PS Tutorial:Learn How To Make A Mechanical Sunflower

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a flower made of mechanical components. You will learn how to embed a variety of images together to make it look quite realistic. By following this tutorial you will learn how to nicely adjust blending options and use Photoshop tools to make a grim atmosphere. This is my first tutorial and I hope that you enjoy it and learn something at the same time!

How to make a mechanical sunflower

Used resources :

1. Creating a new document

Open a new document 1000 pixels width, 1500 pixels height.

Document Size Photoshop Tutorial Sunflower

Step 2 Creating background

Open the Background stock and resize it (Image > Image size), then drag it into your document.

Image Size Photoshop Tutorial Sunflower

Go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Levels and put in these settings:

Levels Parametres Photoshop Tutorial Sunflower

Now the image should look like this.

Levels Outcome Photoshop Tutorial Sunflower

Step 3 Making the flower

Open up the Gears 1 stock and cut out the closest gear, then drag it in our document, resize it and name the layer Gear 1.

Gears Stock Cutout Photoshop Tutorial Sunflower

Gear Positioning Photoshop Tutorial Sunflower

Now, duplicate Gear 1, make it smaller using Edit > Transform > Scale or Ctrl+T and, holding shift, make it a little smaller and place on top of Gear 1. Continue doing so, and it should look like this (after you’re done, merge these duplicated layers to original layer pressing Ctrl+E).

Making Flower Photoshop Tutorial Sunflower

Use the Burn tool (O) and Dodge tool (O) to shadow it, highlight it, use Eraser tool (E) on the bottom, to make it feel like it’s really growing out of dirt.

Dodge Burn Tool Photoshop Tutorial Sunflower

Now, open the Gears 2 stock, cut it, paste it in the document, resize it and shadow/highlight it, place it here.

Positioning Gears Stock Photoshop Tutorial Sunflower

Keep adding Gears 2 stocks, change their position, rotate them (Ctrl+T), you don’t really have to give it a thought, just make the impression that it’s mechanized. Name the most frontal gears layers Front Gears left and Front Gears right accordingly.

Adding Gears Photoshop Tutorial Sunflower

Open the Cog wheel stock, cut it out and paste it in our document, resize it. Paste another one, make it slightly smaller. Put both these cog layers under the frontal gears layers.

Adding Objects Cogwheel Photoshop Tutorial Sunflower

Layer Management Photoshop Tutorial Sunflower

Step 4 Decorating the background

Now we would want to strengthen our idea, so open up Chains stock, copy it, paste it in our document, resize it and change this layer’s blending options to Darken.

Adding Chains Photoshop Tutorial Sunflower

Select Brush tool (B), select white color (#ffffff), and grab a cloud brush from the pack, which I included, create a new layer and brush the bottom of the chain.

Clouds Photoshop Tutorial Sunflower

Step 5 Adding features to flower

Open the Crane stock copy it and paste it in our document, put it behind the Cog layers and, once again, change the blending options to Darken.

Adding Crane Photoshop Tutorial Sunflower

Now, open the Light bulb stock, position it here, then, create a new layer on top of Light bulb layer (Name it Light source), change its Blending options to Linear Dodge, pick a yellowish color (#bb9003), select a 100 px soft brush and brush it on the bulb.

Adding Light Source Photoshop Tutorial

Now, open the Valve stock, cut it out like this:

Valve Stock Cutout Photoshop Tutorial Sunflower

Put it in our document, resize it and position it there. Feel free to use Dodge/Burn tool.

Adding Second Cogwheel Photoshop Tutorial

Step 6 Atmosphere

Now this photo manipulation does not look that serious or grim. Time to change that. Go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Gradient map, choose black and white gradient map. Don’t change the settings.

Gradient Map Photoshop Tutorial Sunflower

Go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Photo filter and fill in these settings:

Photo Filter Photoshop Tutorial Sunflower

Now, open the Glass ball stock, cut out the ball and paste it in our document. Select Eraser tool (E), use 100 px soft brush to erase the edges of the ball and position it here:

Glass Ball Stock Photoshop Tutorial

Step 7 Final touch

Use Text tool (T) to strengthen your idea. That’s about it.

Finishing Touch Photoshop Tutorial Sunflower

Here you can download PSD file.

Andris Pētersons

I'm 18 years old, I am from Latvia. My hobby is creating photo manipulations on photoshop, but I think I'll expand this hobby into an profession, because I really like it. You can find some of my work at and something about myself at!/chemicalgfx

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  1. Andrew Groat says

    That’s really cool! Very creative.

    Part photoshop tutorial, part gardening tutorial.