30+ Informative Typography Related Blogs


Typography is one of the crucial part of designing, specially web designing. Like the good ingredients can make food delicious; same in the case of typography, good typography can enhance the grace and beauty of your website.  You can bring creativity, simplicity and elegance to your design just by constructive use of type in it. If we say “You can’t design without Type” then it wouldn’t be inappropriate.

As a passionate typography lover, I’m always in search of great resources for fulfilling my needs of typography related news, articles, inspirations and new development in world of type. Today I thought to share some great blogs and websites, from my collection, related to typography to fulfill your “Type Need”. So pick the best blog of you interest from the list I have compiled below.

1. I love Typography

I Love Typography is a blog completely devoted to typography, type, fonts and typefaces which was founded in 2007. It discusses the origins, design and function of type, this blog also provides inspiration and news on the world of typography.


2. Betatype

Betatype is an independent type foundry run by Christian Robertson providing in-depth look at some professional typography techniques. As Christian Robertson also is a type designer; this blog also provides fonts designed by him.


3. The FontFeed

FontFeed is founded by FontShop’s co-founder Erik Spiekermann in 2008 which provide comprehensive guide of font recommendation, inspirations from real life, typographic technique, and digital type.


4. MyFonts Blog

The MyFonts Blog is a companion resource to MyFonts. This blog discusses typography, letter design, calligraphy and more from various media around the world.

myfonts blog-Typography-Font-Related-Blogs

5. Type Directors Club

Type Directors Club is an international organization for all people who are devoted their everything to excel in world of typography both in print and on-screen. It provides useful articles and videos related to type. They also organize events and competitions making it easy for you to showcase your skills.


6. Typographica

Typographica presents reviews of books on typography and font design and discussion of type and font design.


7. Typophile

At Typophile you will we able to access active discussion boards, font and design news, recourses and much more.


8. Use Typography

Use Typography is an excellent showcase of websites that have good typography for inspirations and to promote useful typography principles in web design.


9. Easily Amused

Typographer John D. Berry’s blog “Easily Amused” covers typography from a broad perspective. Topics include contemporary text design, history, advertising, and more whimsical topics.


10. Font72

Font72 is a subsequent site to ImJustCreative.com, it provides Typographic links & resources on regular basis, including free fonts, typography inspirations, posters, web typography and commercial fonts.


11. LetterCult

Letter Cult is an inspirational typography blog which showcase designers and artists of type design. It features diverse artists ranging from graphic designers, sign painters and calligraphers to graffiti artists.


12. The Ministry of Type

The Ministry of Type is a weblog by Aegir Hallmundur, about type, typography, lettering, calligraphy and other related things. It also presents design inspiration and discussion of typography in digital media.


13. Nice Web Type

Nice Web Type is a place for extreme web typography.

nice web type-Typography-Font-Related-Blogs

14. Swiss Legacy

Swiss Legacy is an awesome typography blog providing excellent resources and information about typography including videos, books, reviews and type contests to test your typography skills.

swiss lagacy-Typography-Font-Related-Blogs

15. Typblography

Typblography is official blog of Abode related to Types. It provides an opportunity to observe the activities of Adobe Type Team. It explains the technical, business, historical and design aspects of fonts and typography.


16. AddictiveFonts

Blog named “AddictiveFonts” is dedicated to find most impressive free typefaces of a certain category or purpose and compile them in a single list for their readers. If you need to get inspired then this blog can be very awesome as they do a weekly typography inspiration article featuring work of creative and professional type designers.


17. Type Theory

Ty Wilkins founded Type Theory in January of 2009, which is a journal of contemporary typography featuring news, views, reviews and interviews.


18. Typedia

Typedia is a Shared Encyclopedia of Typefaces specially created to classify typefaces and educate people about them. Anyone can join typedia, add, and edit pages for typefaces or for the people behind the type.


19. Upscale typography

Upscale typography is run by an independent type foundry named Parachute. In this blog you will find useful typographic tips, new releases, pre-release notifications, historic references, trends and everything related to extreme typography.

upscale typography-Typography-Font-Related-Blogs

20. Villatype

Villatype is an inspiration blog which features regular visual record and discussion of type and lettering found in the public places. If you have something related to type and lettering in any public space and want to share it, this blog will accept your submissions.


21. Web Typography

Web Typography is a practical guide to web typography along with the element of fonts applied to web design.


22. Eightface

Eightface is run by Dave Kellam, a designer and developer. It serves as a perennial soapbox and clearinghouse for random information. This blog is in-fact a collection of useful typography related links and resources.


23. Davidthedesigner

As name signifies, “davidthedesigner” is run by a David, you can find interesting  typography and graphic designing related articles on his blog,


24. Chris Beesley

In this blog Chris Beesley discusses typography in a very unique way focusing mainly on typography used in everyday advertising and media. Good thing about this blog is, it elaborate good as well as bad typography


25. Typoretum

This blog is all about Typography, Letterpress and Printing history. If you like to study history and also have interest in typography then this blog is heaven for you.

A Blog-Typography-Font-Related-Blogs

26. David Březina

This blog is run be David Březina who is a Czech freelance type designer and typographer. You can find his typefaces, typography related news and articles.


27. Type for you

Type For You is a blog on typography providing news, reviews, events and discussion of letter design and typography community from all aspects of urban culture. They discusses what is happening in the world of typography and other interesting articles of interest for designers.

type for you-Typography-Font-Related-Blogs

28. Typegoodness


29. Typesites


30. Typographunnies


31. Typography Daily


32. Typography Served


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