TN3Gallery Giveaway: 5 Pro Licenses of jQuery Image Gallery with Slideshow!


The success of your website depends partly on its presentation. People in the field of designing have little problem, to none at all, dealing with this since most of their works are visual. One way of presenting photographs, illustrations, image manipulations, and other visuals in a very cool way is through an image gallery. But making one for your website does not come free, well there are free plugins for it but they’re not on par with premium ones. It’s a good thing that TN3Gallery is offering 5 licenses for TN3Gallery Pro! Say goodbye to the horrors of coding!

If you have been to professional photographers’ websites you’ll definitely see most of them have an amazing image slider on their homepage featuring their best works. Many people have contacted us asking how it’s done, especially when we posted a roundup article covering these professional photographers’ websites. A lot of people have tried learning jQuery to create their own jQuery slideshow for their website which is a good start, but with limited results.

Winners have been announced!

What is TN3Gallery?

TN3 Gallery for WordPress from Freestyle Networks Inc. on Vimeo.

TN3Gallery is, as the name implies, a modern gallery for websites. It is compatible with both desktop and mobile browsers so you won’t have to worry about how it looks from across several platforms.

There are several WordPress plugins and WordPress themes with built-in image sliders, but the problem with them is that there isn’t really an extensive support and robust features. TN3Gallery, on the other hand, has everything you will ever need!

If you have a lot of works you want people to see, a photo gallery just like the ones seen below is a great addition to your website!

TN3Gallery Pro’s Features:

  • Search engine ready – which is something very important if you really want your website to be known.
  • Image preloading – instead of loading images one by one, while looking at the first image the second one is already loaded and the next.
  • Supports mobile browsers – and you thought it’s impossible, right?
  • Fullscreen option  – a website entirely dedicated for images? No problem!
  • Flickr and Picasa support
  • Mouse wheel navigation and Keyboard navigation
  • Multiple Albums
  • Vertical and Horizontal thumbnail carousel
  • And many more!

Browsing Albums:

Vertical Navigation:

TN3Gallery Fullscreen:

As mentioned earlier, TN3Gallery offers fullscreen option for the gallery, making the feeling more complete.

How to win:

You can win simply by commenting below and by sharing this to as many people as you can across social networking sites! It would be great if you could add also link with your share on Twitter, Google+, Facebook to help us track you down easier and increase highly your chances to win!

Imagine your website with an amazing image gallery, wouldn’t that be cool?

Winners will be announced next week. Stay tuned, and keep on sharing this! Best of luck to everybody!



  1. Chris Phillips

    Brilliant! Please add me to the draw. What a great idea, kudos to everyone in the team involved. (reposted on facebook)

  2. Lucia

    I’ve already used this on a website design. I found it really easy to use. Brilliant gallery and lots of options.

  3. Ken

    I comment on this article just to enter the giveaway … I have also sent a re-tweet of this article … Thanks!

  4. Chris

    This is a really nice image gallery, would be perfect for some of the sites I’ve been working on lately.

    • Javier, it is pretty cool! Don’t you want to win free copy? Join in by sharing this article through any social networks and linking back here to help us track you!

  5. Chris Mayer

    Wonderful look and feel. I could see using this for a number of sites. 5 Pro licenses would be a great money maker.