the rest of my article.

His quotes are simply over-the-top

My fingers are itching to write about Dwayne’s recent success in Wrestlemania 28 but sadly, this ain’t an article about Wrestlemania. Rather, this one is about how smart (actually how honest) Dwayne is on Twitter. When you go through his tweets then you will notice a pattern and a purpose. All that he wants is to spread love. The beast is all about commitment to fans and he is doing that so well.

Before we move on, let us fall in love with few more tweets from Dwayne:

He replies “Instantly”

At times celebrities give up on their Twitter accounts and let agencies control it for them. They don’t want anything messy to destroy their names and their status. What I can infer from such an act is that they are dumb enough to run away from reality. Look at this man, The Rock! He will reply to his followers all by himself. You can feel The Rock in his replies. You will fall in love with him and he will love you back instantly.

Dwayne enjoys Twitter because it gives him instant feedback and helps him stay connected with his fans on the move. The Rock also uses Twitter to encourage and motivate his followers. And, oh boy, they do get motivated. Look at me. I haven’t slept all night and it is 7:00am while I am writing this article. He is crazy and so are his fans.

He Tweets at 3 AM

The Rock! has the habit of getting up between 3 AM and 5 AM for five days a week as he loves to train while the sun is coming up. It is this time at 3 AM while the world is sleeping when The Rock! sends out tweets that go viral. See, it is the commitment of this man towards his fan and his work that makes him tick. Can’t you see that?

He has attitude!

The Rock follows no one on Twitter! Isn’t that something? And, guess what? This attitude goes well with his profession where the champ is always in the arena, fighting! His tweets and his replies are full of energy and attitude. He will throw it on your face so that you realize how important life is for you. His tweets make sure that you are up and on the move during every second of your life. He can even make you feel energetic while you are fast asleep. He is truly The Rock! And, he has attitude which rocks. Hell Yeah!

It is HIM on Twitter

As I said before, The Rock! isn’t like other celebrities who take help of their entourage in order to sent “safe” tweets. The Rock controls his Twitter account all by himself and all the tweets that land up on Twitter smell of his fingers. It is this personal touch that literally forces his followers to indulge in sessions with him. If it wasn’t for the reality of The Rock! on Twitter then I don’t think his popularity would have been whatever it is right now on Twitter.

He organizes Rock Talk!

Rock Talk is another idea of The Rock! that indulges his followers into chat sessions. The Rock! willingly sets apart time and during this Rock Talk all he does is send replies to the questions that his followers post for him. It is simple and it works. People love his answers and the amount of time he spends with them on Twitter. Why won’t they follow him and fall in love with him? I don’t see one reason.

The Take Aways

See, I agree that you might not be a celebrity and this will be one major hurdle between you and a huge followers count. But, the path to Twitter success is very simple. Really.

  • Reply to people’s tweets and tell them how cool they are.
  • Indulge in regular connections with people who matter to you.
  • Retweet their tweets and tell them that their tweets were informative.
  • Be their online friend.
  • Leave tweets that motivate people.
  • Occasional fun is always invited by everyone.
  • Be strong and committed.
  • Tweet regularly without any huge breaks as this leads to follower turn offs.
  • Give time to those who are following you.
  • Lastly, be honest! Please.


The Rock! is one of the very few celebs on Twitter who are themselves. He is part of the very rare breed of Twitter users who worship the basic idea behind the 144 character social networking website. He is honest and makes you on the top of the world. Basically, he is everything that a celeb on Twitter should be. And, if you aren’t following The Rock then you are really missing out on some of the very motivational tweets. To wrap up, you get to read incredibly inappropriate, but funny, dirty joke right on your Twitter timeline.



  1. Navigator Multimedia

    It’s all about reciprocity with social media, and The Rock’s popularity proves it. His “instant” retweeting and responding encourages his followers to retweet the retweets and tell their friends about it. The over-the-top tweets entertain us, and completes a fairly thoroughly branded celebrity personality that has been developed over the years. The Rock you know from the WWE is The Rock you get across all media platforms.

    Awesome article!
    Sarah Bauer
    Navigator Multimedia

    • He’s indeed doing great job, Sarah!

      I am just curious if he really does tweet himself, then how it’s possible to scale it? All those social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ ? And more coming as LinkedIn, Pinterest..that’s crazy.

  2. Great article, The Rock is definitely awesome in general, throughout the years he has definitely imbedded himself in society as a unique character, and awesome all around guy. He actually used to work out at my gym, dude is a monster! Glad to see that he actually responds to peoples twits, goes to show that he actually cares about his fans.

    • Nicholas, seriously he trained at your gym? That’s huge – you can use big ads then and ask for him to share some testimonial! :)

      Yes, he’s not a guy I would like to fight with :D

  3. Roberth

    with the amount of followers you have is impressive, even a subject of conversation, the rock is really very good