The Third Month And Time To Talk!


title-3d Hey everybody!

It’s been a while I haven’t done any short post to check in with You guys and one more reason – it’s already the third month of my blogging carrier.

At starters I wanted to apologize for my laziness ( not really actually), but session in my academy starts in 8. December, but I don’t want to get bad marks in the field I love. If You don’t know I am learning as graphic designer, already the second course is at half. And I will be very proactive after session, I got professional praxis after that, but I am doing different jobs all time, so actually I am getting free time. And yes, I am planning that time spend to learn and digg deeper in 3dsMax, Photoshop CS4, Illustrator, Indesign, Logo and business card creation – and that means also many tutorials, inspirational articles from me!

But to get to the point – there is a question to You – there are actually people interested in design school atmosphere, workflow? With this question I mean, there would be people interested to read an article  showing my works, lessons and actual overview? For now I am just wondering and writing articles about themes, I find interest in, but how about You? What do You think, where I must go, about what I should write – more tutorials, more inspiration, more technical articles?


And I know everybody loves Photoshop, but there would be an interest to see any AutoCad, 3DsMax and similar program reviews, my experience, great resource sites?  I really hope to hear something from You, my loyal reader!

Now it’s time to show You my three months. I wrote and article after the first month – there was 132 RSS readers and ~45,000 pageviews and now it’s

1362 RSS readers and more than ~100, 000 uniques per month! Maybe it’s not bad accomplishment, but however I feel I can be much better, I just don’t want to see this blog to be just as one of the hundred small websites and stay to this number.

So let’s keep moving on – I also added Google Adsense and BuySell Ads to get something back  for my job, so I hope You won’t get very distracted and disappointed about that.

And currently design is pretty crappy, but I’ll work on it after at least two weeks. I am also planning to add Contribute and Advertise section, so if You are interested in writing something on my blog, You are the most welcome also getting nice feedback in traffic and spreading Your word over the design blogosphere. So that’s it for now – I just felt very bad, I haven’t been so active as I was, so that’s my story.

Yesterday was also the first Advent – You got my greetings and now just think good thoughts and wait for Your Santa Claus to get You new Apple laptop :D

Cant wait to read Your opinion at the comment form – also objective criticism would be the most appreciated!



  1. Sulumits Retsambew

    3 months with this great achievement is very excellent work of you Dainis. I am very sure you will be very succesful blogger
    “Success is that old ABC — ability, breaks, and courage.”. Charles Luckman quotes
    you have that ABC.
    Wish you all the best

    Sulumits Retsambews last blog post : Here we go, Sulumits

  2. graphic design blog

    i am really interested to your school… i found your blog on graphic-design-links when you started… where you submitted your blog and posts too? where are from your visitors? i like this blog :)

  3. Craig Farrall

    Congratulations on going so far by the way, you have done really well, I hope to follow in that vain one day, but I have so much work on (not saying you don’t) that I struggle to find time for posts.

    I would love to see some 3DsMax, and obviously Photoshop tutorials, that’s the direction I would like to see this blog take.

    But either way, I will always be a regular.

    Keep up the good work.

    Craig Farralls last blog post : Top 10 Laptops for Web Designers

  4. Salmen

    It’s awesome to see tutorials about cinema 4d and other design program
    I’d be interested in all that you posted.
    continues …. so since i started to follow you i have learned so much…

    Salmens last blog post : Have You A Right Comment For This……????

  5. Congrats Dainis ;)

    You’ve done an excellent job and I’m sure it will be better.
    I think a mixture of content is good (like what you have now). There is an element of surprise for me.

    It’s great to know you and your site ever since we started our blogs at almost the same time :D

    So keep it up!

    Johnson Kohs last blog post : Stand a Chance to Win FlashEff Premium

  6. Santhos Webdesign

    I’d appreciate some good theory… maybe some tutorials or other interesting stuff… Regarding me, you van leave behind the ’20 of the best…’, ’40 more … wallpapers’, blablabla topics… there too many of those already. Keep it up!

  7. Kris

    Sure, I’d be interested in the boring stuff too ;)

    Its all well and good to have reviews on themes and stuff. But some theory is good. And this coming from someone who hates theory. Shocking, I know.

  8. Jim Gaudet

    I would be interested in all that you mentioned. I like the idea of following the whole project, so I can see the design shape up in steps.

    After seeing some effects I start to get good ideas.

    Jim Gaudets last blog post : What is Spammers?

  9. @Franksta I appreciate Your time writing all this and sharing :) Looks like I have a green light at least for one article, to check out the results.

    About programs I think the more programs You know, the better You and in varied ways You can do the job, and when I have time I love to do the research. You encouraged me actually, thanks!

    @Jim Gaudet I think You meant serious projects, not some academy works, I’ll think about it! :)

    @Kris If You are deep in design, You’ll find interesting even boring stuff..:) And I am not going to talk about mathematical definitions! :) I like these kind of reviews, like 3DXara review if You remember. Ok, that’s good.

    @Santhos I agree with those all top lists, but tutorials are pretty hard and time consuming to create, and many times I just find similar tutorial – not so easy as if looks, so I am not creating tutorials very often :)

    But with theory, You mean what exactly? Like some reviews, opinion sharing, typographic standards?

    @Johnson Thanks, yes, I follow to Your blog actually in the same friendly way, knowing You started in the same time :)

    I don’t know actually is it right about mixture – focused sites stand out of crowd more easily, because being best in just one aspect is a lot easier task..:)

    @Sabrina Thanks,for joining! About 3dsmax and AutoCad I consider myself as beginner, but I am finding great AutoCad resource sites, 3dsmax plugins – I’ll stick with basics :)

    @Salmen Great to hear! :)

    @Craig Farall I know time lacking is also pretty serious issue, and I think You know always we can do better than we are. Great! I’ll try to deliver more Photoshop tutorials, hopefully idea and creation won’t take me as much time, as it usually takes.

    And to all – I really appreciate Your comments, opinion – really encouraging to continue what I am doing! Thanks..again.. :)

    Actually the more loyal readers I hear, the better I could understand Your interests and create this blog better! Yes, I want to hear some more – it’s time to talk! :)

  10. Franksta

    I had a girlfriend who went to Pratt University in NYU and I told her when she got there to tell me all about her classes, I wanted to know about her teachers and her assignments; I even told her that I would do her assignments with her, meaning I do one different than hers but I thought this was an awesome idea! Apparently she did not and well, that relationship didn’t work out. I digress, anyway I am in favor of you doing something like that.

    Congratulations on your success with this blog, I am blown away by your ability to design and code for that matter, especially considering this is your first blog (if I read that right). I primarily work in Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator and Dreamweaver when it comes to designing so AutoCAD (which I have learned before in high school) and 3DMAX are of no interest to me personally (but that is not to say this site could do without them).

    You are doing an amazing job with this site Dainis and I feel that your dedication and passion matches and even surpasses mine! I just need to put some more fuel in to my fire! I love everything web related and I think I should widen my horizons even further and look into all art as a backboard to my web development.

    I hope you start generating some revenue on this site through your ads; I know people who pull in 40k a month through AdSense and through other advertisements and what all those sites have in common is a service or content that keeps bringing people back to the site. I feel that you definitely bring that level of content and service to keep people coming back as you already know.

    I have been reading design articles and listening to Podcasts about design for the last two hours, time to watch Top Gear! Thanks for listening!


  11. Good job on three months! I just suscribed a few weeks ago, you’ve got some great info on here. I’m definitely interested in hearing about your design school experience, since I’m considering starting myself. It’d be awesome if you’d post stuff about AutoCAD and 3dsMax too, but just maybe examples of your work and some more basic stuff.

    Sabrinas last blog post : Snap and Dine