29 Avatar Movie Wallpapers And Navi Recreating Tutorials

Title-avatar-navi-movie-wallpapers-tutorialsIt seems like Avatar is becoming the most popular movie ever made, everybody is buzzing about it, creating fun clubs, tutorials, recreating navi persons and so on. Of course design community with their skillset can create something really beautiful, they can explain what’s needed to recreate such effects doing simple professional research.

This is most fun post – I think everybody will enjoy those beautiful Avatar wallpapers and maybe even get so excited, so they would like to recreate even Navi effects and turn his own photo into navi one! Enjoy as always -that’s why I deliver you daily inspiration and resources!

1. Avatar Wallpaper by boozerguy47

Resolution: 1600×1200


2. Avatar Wallpaper – One life ends, other begins by Nightwulff

Resolution: 1680 x 1050


3. Avatar Wall by Vangarde

Multiple resolutions, max:1920×1200


4. Jake and Neytir by kigents

Resolution: 1280×1024


5. Avatar Movie Wall by PixelAnge

Resolution: 1920×1200


6. Avatar – Epic by SEnigmaticX

Resolution: 1280X800


7. Neytir Navi Wallpaper by Loeken

Resolution: 1680×1050


8. Neytir Avatar Wallpaper 2 by boozerguy47



9. Avatar Widescreen 10 by Dappiee

Resolution: 1920×1200


10. Avatar Widescreen 9 by Dappiee

Resolution: 1920×1200

11. Avatar Navi Together by Dappiee

Resolution: 1920×1200


12. Furious Jack In Navi form by Dappiee


13. Neytir Portrait by Dappiee

Resolution: 1920×1200


14. Avatar Wallpaper by NigthmareOfHades

Resolution: 2657×1993


15. Avatar Eye by Mistic-Gohan

Resolution: 1280×800


16. Avatar background: Neytiri by berkk

Resolution: 1600×1200


17. Avatar wallpaper by spookyzangel

Resolution: 1280×800


18. Neytiri wallpaper painting by Jerner

Resolution: 1920×1200


19. Avatar Movie Official Wallpaper #1



20. Avatar Movie Official Wallpaper #2



21. Avatar Movie Official Wallpaper #3



22. Avatar Movie Official Wallpaper #4



Tutorials how to recreate Avatar effects

23. Avatar making by Azurelle


24. Avatar Tutorial by Siryann


25. Zei’s Na’vi Avatar Tutorial by LuNar-doLLz


26. Avatar The Movie – Reference Tutorial by UnknownBlood

Helpful guide to learn about differences between human face form, placement and navi.


27. Tutorial: My Na’vi Avatar… by SolarShine

Recreate Navi Avatar from your own picture, this tutorial is pretty interesting guide how to do it – change color, eyes, nose.


28. How to make an AVATAR Na’vi by BlueSunset2006


29. Create Avatar movie poster in Photoshop


I found also four Deviantart Avatar related fun groups you could be interested in if you enjoy Avatar movie and everything related with it:

Do you know more great Avatar wallpapers or tutorials? Share them with us!

Dainis Graveris

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  1. Jason Ben says

    i have seen the movie making of avatar , the process of technology that was carried away to make the avatars look absolutely awesome , guys a have visited many sites and and ma research led me a fun time experiencing. there are online tools available i the net , just got a refine google search and that tools will help u to create your own avatar just like in the movie, go for ot and experience the fun behind it.

  2. Megan says

    Great collection. I like the one by Loeken the best. Definitely one of my favorite movies of all time.

  3. alan says

    Great collection of wallpapers, mate. I’m a huge fan of the movie and very pleased to come across these.

  4. Jose says

    Hi Dainis these wallpapers are really cool. I love the number four. Thanks for sharing them.

  5. Amanda Gordon says

    Avatar was one of the best movies I had seen in quite a while. Lovely collection of wallpapers! Thanks.

  6. mark says

    Woah! Super great collection. Great, now I need to go see this movie again.

  7. Gregory says

    I Love It! Will you be doing any updates! I can not believe I watched AVATAR for the first time 2 weeks ago and I fell in love with the Movie! FABULOUS! I am going to buy the Extended Collectors Edition. Wallpapers are SUPER! Right now for me everything I am doing is about AVATRA

  8. Nismion says

    Thanks a lot for this. :-9
    It was and it is a great film, i can only say. An own class and its own strange magic. I think so.
    Greetings and thanks for shareing.

  9. says

    Avatar movie was absolutely great and the tutorials and wallpapers you kindly shared with us are amazing.
    Please let me share with you an interesting and real resemblance between the character Neytiri and a real person, a Romanian politician and actress Lavinia Sandru.
    You can see on this page (texts are in Romanian, use google to translate): http://thutat.3x.ro/james-cameron-avatar-movie-neytiri-lavinia-sandru.htm some comaparative pictures of Neytiri and Lavinia Sandru and you can enjoy the resamblence between the two of them.

  10. says

    Oh wow! That is a lot of avatar designs but I am not surprised at all. Avatar is def the talk of the town in everytown! It is just such a magical movie, with concepts we have never really been introduced to, which is why everyone is so fascinated. Great wallpapers, just beautiful. :)

  11. Bushsong Web Design says

    These are just BRILLIANT! I couldn’t resist and now my desktop is adorned with number 4. The issue now will be not opening so many programs so I can see it.. :-)


  12. Sneh Roy says

    Cool stuff Dainis! I heart Avatar, the movie blew my mind, I think I might try to Avatarize a picture of me from one of these tutorials. Thanks!

  13. Mahmoud says

    Very good photos, I like Neytiri photo “18. Neytiri wallpaper painting by Jerner” so much