Designer Toolbox: Top 20 Widgets for Your Macbook


When it comes to the age old Mac-vs-PC argument, among the most innovative features that sets the Macbook apart is the Dashboard. The Dashboard a virtual toolbox where every Mac user can place their tools or weapons of choice. Whatever type of user you are – a designer, writer, businessman or a student – you can benefit greatly from the Dashboard. The Dashboard is essentially a semi-transparent layer that hosts mini-applications called ‘Widgets’.

Widgets are small applications in the Dashboard designed to perform a single task. Widgets can be useful, productive, necessary or just plain fun. Here are the top  free widgets we collected for every kind. They can be rearranged, deleted and added according to the user’s preference. Aside from the Dashboard, you can also place widgets on your Apple Desktop.

For the Web Designer

Dashboard widgets are a great help to web designers and web developers for they greatly increase time efficiency and productivity. They make things faster and easier, a kind of ‘cheat sheet’ for the designers.


This widget is handy for all web developers to check if the server or the site is currently online or not.

CSS Cheat Sheet

displays the essentials of CSS coding from the CSS Cheat Sheet.


A sleek Lorem Ipsum generator that instantly copies to your clipboard in one click. It has an HTML mode and toggle HTML tags.


Awesome widget for the CSS web designer, the HSLider generates the selected color into a CSS–hex, RGB and HSL.

Symbol Caddy

The Symbol Caddy is a useful tool for getting common special characters and HTML codes in a flash. The Keyboard mode copies characters to your clipboard while the HTML mode copies the HTML code. This makes the work process a lot faster.

HTML Tidy Widget

The widget cleans up your HTML code right from your dashboard. Simply enter your HTML code on the space provided, click, and your HTML is tidied up, getting rid of the errors and warnings and turning it into a valid HTML, XHTML or XML code. Pretty awesome tool if you ask me.

For the Businessman

Businessmen are always moving and on the go, thus their Dashboard should be matched by equally fast and informational widgets to aid them in their business.


A great widget for businessmen, investors, even speculators, who want to see instant quotes on international stocks, indices and currencies.

The Wall Street Journal Online

Always be in the know of the latest business financial news through Wall Street Journal Online.


RevenuSense is especially useful to the entrepreneurs and businessmen engaged in online marketing and e-commerce. It keeps track of your Adsense reports for the day and for the whole month.

Currency Converter

Provides quick calculation of over 200 currencies in the world, even the old currencies like the Italian Lira or the French franc. Very necessary widget especially when doing international business transactions. The widget automatically updates the exchange rate every time the computer connects online.

For the Everyday User

The Weather Channel Widget

Checking the weather before planning on that family fishing trip this weekend. Aside from relying on the local weather news, you can download this handy widget. The widget displays the weather conditions on your selected area.

Happy Birthdays!

This widget shows all the birthdays of your contacts in your address book, their birthday, the number of days to go, and their age. There’s no excuse for you to forget a birthday ever again.


The Twidget is everybody’s favorite widget, since everybody now has a Twitter account. It’s fast, it’s reliable and it’s awesome. Plus, it’s free.

Delivery Status

Delivery Status is an all-in-one delivery tracker. Simply key in your tracking number and it will automatically update where your package is and when it’s arriving. Now you’ll never have to check the various websites to track your package again and again. Being an avid online shopper, this is one of my most necessary widgets on my dashboard.

Milk The Cow

Everyone needs to-do lists. Everyone. So, the ‘Milk the Cow’ widget is perfect for adding your tasks and to-dos in one simple Mac widget.

For the Constantly Bored

Warning: These fun widgets can be addicting, resulting in decreased productivity and time.

Xbox Live Friends

Xbox displays your online Xbox friends even while you’re at work doing something else. It displays the online status, game score and the game they’re playing.


Wouldn’t it be cool to have your own pet tiger? Now you can have a tiger as a virtual pet in your Mac.  Feed them with food, water and love and they will happily live in your Dashboard.


Sudoku is a logic puzzle, commonly a 9×9 grid divided into 9 3×3 sub-grids. Just like a Crossword, it’s a great way to pass time if you’re bored and have nothing to do, which might come in handy during long waits, flight delays, etc.

Pirate Translator

Translate boring English into Pirate language. It’s a totally nonsense and silly widget, but it’s hilarious.

Scenario Poker

Simply a Texas Hold ‘em Poker widget with three rounds and 27 simulated opponents. If you win, you advance to the next round. If you run out of chips, you lose. A great way to keep yourself entertained during lunch breaks.



  1. anncy

    That is really so informative post. I never used a MAC but today after reading it I am just wondering how great would be to see such useful widgets on my system means ranging from a child to a developer, a designer and even a businessman, there is something for almost everyone.

    I am liking these widgets a lot.

    Thanks for the post dear.

  2. Marc

    The HSLider looks like a nice one to have, I like the ColourMod widget because it gives CMYK valuues, too (even though the RGB never matches the CMYK no matter what the app…).