Time to get Serious: Selling your Brand like a Pro


Working as a freelancer means many challenges for you. You have to be a great ambassador and salesperson for your own work. When you are that closely involved it can sometimes be hard to keep the right focus. In this article I will try helping you out by sharing some useful tips on some things you should pay extra attention to if you want to be a pro when it comes to selling your brand whether it is a product or a service.

Be Positive :)

Picture by Robert Aichinger

When you are trying to sell a design/service/product you have to remember to smile. It sounds very easy, but it’s also an easy thing to forget. By being in a good mood and talking in positive words, you can affect the client to feel the same way about what you have to offer. Clients soon notice it if you seem to love what you do and be a positive person. It’s contagious!

Be satisfied

Picture by Jos van Galen

By always doing your best, you will be able to present offers and samples that you are satisfied with yourself. This makes everything easier to sell, as clients pick up any attitude you have towards your own work (like mentioned in the previous point). Selling something you really believe in is always easier. Anyone can tell when you love what you do!

Never take feedback personal

Picture by David Duncan

Even though you are the creator of what you’re trying so sell you have to remember to not take all feedback personal. We all do good and less good pieces of work and we can all become better. Clients have different preferences to what they like. Something that’s being very much-loved by one client, can be disliked by another. This doesn’t have to mean that it’s a bad piece of work though. Always aim to use all feedback in a constructive way.

Don’t sound like a “know-it-all”

Picture by Nina Briski

Make sure to adjust your language to fit whoever you’re talking to. If you use too many difficult words and terms you could end up pushing an interested client away from you, and you don’t want that.

Give all clients something unique

Picture by Gabriella Fabbri

As all clients are different you can often win extra points by fitting what you offer to suit that client. It doesn’t have to be huge changes from your original service/product but it can mean a world of difference. It can be simple things as adding an extra feature to a solution, changing settings and colors or downsizing something. By being able to custom-fit something for a client they will feel more special and better taken care of. It’s always important to make the client feel that he’s being heard. This might just be that final touch that will sell your product and have clients come back over and over.

Know your field

Picture by Michael R

You have to keep updated on what going on in your niche. Not only will clients notice, but this can separate you from the less serious competitors. By gaining a reputation as being someone who knows their field you will quickly get new clients as the rumors spread fast.

Give something extra

Picture by Charles Thompson

When you calculate an offer to a new potential client, adding something extra for free is a huge bonus for them. By throwing in free business cards, extra pictures, a month of free support and so on you can earn the value of this back many times.

Use a set-up that is easy to understand

Picture by Chris Baker

Make sure that the offer you give is easy to understand. Don’t add too much information and never leave any important parts out. Include every cost to avoid an unhappy client that gets a bigger bill than he signed up for. If you can’t set 100% the price for everything its a good idea to add a point informing of a possible 10% ± change in the final price.

Give deadlines (even if you don’t have the work yet)

Picture by Kevin Cloutier

Make sure to also tell the client exactly when you expect to have finished his product. Every piece of exact and correct information added to an offer will leave you looking both honest and professional. Both two abilities clients value a lot.

Show the ability to adjust

Picture by Zsuzsanna Kilian

Always be open to make adjustments to a project along the way, and tell this to the client beforehand. This shows good will from your side from day one and can be a strong force in your sale.

Be human

Picture by Ariel da Silva Parreira

Never give the impression of never having made any mistakes, it’ll seem cocky and unappealing. Instead of putting that mask on, you should be honest and mention how you always aim to do better at everything. Tell them that you appreciate all kinds of constructive feedback and that you are flexible.

Showing your portfolio

Picture by Guillermo Ossa

No matter how good you are with words, they can never fully replace showing your portfolio. This way clients can see examples of your previous work and see what you are capable of. Putting hours into having a good and versatile representation of your work in the portfolio is definitely worth it as it can give you extra sales. A portfolio can also give clients new ideas to things they would want to order from you.

Make sure the portfolio is accessible for later

Picture by Omar Franco

So you’ve made a great portfolio, but remember that it needs to be easy to show too. My tip is to have three versions:

  1. One that you always carry around with you to meetings
  2. Another one online as part of your website
  3. and a third one as a pdf file that can easily be mailed to someone

Have references

Picture by Ratnesh Bhatt

In a market with many competitors that clients can choose from its always a good idea to have some references. These, along with your portfolio, should represent the versatility of your work. Good older clients can help you make new deals just by being there as a reference. Never underestimate this.

No pressure

Picture by Bob Smith

Always give the client time to think through your offer. If you push too much to get an answer you can also here push the client away from you. No one like people who put too much pressure on them, so don’t do that mistake no matter how excited you are.

Give the client some time to think over things and compare it to other offers, then contact them. If they think another offer is better, offer adjustments if you can and/or ask how you should improve to maybe be a better option the next time around.

Don’t forget to share your input via comments section.:)



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  2. behzad

    Everyone loves a happy smile, even if your on the phone, your voice conveys a lot of information.

    • Hilde

      Hi Stephan, and thanks! :)
      I use most of the pictures in my articles from a free stock website called sxc.hu

      There are many alternative websites though where you can get pictures to illustrate. Just make sure to reat what the photographers say about crediting and such things. Personally I always credit and give them a link back as a thank you :)

  3. Corey Zeimen

    Really, these actually all apply to actually selling anything not just branding. Who cares if people try to tear you down, they don’t matter, all that does is your sales.

    Isn’t is like 7 times someone has to hear something before they remember it at all? Just keep at it and it will come.

  4. SongyDesigns

    Great article. Agree with everything written. Really nice and useful.
    Thanks.. Keep that up.

  5. Jae Xavier

    I have been in sales for more than 10 years and a freelancer for more than 15 years. In addition to this article, I have some tips of my own.

    7 Tips To Remember When Engaging in Face-to-Face Negotiations: http://bit.ly/cw85q7

    • I agree with Jae Xavier.
      Nonverbal communication is very important:
      A.- Observe your body language.
      B.- Observe their body language.

  6. McConnell Group

    I think that being happy is always the best as it projects a sense of welcome and makes your clients feel at ease. Even when they are mad “kill them with kindness” and they in the end turn around.

    • Hilde

      Yeah I agree with you. This can be the case in many situations. Being happy is definitely a good tool to bring along to any client / possible client.

  7. Great article. Inspiring me a lot.
    I will make sure to follow this. As i need to begins my career as freelancers after sometimes.

    Thank Very Much Hilde Torbjornsen for this post.
    I will waiting for more articles like this, which help me in improving.

    • Hilde

      Thank you so much for the great feedback! :)
      Im very happy to hear that I could inspire you with this article.
      I would also like to wish you the best of luck with your career.
      There are several more good freelancer posts to read up on here at 1stWebDesigner and more will come, so look out for that! ;)
      Have a great day!