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  1. says

    Great collections. Logos are hard to “create” though, the idea behind them is not very easy to produce in a design form.

  2. Mikdel says

    I wish all these logo icons were a link to a tutorial where it teached to how design that logo.
    Great collection of logos. Thanks for such wonderful list.

  3. Stan says

    I link the Crazy Logo (number 2) idea. It’s so beautiful and inspirative while maintaining the simplicity.

  4. Dan Frazier says

    Great to see a useful resource like this, i am new to designing and grab many important things from this post. Thanks for sharing.

  5. says

    Awesome collection!!-

    Some of these are really amazing! I Love IT :P

    And honestly, you have a great list. I just can’t stop drooling.

    thanks for sharing

  6. djavupixel says

    Good list of tutorials, as most said this is more to improve Illustrator skills than to get creative ideas.
    Having more skills still improves the professionalism in a logo.


  7. says

    Great roundup of Logo Tuts Kannan . What one should keep in mind when creating a logo ( be it for a personal blog or website ) is : it should be clear, concise , and easy to read . I see many logos on various sites which are illegible – which is not good . If your logo is undecipherable , I believe it ruins your entire design . I think the best logos are the ones which are clearly defined with not too much going on – sites such as PSD Tuts & Vectortuts are exemplary in this . Again, great roundup ;)


  8. says

    Nice collection of tutorials. However, most of them don’t actually teach an up and coming designer the process behind coming up with a logo design concept. They are more focused on illustrator software techniques and effects which is great, but I was expecting to see how others go about creating a logo concept from scratch.

    Here is a simple tutorial on how to create a logo design in minutes not hours :-)

  9. says

    What a huge list. Great resource for design techniques. The best way to find your technique to design logos is to study/try various techniques. Very useful for any logo designer. Thanks

  10. Laurent JOUVIN says

    My favorite is # 14. Definitely something that I can see myself using in a presentation. Thanks a bunch!

  11. Lindsay says

    This is a great collection.. just hope that people take these as skill enhancing tutorials and not something that they should use to create an actual logo.. I mean,they ARE trademarked (most of them)