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How Do You Convince Clients to Pay Higher Prices

#EspressoMonday Episode Nr.12 How do you convince your web design clients to pay you higher prices? Welcome to another #EspressoMonday episode. This time, a new James Richman drinking espresso in a real espresso cup will answer your question. This episode is short and sweet but, nonetheless, meaty. It answers the dilemma of a lot of … Continue Reading

What Is And How To Do Web Design After Sales Service

#EspressoMonday Episode Nr.11 How can a web design after sales service potentially let you increase your monthly revenue? Welcome to another #EspressoMonday episode and this time, we will do something different – espresso shot in a wineglass. Veering away from the traditional shot glass, it proves that good coffee always tastes good in any way. … Continue Reading

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Professional Website Design in 2015?

#EspressoMonday Episode Nr.8 Clients and Coffee Like the #EspressoMonday episode last week, this episode goes in-depth with one question. It is still about clients. This time, however,we will be talking about long-term and short-term clients as well as the difference between a professional and professionally-looking website. Sounds interesting? Grab your cup of coffee and learn precious nuggets … Continue Reading

How Do You Really Get Web Design Clients?

#EspressoMonday Episode Nr.7 Clients and Coffee This a special #EspressoMonday Episode because instead of three, we are going in-depth with only one question – how to get more clients – which is often the concern of every freelance designer/developer, who runs his web design business. If you are wondering how to do it and where … Continue Reading

How Much Should You Charge Your Clients?

#EspressoMonday Episode Nr.6 Coffee, Charges, Contracts, and CMS It’s #EspressoMonday again and here’s another dose of Question and Answer video to start your week. In this episode, we will tackle pricing, contracts, and being a jack-of-all trades. Curious about the answer? Let’s jump into it with a cup of coffee in your hands. Question #1 … Continue Reading

BONUS EspressoMonday Nr.5 – 10 QUESTIONS In One Episode!

Bonus #EspressoMonday Episode Nr.5 with 10 Questions A Special Cup of #EspressoMonday In our usual Q&A video episodes, we answer three questions asked by our readers and followers. In this episode, however, we brewed a special concoction of #EspressoMonday video as we answer 10, not three, questions from our followers. Let’s jump in to it! … Continue Reading

Coding vs. Plug-ins, Our Podcast, Losing Motivation

#EspressoMonday Q&A Episode Nr.4 Coffee and Motivation It’s Monday and coffee is a good motivation to start the day right. However, there are times when you lose the drive. In this #EspressoMonday episode, we will talk about how to keep yourself motivated but not only that. We will also talk about coding and plug-ins as … Continue Reading

WordPress Themes, AwesomeWeb, WordPress Custom Solutions

#EspressoMonday Q&A Episode Nr.3 A Cupful of WordPress and Espresso It’s Monday once again and another #EspressoMonday episode for you. Today, we will talk about WordPress and AwesomeWeb, topics which go well with your cup of coffee. In this episode, we continue to share to you more of the benefits of WordPress as well as … Continue Reading