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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Professional Website Design in 2015? #EspressoMonday Nr. 8

#EspressoMonday Episode Nr.8 Clients and Coffee Like the #EspressoMonday episode last week, this episode goes in-depth with one question. It is still about clients. This time, however,we will be talking about long-term and short-term clients as well as the difference between a professional and professionally-looking website. Sounds interesting? Grab your cup of coffee and learn precious nuggets … Continue Reading

How Do You Really Get Web Design Clients? – #EspressoMonday Nr.7

#EspressoMonday Episode Nr.7 Clients and Coffee This a special #EspressoMonday Episode because instead of three, we are going in-depth with only one question – how to get more clients – which is often the concern of every freelance designer/developer, who runs his web design business. If you are wondering how to do it and where … Continue Reading

How Much Should You Charge Your Clients? #EspressoMonday Nr. 6

#EspressoMonday Episode Nr.6 Coffee, Charges, Contracts, and CMS It’s #EspressoMonday again and here’s another dose of Question and Answer video to start your week. In this episode, we will tackle pricing, contracts, and being a jack-of-all trades. Curious about the answer? Let’s jump into it with a cup of coffee in your hands. Question #1 … Continue Reading

BONUS #EspressoMonday Nr.5 – 10 QUESTIONS In One Episode!

Bonus #EspressoMonday Episode Nr.5 with 10 Questions A Special Cup of #EspressoMonday In our usual Q&A video episodes, we answer three questions asked by our readers and followers. In this episode, however, we brewed a special concoction of #EspressoMonday video as we answer 10, not three, questions from our followers. Let’s jump in to it! … Continue Reading