5 Things At Work That Makes A Freelancer Sad


Fun and work can mix for some but for most people it simply just can’t. And when you have an employee or a colleague who only works for the sake of paying the bills, someone who works for hours without having fun in everything he/she does, that’s a problem.

Of course there is a big difference between working in an office and working at home. I bet most will agree that freelancers became freelancers because they want to earn while doing the thing that they love most.

Why Freelancers Get Sad


Image by: Felix Atsoram

It is normal nowadays that people work all day and go home (or bed) and curse everything about their job only to wake up next day to face it again. Why do so many people get involved in jobs that they hate? Of course it does not happen in an instant, it is gradual. People start to feel unproductive and they fee like living the rest of their lives for other people.

Working alone can be very mentally exhausting, not only do you spend a day alone, you may also work for weeks without really any social interaction.

It can be problematic for clients if their service provider is not happy.

We are now living in a fast-paced world where there should always be enough happenings to excite us, promotions, raise, new assignments, just anything quite different from the previous. I can’t imagine my self doing the same thing for 10 years!

In order to hate the job you have you should have one or two of the items listed below:

1. Boss/Clients


Image by: Svilen Milev

You can’t say no, you have a brilliant suggestion but you won’t sound it out because the last time you did you got swatted like a fly. Let’s face it, some boss/clients can make you want to smack them on the face every time you have a conversation with them. But you can’t because you need the job to support your family just like everybody else.

Bosses can be pricks most of the time, and you will really start hating your job when every move you do they’re there to monitor you. People also hate it when the boss always add “ASAP” at every request, making it look like everything is top priority.

Freelancers hate clients who:

  • Has trust issues
  • Does not listen
  • Makes you work like a slave

2. No Praise


Image by: Magicmarie

For obvious reasons we all need to be praised for the things we think we do best. Does it not motivate you when your boss or client praises your work, and genuinely likes it? Sorry to say but many clients and boss would just say a cold thanks. Clients who would ask for modifications are better than those who’d take anything you give them.

Just remember the saying that kind words can warm 3 winter months. I know several people who can earn more than they are doing now but prefers to stay on their current jobs. I understand why, being an Information Technology graduate I should be somewhere out there not writing for 1stwebdesigner. I should be helping people analyze and build systems but my first love is writing and I love this website, that itself is an achievement.

Freelancers hate clients who:

  • Can’t appreciate good work
  • Accepts anything you give

3. Poor Management


Image by: Teak Sato

Refer to number 1 and below.

Many professionals want a workplace (or a job) that is organized. It is comfortable to know that the work you have entered has standards laid out for you to follow. If it doesn’t have rules or standards set it may breed confusion and the feeling of not being professional.

Constant communication between both parties is important, but not to the point where the boss checks every move you do. A little assurance too.

Freelancers hate clients who:

  • are not organized, giving freelancers the feeling that he/she’s not reliable
  • can’t be contacted, one who appears once in a long while
  • says “do what you think is great because I don’t know anything about that” then when you provide output he/she will not like it and rant like there’s no tomorrow

4. Health Hazard


Image by: Resignent

The work you have destroys your health gradually. Sitting in front of the computer for more than 8 hours having only short breaks will surely lead you to a bad health. Now for the reasons, either you do not finish a job on time and pose as a “workaholic” or the demand is just really high that it even takes your time away from work. Recently I updated my Facebook status, I posted:

“Companies that often require, or plead, their employees to work for a straight 24-hour shift just to meet a crazy deadline offers one best benefit: the longer you stay with them, the closer you get to Immortality.”

5. Can’t Choose


Image by: Svilen Milev

Many have finished their tasks without really having the option to say no. This is a case of mismatched interests. People who are more affected by this are designers. A designer should be free to fly and explore things to deliver quality materials. But when the boss says no to everything you want to say, hell breaks loose like this comics from The Oatmeal: Why you don’t like changes to your design.

I know that many of you have experienced things at work that are too gruesome to think. Sharing it here will help readers understand better. You may also offer words of advice for people who are suffering from the above items. Cheer one person and receive a free cookie! Yayy! (Someday)



  1. 100% agree with #4 its beyond unhealthy to stare at the computer screen. Also make sure you never have your laptop on your lap because of radiation(believe it or not studies have proven that laptops do in fact give of radiation)

  2. Rahul

    That is really true in a work environment. Very seldom to receive any acknowledgement from good works but a despise if something wrong committed.

  3. Digitalte

    I seriously believe that you shouldn’t work in a place where you don’t like it just because it is a bad thing for yourself and also for productivity reasons.