Giveaway: The Web Designer’s Idea Book Volume 3! [Ended]


Get the chance to win Patrick McNeil’s The Web Designer’s Idea Book vol. 3 (shipped internationally) and be inspired all year long!

This idea book is a great resource for graphic and web designers who are looking for quick but solid ideas to be inspired from.

No matter what your style is, this book will definitely find its way to cater your preference.

Five lucky readers will get to take home signed copies of The Web Designer’s Idea Book volume 3.

The Web Designer’s Idea Book Volume 3

web designers idea book giveaway

Featuring more than 650 examples, this third volume of The Web Designer’s Idea Book is packed with visual inspiration for creating top-notch web design. Web design expert Patrick McNeil, author of the popular Web Designer’s Idea Book series, is back with the latest examples of the best design on the web today.

Arranged thematically, this guide puts important topics like technology, design styles, elements, site types and site structure at your fingertips. This new volume also includes a detailed discussion of the various content management systems available to help you find the best platform for your project.

An indispensable reference, this book provides you with the latest in themes, styles and trends you need to keep your projects relevant in the fast-paced and every-changing world of web design.

How to Join the Giveaway

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The giveaway will end on August 5, 2013 12PM EDT. Winners will be emailed.

Winners have been selected! We will post their names once they reply to our email!

If you can’t wait to get your hands on this amazing book, feel free to check it out on Amazon!

The Author: Patrick McNeil

Patrick McNeil is a web developer, design lover and author whose work revolves around the design community. He is the man behind the successful book series The Web Designer’s Idea Book, now on volume 3 and is currently accepting submissions for volume 4.




  1. Maks Niki

    I`d like to have this book becaus I`m looking for inspiration. It`s great to have such refer under my hands.
    Thanks a lot!

  2. salim

    i would like the book to help me start designing my own templates and make a living from my designs .

  3. I’m now is a freelancer, do the graphic designing for Equivalent Clothing & Co. (my clothing line) and I wanna have many references to improve my own designing-skill for the brightest future of my clothing line, and I hope I’ll be a useful person for people around the world :)

  4. I’ve just started freelancing, with two finished websites behind me, I want to
    a) redesign my portfolio, and
    b) find myself leading a new direction. I am worried I will become too reliant on using WordPress themes that do all the designing for you. I’d love to read through Patrick’s book for ideas on how to create awe-inspiring websites that I can *design* from “scratch”.

    Will be a real honour if I can get my hands on a copy :)
    Shared this giveaway with my friends :)


  5. Linda

    Just got back to my designer work from summer vacations today. Holidays were so relaxing it feels like I don’t know how to use the computer no more… The book would really help me to get back on track!

  6. Lee Robertson

    I would love to win to help inspire my class of 25 6th form students studying web desgin from September this year.
    Good luck to all in the comp

  7. Manuel Garcia

    As an instructor, it would be a great additional resource on my toolbox especially when teaching my students. Though we have been using local materials, international thoughts and opinions will be a great add on. Hope to win one. Thanks.

  8. Kecy

    Learner and looking for the book/information. Always good to look into different books/websites to gain new skills.

  9. Daniel Heywood

    I would also like to throw my hat into the ring for the chance to receive this book, just 2 reasons:

    1. It’s a great book and every designer needs a constant source of inspiration

    2. I tweeted about it like you asked :)

  10. I usually spend a lot of time searching for inspiration through Internet. I end up with a lot of tabs opened in my browser…

    It would be great to have all the inspiration I need in a book. This book!

  11. Aerysia

    I would love to win this giveaway because I’m a student learning about design. I have experience with print design, but I’m starting to delve into web design a lot more now.

  12. Rhonda Brown

    I want this book because as a solo freelance designer you don’t have a team to pull inspiration from or run ideas by so having a book like this at your fingertips would be really helpful. Especially for those days you are sapped of ideas or simply need inspiration for something new.

  13. Katie F

    Inspiration is tough to come by, and having a wonderful book of great ideas is ideal for any web designer and developer! With a full-time job as a Designer & Developer, I also do websites in my spare time for a little extra. Owning this little gem would be priceless!

  14. Ice Arrojado Basit

    Books like these help designers like myself continuously adapt with trends and provide cutting edge sites to clients. The knowledge and insights from this book are things I’d gladly share and spread among other designers, and point them back to or the Amazon link. I like giving back for things I get, and I don’t see why I shouldn’t help market a great product such as this!

  15. I would really like to win the new The Web Designer’s Idea Book book from Patrick McNeil. I have both the 1st and 2nd copies of the book and I love them. They have been an inspiration for both my full-time projects as well as my freelance projects. I always look to them for getting ideas for almost all of my projects. Great books Patrick and thanks to 1stwebdesigner for promoting it via this giveaway.

  16. Alexii Getun

    I recently purchased the first part and now it’s my first book before each new site.
    I thirst to get new ideas

  17. Why I’d Love to get this Book!!
    .It’s Great introduction to Coprate Web design for creative sort of designers,who arent Developers;it delicately emphasizw the important stuff about WEb design,eithout feeeling too down to earth .
    .A good intro on Information of architecture ,modular design /Web design!!
    .Good For Beginner’s in field for Designing Corporate World Classy Web Designs.

  18. Awesome giveaway! I would use this book for inspiration in creating new and innovative ways to bring users through the many sites I will be designing.

  19. Jakes

    It sounds like it would be great book. I’m looking for ideas for my portfolio site. I have some ideas but never really satisfied with what I want or looking for. Perhaps this book would give me more ideas that I haven’t thought of yet or seen at other blog lists or google and etc. It would also serve as some of the latest design trends to show clients. It would be a great resource not only for me but others as well. I’m always looking for design ideas and inspiration. Thanks

  20. keri

    i would love to have this book … I am a widowed mom of two little girls. I am a graphic designer, force to work in administration to pay the bills (due to the passing my husband). I am looking, to get back into the freelancing of graphic design to help supplement my income. This would be a wonderful inspirational, motivational gift that you could give to me.

  21. John Cruz

    This book series has helped make designers accountable for efficient but creative designs. This new book will be great resource for my library.

  22. calvin lau

    Would love to get my hands on this seriously. Definitely will inspire me a lot for new concepts and bring my freelance life another step more successful. =)

  23. Pizzalienchen

    How about a date…

    A date with a good book….

    A date with Webdesigner’s Idea book!

  24. Luca

    Nice giveaway! I hope to be lucky! I’d really love some inspirational book for my websites

  25. would love to add this book to my growing library on web design – my goal is to never stop learning!!!!

  26. What a great series of inspiration. in a web/internet/sm/electronically saturated world, it’s great to have a tangible, old-school printed item to sift through for inspiration. thank you for collecting and categorizing this huge world the best way possible. looking forward to the 3rd edition :)

  27. Samantha

    Hi and thank you for this awesome opportunity!

    I would absolutely be in 7th heaven if I won this book as I am in the beginning stages of entering or embarking on the web design business with my partner and husband. He is the coder and I am working on the design end, which is more entertaining for me but this book could really be a huge asset to the two of us, going into a sea of competitors out there with very little work experience and much needed inspiration to boost our skills set and confidence. Not to mention learning the crucial and much needed guidance and expertise from a well versed author and key figure Patrick McNeil in web design, in this very exciting business venture for life!

    Designing is what I am made for and this beautifully constructed and informative third volume of The Web Designer’s Idea Book would give me so much impetus to my self-acquired knowledge, which definitely pales in comparison to the author… :-)

  28. Coming from a graphic design background, the world of web design is very different. I’ve found myself stuck on how to effectively create the best layout for the work at hand. That’s why this book would be very useful for my website and my business in the future.

  29. Abdulloh

    I want to learn everything which depend on computer, so really, I must get this book!

  30. FreeBirDIE

    I wanna get into webdesign a bit more, looking at new ideas getting inspiration always a must have. This book would be a great source for me :)

  31. Daniel K.

    I want this book because I work in the field of web and mobile design, and everything that can help me grow in this is pretty much welcome…

  32. Obinna Okafor

    Another great material. I will help spread the good news because it is worth telling others. The content of this book will even increase my skills and hence productivity….

  33. A web design inspiration BOOK?! *squirms with excitement* I’ve always dreamed of such a book, and here I learn this is volume THREE in a series of design inspiration! Wonderful! No more scrolling through countless thumbnails of favorite websites – just paging through a most welcome resource.

    Please count me in…and yes, I’ve tweeted about this giveaway too. :)

  34. Searching for design inspiration on the web can be overwhelming and time-consuming, but alas! Along came the well-organized Web Designer’s Idea Books, filled with useful content and hand-picked examples of beautiful web sites. Volumes 1 and 2 have been super handy during impromptu brainstorming sessions or whenever I’m stuck in a creative rut. Can’t wait to add Volume 3 to my library!

  35. Fred Ryals

    For the last decade, I have worked as a contract Web developer bringing other designers’ ideas to life on the Web. A resource like The Web Designer’s Idea Book Volume 3 could be the inspiration needed to help me launch a successful freelance career.

  36. Jofenk

    An inspirational Boork for when creativity just braks down stunds great, so I really want this book!

  37. Pamela Sinclair

    As a designer, I am always looking for inspiration and ideas. This book sounds like a great resource tool. Thank you for the chance to win it.


  38. Jennifer

    I love seeing new design styles and learning about new trends in technology and structure. It’s helpful to see what’s going on in the world of web design and books full of inspiration are my favorite!

  39. This is an awesome giveaway!

    I would love to receive this book as I am starting in the world of freelance and I would love to have this book. It would help me greatly to have all this inspiration in one book to have around and give my clients fresh ideas.

    Thanks again for the giveaway!

  40. Deuce Brandt

    I want this book because I like free stuff. Ha ha but seriously I do love free stuff.

  41. Alisa Meche

    I would love to own The Web Designer’s Idea Book Volume 3 to add it to Volume 1 & 2 and my complete set of Web Idea books. I love this book series and use it for ideas and inspiration with every new web project. I am teaching my daughter web design and development now as well and she loves The Web Designer’s Idea Books!! This series of book are priceless when it comes to getting inspiration and the best designs on the web are already, right there at your finger tips with this series. My daughter, Mackenzie, and I are crossing our fingers, in hopes to win an autographed copy of the new volume. Time to go tweet and FB about this amazing giveaway.

    Thanks a million for the chance!

  42. Andrej

    I want this book simply because I can not afford to buy it and need it to see how top web designs looks like. I have been studying web design for about a year, but I simply don’t have enough exeperience so my style is poor :( I need to study current trends and also some motivation to continue. That’s why I need this book. Thanks

  43. Great seeing you in June at the How conference in San Francisco. Your talks and books are practical and helpful. I like the way you are able to synthesize the complex world of web design down to what is working and current. Thanks Patrick.

  44. lelis

    interesante me gustaria tener este libro para aprender mas sobre diseño web….

  45. daniel worku

    i need this book b/c i love to design web and graphics and b/c where I’m at, it’s difficult to get enough information on the subject matter. Besides, who woldn’t want a book for a gift?!

  46. Roy Stewart

    I need to win this book because, since I got married, the only things free to me has been 26 years of henpecking, nagging, complaints and language or behavior intended to mock or humiliate me. I am so abused! Hopefully this book will allow this 69 year old rooster to lead a better life. Life goes on!!! Anyway, I’m sure this book will help me to become a better website designer.

  47. We definitely love design and we realize no matter websites that we create there is always something that can be learned from others. Winning The Web Designer’s Idea Book Volume 3, would allow us to gain inspiration from other web designs and improve our designs altogether. Everyone on our team would benefit from this book.

  48. Francisco Campos

    I’m new to web design, I study and practice daily. I really want to win this book because I’ve read reviews and I think this book would boost my learning and help me start designing awesome web sites!

  49. Sylvia

    I want this book simply because I love freebies!

    Also I am about to graduate my design course and enter the web industry, along with being in the process of designing my own website and having 3 other sites up my sleeve at the moment, and my love for innovation, this book would be very inspirational to me now and in the future.

    Scrap the above…

    I NEED this book!

  50. Ashok

    Always looking for the Bible of Web Design. And this is it!
    Another name for it could be Web Design for Dummies.

  51. Michel Acda

    Books of inspiration always keep your blood flowing, get you excited to bring the designs to the next level. Heard about the book, but never had the chance to look into it. Hopefully that will change very soon. On the 5th of August to be exact ;)

  52. Carol

    I want this book as present to my boyfriend, who is also the teacher who introduced me to the world of design :)

  53. 'Klavzz'. Reid

    I would love to get this book – I just started doing web design and want to get a better knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. Having this book would be just the thing I need to get me going in the right direction creatively!!

  54. Wooaaah!!

    This is definitely gonna help the design community !!!
    I am relatively new in the field and love inspirational design books. This will be a boon to
    designers young and old.

    Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  55. Carrie Cousins

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this book because I loved the others in this series. Always a great source of inspiration!

  56. I am always inspired by fresh new talent in the design world and I love seeing the work of people who are just as passionate about this profession as I am. Therefore, I want that book! :)

  57. Sue

    That’s the challenging bit. Html, css skills mean nothing unless the design is a winner. I definitely need help in this area!

  58. Bharathi

    I have always been in search for something which can enhance my knowledge of designing. And now as when i am in the verge of designing my website, i actually need this book so much that after i host my website i can get accustomed with educating myself with latest design trends.

    Hope i win one:)

    Thanks in advance if i won, and congratulations to the won who win it and best of luck to all those who are waiting to win it.

  59. I want this book because I’m graduated recently and I’m starting as a fulltime web designer next week. Some inspiration would be really usefull to have a better start at the company and I also want to create some awesome designs to make the world wide web a better place!

    This book will boost my creativity so I’ll give it a nice place right in front of me on my desk!

  60. Another great resource. This book could be the best inspiration guide ever. I need this guide to make it up another level of my design career, which has started not long time ago. Need this book to keep me inspired and dedicated more than ever. It will be my first inspirational book, never had one and am very excited if i will get a copy. Your blog has been on the favorite for a long time…

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  61. Gerdien

    My kid (8) doesn’t want to learn to read, but I got him with learning some html and css and if he sees what cool designs he can create in this book, I hope he catches up with his reading too! And mum can also get new inspiration too!

  62. Steve Robillard

    I am a developer first but as a one man operation need to do my share of design as well. I learned a lot from the first version of this book, nad would love to add the new version to my library.

  63. I love vol 2 of Web Designer’s Idea Book because it has examples of web features that are well organized and gives me inspiration for my own projects. Seeing how much the web has evolved throughout the years with new techniques, amazing designs and user interface gives me the motivation to keep learning and improve my skills in web development.

  64. Adeolu

    I am a Nigerian and we want to be as good as you guys, I need all the help and tutorials i can get to help me grow in the business, am a freelancer a solo performer and I need every inspiration from world renowned designer. I deserve the book.

  65. samir

    i’m a beginner in webdesigning and i’m realy getting addicted to it so i need this book for better knowledge and improvement of my skill and also for becoming a pro designer….

  66. There are never too many good ideas for design. One must have atleast two or three good ideas back it’s sleeve :) Therefore the book is just exactly what I’d need.

  67. For my designs I find inspiration everywhere I turn my eyes. I do not follow trends textually, but my designs are always received with a contemporary look. By this logic, I do not need a book to inspire. However, if they give it will not come back, I’ll enjoy it until the last page. Looks great!

  68. This is a great way to extend my knowledge on design field. I would love to have this. I know a lot but I believe that there is still a lot of room to learn, and the best way to learn is to learn from the experts itself.

  69. Gail

    I’d love a copy of The Web Designer’s Idea Book, Vol 3 … this series has been great for inspiration in the past and I’m sure the latest volume will be just as inspirational!

    It’s great to be able to look at websites away from the web, you see things you wouldn’t always spot when seen on screen.

  70. The Web Designer’s Idea Book Volume 3 shall be a great inspiration for me. I’m studying interactive design. I hope this book will get me to a higher level by gaining new ideas and knowledge to design for the web.

  71. MichèLe

    Having this book would be awesome! The hardest part for a majority of clients is them realizing what good design is versus bad design. With a copy of this book within my designer toolkit, it would assist with clients being able to see as well as read what goes into a design.

    Before leaving this Message, I was asked to share. I shared via Facebook, Twitter & Google+

  72. I think this is the worst idea ever! please send me ALL the books, so I can promptly burn the lot of them and stop this spread of designy knowledge thus making me the king of design.

  73. EternalLight

    >> how to use inspiration, not copy design elements, to create the best original designs

    Sounds cool, man, I’d like to find that out as well.
    I’ve seen the book in Russian, in an online book store, just as I found out that the third edition has been released. Obviously there was the second one, but obviously I prefer to stay up to date. The main reason why I’d like to read the book is described in the comment below. Sometimes I really have issues with creating something completely mine, and some good advice on this will hopefully be quite useful. Additionally, I’d like to learn some new Photoshop or Illustrator technics, but they are probably not covered in this book. Still, there must be a lot information for me to improve my skills and change the attitude to the creating process. Therefore I want this book so much!
    Andrei, Ukraine.

  74. Clint


    1. I Will Use It
    2. I Will Use It Well
    3. It Will Become My Playbook
    4. I Will Tell Others That I Use It (after they enquire about I’m why I’m always sharp on my game)
    5. I’ll Will Be In The Web Designer’s Idea Book, One Day
    6. I Will Teach Others – For With Great Skill Comes Great Responsibility
    7. Repeat

  75. Carolyn

    This is the first time I’ve seen this book actually and would really like to get it, looks like a great book. It’s great to study good design and learn why it is good design and get inspiration from it. Good luck to all of you and now on to share on twitter and facebook.

  76. Alex

    Hi there! I am new in this web design industry and a book like that would be great for me. Because of that i would love to have it.

    I really appreciate your work!

  77. Qiqi Abaziz

    I’m always looking for some inspirations in order to do my works and to enhance my creativity. Browsing on Internet for those inspirations always left me to have almost 15 tabs on the browser. With this book that consists of some great designs compilation totally will help me to pursue my passion. Please choose me among the 5 winners and I will surely very much happy to share the joyousness of having this book to the world! Please….. *round cat eyes*

  78. I’d love a copy of this book to offer me fresh inspiration to help my clients get the best website they can possibly get & also I’m after inspiration to re-work my own website that always gets pushed to the wayside due to working on other people’s stuff. Please consider me for this giveaway :-)

  79. It’s so hard to find a Design Inspiration books in my country. It’s would be a great thing if i can touch a book with full of inspiration.

  80. Yohane Kachipanda

    I greatly need the book to enhance my website desigbing knowledge.the book has everything i need to sharpen my knowledge

  81. Jose D

    Since I was in College, while browsing in Amazon to buy my text books, I came across the Idea Book Series. As I checked out the sample pages, I was amazed of how inspiration the artwork were. I thought to myself, “One day I’ll have an Idea Book in my Business Office.” Now, I’m running my freelance business out of my converted spare room. I do not have an Idea Book yet, and I think by receiving an Idea Book through 1stWD would mean even greater!

  82. Kimberly

    Would love to have this book! I’m in school studying web and graphic design and this would be an incredible resource to have in my design library!

  83. Gloria Moraga

    Would love to have this book because I learn and love web designs.
    fingers crossed :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  84. The Web Designer’s Idea Book was a recommended read by my college instructor. I was only ever able to take a brief glance at it at a bookstore so a free signed copy would be perfect.

  85. We’re a group of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community. Your web site offered us with valuable information to work on. You have done an impressive job and our whole community will be grateful to you.

  86. Raphael Abrahams

    For a learner, this great book will help me build my webdesign skills at a faster pace by equiping me with the necessary strategies and ethics I need, I’ll call it “Good foundation”. This is my first time knowing about this book and what it has to offer, as such it would be a great honor and a previlege to have a copy down here in Ghana, it would be a dream come true to join this family even at volume 3. Cheers!

  87. Jan Mallari

    1 simple reason, I want to be as great as those people above this comment. :)

  88. Simply put, I have Volume 2 and it has been a life-saving tool when I get stumped for inspiration on a project. These examples give me that jumpstart I need to get my brain pumping to solve a client problem or to decide how best to handle a total redesign. I love it and adding a whole new volume to my collection of inspiration would be an absolute Godsend.

  89. Majid Mohammed

    I am a novice graphic designer, I would like to have this book and wish to have it’s previous editions too to inspire me to get started and stay focused on my journey to achieve greater heights!!!
    … Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

  90. Andy

    Would love this book. It would give me a nice set of starting points for various projects. Nothing beats having a book in hand.

  91. Anthony S. Datu

    You should give me a copy because I have never won anything in any raffle or giveaway. Have a heart. :)

  92. Nikki

    I would love this book to help me with my new website business that I am starting up, I can see it becoming a treasured possession.

  93. jayirvin

    I am always looking for good web design ideas. Web design is a hobby of mine.

  94. Vinod Kumar KAshyap


    I need this book to boost my career in the field of the web design. I love the creative work and this giveaway will give a great start for my career.

    I have learnt HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery and now I want to gain some hands on the idea of developing great applications for todays world.


  95. I read the reviews and also some of the comments here. Initially I thought that no one would want to ship a free book all the way to where I am. Since the first book was one by someone in Vietnam, I’d like to try my luck in winning this 2nd awesome book! There is no other way of getting it in my hands since it’s unavailable in my country unless I buy and pay hefty shipping charges.

  96. I would love a copy of this book. I am starting college this fall to pursue web design as a career rather then just a hobby. It would certainly help me get started on the right track.

  97. Cindy Therenciel


    The Web Designer’s Idea Book provides inspiration and design ideas to aspiring web designers. It has always been my dream to provide top notch designs that make my clients say WOW. I strive to make one of these most beautiful designs my audience has ever seen. I treat web design like a work of art, and a way to express my creativity. This book holds the key to achieving my dream to create beautiful art that my clients will love.

  98. Edde Poon

    Everybody needs inspirations. This book will help me get out of the block that happens a lot. It’ll also help broaden my creativity and knowledge. Thanks.

  99. Love this series. I used the first volume with product managers as a way to gain common ground and kick-off brainstorming sessions. Great work with beautiful examples.

  100. I love idea books. I have designed over 160 custom websites in my career and 80% were inspired by idea books. I am a person that seeks inspiration in everything. But to have a book that is specifically for that is awesome.

    I NEED this book to save my career!

  101. Marc Gonzales

    Woah, I really like and need that kind of book, since I decided to become Freelance Web & Graphic Designer rather than to get job it will really help me to be a good designer. Hope I get 1 of this.

  102. I have the first two books, and The Web Designer’s Idea Book is a great look into what other designers are doing and any popular trends. Highly recommended!

  103. Would love to have that book to provide me the added expertise to offer clients for my web business the best success

  104. Vicki

    I need the book and I need a job! So send me at least one of these, pretty please! :-)

  105. After working for the same organisation for 34 years, they decided to make me redundant. I did some web design whilst at work, but now need to design to keep me busy and make money. working on my own, I cannot have feedback on the caliber of my designs and need some quality reference material, to help me stay in touch and win clients. I would love to be considered for this excellent manual.

  106. Francois Capone

    Both first and second book helped me greatly during all my design creation phases. So its a no brainer that the third will contain some more wonder :) !!! Great collection!!!

  107. I’ve got the first two volumes and love them. I could definitely use another resource for ideas as I’m finishing my university work.

  108. larundel

    loved the first 2 books and would love to own the third, i use the books all the time for inspiration and ideas when starting a projects and my clients like to look through your books for many different ideas that could be transferred to there project. These books are a life saver, keep up the awesome work.

  109. I would LOVE to get inspired by a different muse,
    one that sings to my eyes and dances around my other senses;
    every time i open up her pages she moans her lovely printed song;
    i can just grab my trusty laptop and start dabbing away keystrokes to her beat,
    all of this just in exchange for a tweet,

  110. G. Andrés Ibarra

    I’ve been attending to different web development bootcamps that focused on the backend with Ruby on Rails; however, I think that what makes a web developer an excepcional one is the abbility to bring the funcionalities of his/her code to the screen. What makes any web/mobile application useful if it has no happy users?

    This book will be an excelent tool that will complement the “Design for Hackers” knowledge that I’ve acquired and I’m looking to apply.

  111. I would LOVE to get inspired by a different muse,
    one that sings to my eyes and dances around my other senses;
    every time i open up her pages she moans her lovely printed song;
    i can just grab my trusty laptop and start dabbing away keystrokes to her beat,
    all of this just in exchange for a tweet,

  112. Lawrence

    Inspiration, creativity and pure joy from the internet!
    And also the best things in life are FREE! So pick ME!!!

  113. christine

    I don’t only want this book, but I NEED this book. It’s a matter of reading everything I can to become the best freelance designer 1STWEBDESIGNER has ever taught. I have been a loyal reader, and I tell everyone and anyone about this website. I NEED this book like Lindsay Lohan needs rehab! I can gain more knowledge and hopefully create some great design that I can share with you and the rest of the world (and hopefully start earning some serious moola with it $$).

    ALways wanting, eh-hem, NEEDING more webdesign knowledge,
    C Crowe

  114. This book sounds just perfect. I love creative books for inspiration, and one that is focused on web design would be even better.

    Hope I win a copy. :-)
    If i am lucky enough to win a copy, I will make a huge noise about it socially, and definitely put it to good use.
    Thank you for the opportunity, this is a great idea.

  115. Must have designers inspiration bibles, can’t wait for the iPad version. Would be even better if you could use the electronic version to interactively breakup elements and create idea sketches.

  116. Dan

    I currently have Web Designer’s Idea Book Vol 1 and 2, as well as submitted a website for Vol 3. I had always worked with static and dynamic websites, but up until about 8 months ago, I got a promotion at work to be an app interface designer and front end developer.

    I’d like to win a copy because I feel this book would greatly benefit my knowledge and give me that extra creative spark!

    Big fan right here! Keep these things going and we’ll keep picking them up (or winning this one)

  117. Who wouldn’t want to get something free to expand their knowledge more on something they love to do? Looks like this is one of the best books on the subject in graphics I’m looking for.

    Connie H

  118. - I’m an aspiring freelancer and any help (including yours, which I signed up for) is helpful
    – a great curating work is of great value nowadays, and I know this book is all about this
    – I am starving for good inspiration !!!
    – I can’t wait to begin practicing after having read this book. This is my food, my water, my air…
    Allow me to be more creative :)

  119. Since I subscribed to your site I only find really excellent stuff.Very informational , educative.I need this book for very obvious reason to lurk for some inspirations for my next projects.I like to get hands dirty working all from scratch but sometimes ideas simply wont come out.

  120. I love the concept behind the books – a visual overview of designs and trends. I enjoy getting inspiration from looking at varied designs and concepts. Having the first two books, I would be delighted to win the third edition to make the duo into a trio.

  121. I own The Web Designer’s Idea Book and The Designer’s Web Handbook. They are both amazing and very inspiring to me since I have been a freelancer for the past 8+ years! I’ve gained alot of knowledge from them and I love continuing my learning of design!

    I really hope to recieve all 5 giveaways! Just Kidding, only one.

    I would love to continue networking and gaining as much knowledge towards Optimization and Standards as I continue to spread the love for CSS3 and HTML5 throughout the Web Digital World! Please help me!



  122. I am just beginning my own freelance web design company and I would love to use this great resource to get my creative juices flowing.

  123. i’m a web designer & i teach web & graphic design to high school students—this book would be a great addition to lesson plans/classroom resources AND inspiration to better my own work. thanks for doing this patrick!

  124. Hello, I´ve got volume I and II and really appreciate your work. It´s quite cool, that you have curated the best design styles over such a long period of time. That´s really a kind of trustworthy navigator in the webdesign-jungle.

    Greetings from Hamburg -Hans

  125. Greg

    I’m a novice in web design so this book would really help to take my skills to the next level!

  126. Wilbur

    Aaah man, wish I could have this book! And I’ll sure try my best to have my work ready for the next publication :D

    Again thanks for the excellent book, its serves us well!

  127. Heather Tovey

    This looks like a really great resource for understanding patterns and trends in web design! Especially so since I’m just beginning to learn.

  128. HydCake

    I believe that Neil Patrick Harris said it best: “When I’m Sad I stop being sad, and be awesome instead.”

    The Web Designer’s Idea Books are awesome sauce! Having this new addition would certainly make me not sad and help me be awesome. =D #superheropose

  129. Jonathan Gill

    I was taught in the age-old school of “code first, style never” when I decided to join a few friends to start a company and…
    Yea, turns out, knowing design would have been kind of helpful.

    So, we had no choice but to educate ourselves; trying our hands at designing, browsing websites and blogs for material and tips.
    Just trying to understand the point of the one-pixel-shadow and grid-based-layout.

    I bet you could guess what happened next:
    That’s right; we got our hands on The Web Designer’s Idea Book volume 2 and used it as a huge resource in trying to improve our style, explore new concepts and just making tons of mockups just for grasping the basics.

    Now, we can live of what we love, and the Book is at leas being peeked in every time we run out of ideas, or want to do a nightly design jam.

    I mostly want the book for us.
    Because it seems like a great source of inspiration and (most importantly) fun ideas.

    Awesome in the actual “inspiring of awe” sense of the word.
    That we get to be in awe at what we can create for ourselves.

  130. The Web Designers Idea Book is definitely a Web designers Bible and no web designer including me should be without it…. .fingers crossed

  131. Melissa

    The Web Designers Idea Books are always an inspiration when brainstorming on new projects. I love seeing all the latest and greatest techniques all the designers featured use.

  132. Pamela

    I would appreciate being considered for the book giveaway. I have been a graphic designer for over 30 years and would love to branch out into the field of web design. I have heard only wonderful comments about this book. I thank you for considering me and hope to hear from you soon with the good news that I have won!
    Pamela Thornberg

  133. Nicol Kosky

    Wow! This book sounds incredible. Having inspiration is such an important part of the process and having it in printed form is so much more valuable than looking at things on the internet. If I had my own book, I guarantee that it would be used everyday to improve my skills in graphic and web design. I am a third year multimedia designer and I am constantly aiming to better my skills by collecting and going through resources as much as I can, all of the time.
    This book would be such a valuable resource to me to inspire me in all of the different styles.

  134. I own volumes 1 and 2 and they have provided me so much inspiration in my work whenever I’ve found myself stuck or in need of fresh ideas. To keep abreast of all the latest trends and techniques, I would love to add volume 3 to my collection!

  135. Hila Schurr

    Wow, just came across this book. It looks amazing and so timely. I am a freelancer and always looking for inspiration. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  136. designerdevil

    Again a Wohooo give away, really appreciate you guys for sharing such inspiration work with the designer freaks….. A nice way to spread the awesomeness…. Would love to view the work and feed my hungry mind with some great inspirations…. Thanks ….

  137. Kevin Maines

    I’d love to win the book… I’ve really wanted to buy some of the other volumes.

  138. Having a bound copy of a treasured book close at hand is like having a print from an amazing artist on your wall. You identify and refer to it often. And I love the irony that the easiest way to scan this website collection is in print, away from your computer. I find that refreshing.

  139. Camilla

    I’m not sure if I’m lucky enough to get one, but I’m improving my skills and knowhow about “the world references” and surely would be fantastic win this one to continue with this purpose and, why not, to be inspired enough to submit my own projects for the next one! hoho And this great one, if I get one, surely will “travel” between some other friends interested and envolved with web :D

  140. Yollam

    I am an advancing learner and i really need this book to complete the tutorials and crash course i have been getting from you people!

  141. LOVE this book.
    We have an office copy at my job here at Megacorp, but unfortunately I have to share it and cannot spend the quality time I would like with it as I am always working at work. I would love my own for home so I don’t have to share and can put posties all over it and really read through.

  142. I’d like a copy of this book, for it would allow me to peruse a curated list of the best design the web has to offer. More appealing yet is its print format, which means I could easily enjoy the book while perched atop my porcelain throne.

  143. Wow, another great giveaway! I would love the chance to win this book due to recently starting up working freelance. Any and all ideas would be helpful!

  144. I would love a copy of this book because I am a Web Design and Interactive Media student and aspiring full time freelancer. This book will provide inspiration to develop my own templates, as well as inspiration for new clients who desire a unique design.

  145. Alexander Avramenko

    I know, that this book is a wonderous work of art (yep, i think so) as well as other two books. This book must have every self-respecting graphic designer.
    In other words, i want this book very much, it helps me to create perfect and user-friendly sites :)

  146. Mike McClellan

    I look forward to having this book as a resource to help me design more inspiring websites. I checked out the sample pages and they are very informative and give many great design ideas. Thank you for sharing.

  147. After buying the first two versions, I NEED this new one. I don’t win very many contests (I won a hat one time a few years ago, first contest I ever won…as an adult at least), so to win this would not only be convenient and helpful, but very much appreciated!


  148. Al Kopper

    Thank you very much for this opportunity. I would like to receive this book because I believe it would help improve my designs and give my clients the visual impact they all deserve.

    Thank you,
    Al Kopper

  149. Shasta Tiwater

    I have am currently in school for graphics and web design and building my portfolio along with designing sites freelance as I go. I would love to learn to train my eye with the help of this book!

  150. Piet Crombach

    Hi I’m almost 63 years old now. I don’t have a job. I want to start a new business as a web designer. This book seems to be perfect to lift my poor experience to a new level.

  151. Matej

    Hi. Becouse I’m new in this bussines I need all the help I can get. I always loved making designs and I took my passion as hobby. Now in this times I had to start thinking that my hobby should be a main job. With little capital I’m going forward in to this bussiness. Hope you’ll help me on the beagining of my road. Thank you

  152. HackinHodge

    Hey! I need this to have as an inspiration when things get rough and when I have no motivation to work on websites. And I am a beginner :P, need something to see how other people are designing websites

  153. Sharon

    As a recovering print designer, I have faith The Web Designer’s Idea Book will guide me to the road of web designing salvation and redemption. Unlike other books claiming to be THE good book, I’m fairly confident in saying The Web Designer’s Idea Book hasn’t lead to any outbreaks of war, violence or anger. I would be happy to spread it’s word and to go forth to create a better online world and experience for all via the inspiration contained within it’s pages.

  154. Lee Hayden

    You guys rock! Always good to try for a freebie and get some inspiration at the same time! Shared!

  155. Nicole Sternhagen

    As a new web designer, I need all the inspiration I can get! This book will take me up, up and away to the world of excellent web design! It looks fantastic and I CAN’T WAIT TO WIN!!!!!!

  156. I am an African graphic designer, and I believe foreign investment in Africa is fast becoming a global trend. From the likes of JPMorgan to other Investment firms taking interest in Tech startups in West and South Africa, I think you should follow suit and take the opportunity to invest in the developing Design Industry in Africa by sending this book to me. ;) There is still room for growth… The ball is in your court.

  157. Moraima

    I am a photographer and graphic designer but i’m getting now into web design, this book will be a great tool to help expand my knowledge.

  158. Maurice A.

    I am noob just getting my feet wet in the world of web design freelancing.

    I deserve 1 of the 5 giveaways because I will use to knowledge and inspiration gained from this book to create better designs that will make my fellow humans who also happen to be my potential customers happy. I will also create some freebies templates that I can give back to this wonderful community. Finally, most of the proceeds will help me take my mother out to see some parts of this beautiful country and world because she deserves it and because I was not able to do anything for her birthday being a broke college student that graduated two months ago. This giveaway will help me be a better son to my beautiful mother who’s suffered so much in life.


  159. Shubham shah

    Why i’d love to get this book!!
    .It’s great introduction to Coprate web-design for creative sort of designers. .like me! who arent Developers;it delicately emphasize the important stuff about web design,w/o feeling too down to earth!
    .A Good Intro on information of architecture ,modular/Web design!!!
    .Good examples with better explanation

  160. I develop websites for my clients and always eager to learn from experts in this field to improve my own work. Patrick is one such expert and I am sure I can pick up great ideas from his designs. Cheers Patrick.

  161. Betty Graff

    Am I the oldest web designer? Probably not, but I’m there. This granny is 75. Taught myself some html and css. I really like to learn new things. Its good for my skill set and the process makes new connections in the old but still useful brain. Let me have the latest and greatest new book!

  162. Oleg

    Sveiki, Daini!
    I want to see a teaching material — the book which I hope has good educational and practical stuff.

  163. Godswill Augustus

    I need this book to help me develope my skills in web design.

  164. 1. Tell us why you want this book by leaving a comment below.
    Because i dont have any book like this. it will be awesome if i have this one.
    first official copy that i will be held. my another book, pirated.

    2. Like, Tweet, and tell your friends about this giveaway!
    aye aye captain!

  165. Hector Mancera

    I would like to improve my design skills learning from the best and this book is a great way to do it!

  166. with all due respect, a giveaway is giving something away. When you hold your ‘giveaway’ until someone does something for you, like spreading the word for you, which, if you did it would be spamming, that is making someone pay for your giveaway.

    Whether or not you think so, you are requiring someone to do you a favor in exchange for them receiving what you claim to be giving away. You can keep the book. If I wanted to share something I haven’t read, I would do it without the coercion.

    I know it’s a popular trend with companies, and those who are trying to build their list and get noticed by using this technique, but I personally find it a repulsive tactic. And I will be unsubscribing from your list.

      • This is interesting in’t it, because people are wising up about their personal information as an asset. It certainly is for Google and Facebook and of course the owner of this website to a degree. However, if you’re aware of that, then that’s cool.

        Anyway, I’m happy to be on your list and I’ll look forward to the book comming out.

        Hope we’re in it. :)

  167. I would love to win a copy of this book… for so many reasons. First, I’m a freelancer and am always looking for inspiration. Two, this is probably the best book on the market for web design ideas. Third, I’m getting ready to work on a new site design… and would LOVE to have some things to look at in terms of what’s working for others and what’s not. This book has made it on to my wish list at Amazon… hoping I can win a copy instead of buying one. Thank you!

  168. shweta

    I’m an passionate designer and with help of this book I will enhance my design skills which will help me deliver better designs to my clients world wide…

  169. As a freelancer you are always looking for inspirational designs for your clients. Moreover, clients can see what is possible on the web nowadays. I bought vol. 2 last year and got so much out of it – you can not let this trend retire :) cheers

  170. Tasos

    I need the book because i want some ideas for some of my projects as im a new web-designer :)

  171. Web design is one of those practices that requires you to stay current with the latest trends and best practices. This book would be a great resource to add to my library.

  172. Shobhan Dutta Ray

    I am looking for info to enhance my skill set to create engaging and dynamic websites.

  173. Daniel McClintock

    Three small reasons:

    1) I believe that great design is the product of studying great design.
    2) I believe that sharing is caring, in this case on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.
    3) I believe in contribution, so look for my name in the submissions for the next edition!

  174. Tracer T

    I would love to have this book as a resource, I always want to learn more, and this book looks like it might have a lot to offer. Thanks for offering a giveaway!

  175. Iulian Vasilescu

    So i don’t have to run to my favorite library to have a pick at some inspiration whenever I will have a blank like I had today with a banner. Kidding, inspiration normally comes when I walk.
    It will be awesome to assimilate Mr. Patrick McNeil’s ideas. Sometimes I just need to hit refresh.

  176. issa

    I am new in webdesign and definitely want this book to be inspired in my first design steps.

  177. Jelka

    No matter on how much knowledge or experience one have it is always good to expand it and learn more good, useful, practical advice and techniques. The more , the merrier !

  178. Lily

    I’ve been using my co-workers edition multiple times during my creative process so I think it’s about time I get my own copy ^_^

    Twitter: @LilyPLD

  179. Srikanth

    So i can become a *book-thumping design evangelist*, and actually get business folks inspired about the power of good design!

  180. Umoru "Prodigy" Emmanuel

    I’d like to get this gieaway because I want my scope of design to be expanded, so I can be of better service to clients, and to the world at large.

  181. I would like a copy of this book because some times it is hard to come with original ideas been designing websites for 11 years. Picking into other designers head is a great way to expand our creativity and sense of taste.

    I plan to buy it anyways to support a fellow design professional.

  182. I have been working as a freelancer for over a year in mexico, and i always have to get help for designing, trying to improve my skills. Hope to get the book to get inspire.

  183. I dont want this book. I need this book. I love to do web design and doing it from only one yea all thanks to 1wd. My knowledge that i have gained throughout via 1stwebdesigner is where i stand right now at a peak watching to the furthest sight to gain more knowledge by however i can. This book would be a great motivation for me and I would be able to coupe up with where the world is going to be in these years. Cheers! :)
    Young Designer.

  184. I work for an association with minimal budget, no support staff and few learning opportunities, so everything I get to stay ahead of the trends has to come out of pocket. I’d really appreciate any resource that will give me a leg up on speeding up processes, that wouldn’t cost me. I’ll probably get the book either way, but boy does “free” help me a lot. Thanks for the chance either way!

  185. Jerome Biggins

    I would love to win this book because I’ve enjoyed learning the web programming languages HTML and CSS and I’m about to learn HTML5, but I feel like I need more. I’ve started learning the design side of web programming because like a house, you need more than just the foundation to make it work, you need to know how to make it eye appealing and I feel that this book will help me become better with the design aspect of Web Programming. Thank you and I hope you pick me as your winner.

  186. Kevin

    Always looking to find new ideas and this book would definitely extend my options.
    Good luck to everyone.

  187. I am a graphic designer who has been designing websites and web pages for corporate and freelance clients since 1996. I have just recently relocated to Mbabane, Swaziland (a developing nation in southeastern Africa) due to my wife’s work and am re-launching my freelance practice here.

    For all that the Internet has been available here for some time now, the websites I have seen of businesses and organizations here so far are very pedestrian and somewhat outdated in design. Some local and regional businesses do not even have websites at all! This may be due to a lack of world-class educational and professional resources in the area, though this is slowly changing.

    I would like to use this book to offer local and regional clients here and elsewhere in the developing world fresh, original website designs which build on the ideas and trends in the current Western marketplace, as reflected in the book. I would also like to improve my own design generally and keep abreast of current work in the field. I have browsed this book in brick-and-mortar bookstores and found it fascinating as well as informative and helpful. Money is a bit tight at the moment as I establish myself here, so winning a copy would also be preferable to buying one and having it shipped here at high cost.

    Please choose me and help me improve the look of the Web for this nation and region where it is badly needed. Thank you very much!

  188. Erik

    The Web Designer’s Idea Book is phenomenal. I have gained much inspiration from previous versions in the past.

    I deserve 1 of the 5 giveaways because I will use the powers bestowed upon me by this book only for good. Me having this book will only serve to improve the web and be the first step in vanquishing all evil (table-based & fixed-width layouts).

    I would bask in the beauty and surely spread the love across the internet, acting as champion of design.

    *Translation: Pick Me :)

    • I hope you win this latest edition, because it sounds like you are a fun, humorous professional. Besides, you’ve supported the author by obtaining the previous books in the series. Good luck!

      I LOL at your definition of evil.

    • The first two books are my go to when getting inspiration for new site designs!! If I had this third book, I KNOW there would be a ton of great wealth and inspiration on my future design ideas!! Thanks in advance :)

  189. My brother and I just started our own web design business. This is both our first time starting a business and want to get started on the right foot. This book seems exactly what we need. Please pick us! =]

  190. Debbie Turrell

    We are a small business launching on August 1 in a place that we love but that is desperately trying to catch up with the mainstream (Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa). We are self-taught and are bootstrapping everything, and need all the help we can get! This book would make a big difference.

  191. adolf witzeling

    I would like to get this book, because sometimes (more often than not) my creativity gets “stuck” and I feel like being in a maze-no way out. Need something fresh to jump-start my designer’s mind when I’m having a creative block.

  192. I’ve been webdeveloping/designing for a little while now, usually without any strong creative imputs from my clients. This book could really help me out when I’m stuck in an “un-creative/un-inspired” loop.
    Take a deep breath, step away from my screens and those damn pixels (which are totally ruining my eyes, might I add) and open a BOOK! :)
    Have a condensed look at what’s going on on the web today, discover new designers’ work (for both inspiration and amazement at how some people are REALLY gifted).
    I’m not gonna lie, I had never heard of this serie before, but seeing other people’s comments, this must be a real strong addition to my library.
    So I hope I win it. If not, no hard feeling, I’ll still come regularly to visit… but maybe a little less regularly… ;)

  193. Lilja Björk

    I would love to win this book as i am finishing my study in Graphic design and really need some inspirational tools for my exam projects.

  194. Javier Moran

    Feelings that once were hidden are now expressed to me with this precious book.
    Days that once were stormy are now the brightest blue.

    Times that once were lonely are now filled with knowledge.
    All that once wasn’t mine alone are now things we both treasure with The Web Designer’s Idea Book, and you going to make MY DREAMS COME TRUE.

  195. Elisavet T.

    As I am at the beginning of my web designer career I would love to see other peoples work and get inspired by it. Who doesn’t need inspiration?

  196. Henry

    I love to own it as a resource guide for ideas on the latest web design trends. Inspire me!

  197. Emma

    The first two books I already own, this one’s on my wishlist on Amazon. I really like his choices of websites, the way he dissects the websites, and supports the process of getting inspired without “stealing”. I find it also very useful how the websites are organized along different categories. I would love to own the third book in the series, it would give me further inspiration also in my e-learning projects.

  198. Sven

    As a genuine technician I lack certain creativity/design skills. I would like to win this book to give me some extra pointers to become a good designer.

  199. As an upcoming web design studio ( started by freelancers ) we are constantly looking for inspiration and learning on how we can improve our designs, A resource such as the web designers Idea book would be an awesome part of our toolkit and would set us apart from the competition of which there is plenty.

  200. Tejas

    hey there… these guys are like a ‘genie’ for webie guys… fulfilling wishes to be honest..!

  201. Tell us why you want this book by leaving a comment below.

    – Because I’m getting in a right funk lately and my creativity is being beaten into a soggy pulp on the ground. Arrgghh!!! *bang head on keyboard repeatedly* -> hjkKL:H op’j’jlfkhg;gukluif fkuyltjrs

    Like, Tweet, and tell your friends about this giveaway!

    – Done, done and thrice done

  202. Vibhoo

    I want this book because i just began expanding my foot towards the web designing surely this book gonna help me in understanding the web designing concept deeply

  203. Ger Barbiers

    I’ m a vocational teacher in the Netherlands ( photography and web design) and want to show my students the best examples there are.

  204. Ananthakrishnan

    I have no use for this book.Ha… got you to read my comment.I really need it dude!

  205. John Ryan Roxas

    Great collection of inspirational web design. This will help me add quality to my web designs and bringing more ideas for clients websites.

  206. For someone who pursues a career in the world of web design, inspirations keep me going. This book is definitely handy for me. Hope I’d win one :)

  207. Since I started my business 3 years ago I have produced countless web sites with little ideas and snippets found in the first two books. I would love to furnish my desk with a third signed copy – please!!

  208. Thank you for the opportunity to win this amazing book!
    I will be re-designing my website and creating several new sites in the upcoming months and could really benefit from this book!

  209. Bill

    I am a programmer, design never comes easy to me. I tend to think in boxes, getting some original ideas and tips on how to make things look like something more than a spreadsheet would be fantastic.

  210. I’m very excited about this opportunity. A very close friend of mine is a talented graphic designer and I think she would appreciate this book very much. When you have a wide variety of clients, it is sometimes hard to come up with new ideas that are different and yet still pleasing to the eye. I believe that this book would be an indispensable resource for her. Pick ME!

  211. I purchased Vol. 2 from Amazon and used several of the examples for inspiration. I really liked the section on alignment, and how to align web content without actually following a ruler or guide line. I still use the things I learned from Vol. 2 today in my design projects. Good stuff!

  212. This book would definitely help me in my mission to learn web design. I’m trained in print and brand design, but need to learn more about web.

  213. Raga Fahmy

    I always come to Webdesigner for ideas and tutorials. I can’t wait to see this book for more inspiration. I teach web design and it’s good to have different ideas and resources to inspire my students.

  214. Laura

    Who can’t use more inspiration and idea generation? I’m always looking for new ideas and how they might apply to whatever I may be working on.

  215. Alyssa

    While I have a design background I am lacking in web design experience. I am trying to build my own site right now for practice. I could definitely use the inspiration that this book offers.

  216. Devin

    I cannot believe that this book is being given away. I have been eyeing this book on amazon for sometime now. When I first saw this book I knew it would help me take my web design one step farther. I spend hours at a time reading articles and watching webinars about web design. It is my goal to learn as much about web design that I possibly can so that I can create successful websites and make the internet better one website at a time and I know that if I get this book it will help me accomplish that goal!

  217. Femke

    INSPIRATION!?! I love inspiration, can’t get enough of it to keep up with the newest trends.

  218. OMG this Giveaway is awesome!
    I’m 16 years old and i love web and graphic design. I’m a begginer and i want to learn all the tips or ideas that come from real web designers.
    I want this book so much to improve my skills and knowledge.
    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to win this book!

  219. Robert Stojkov

    Would really help to have this kind of web design resource, to be inspired and improve my web designs skills, and transfer all that to more satisfied clients and occasional visitors :)

    Great work, all the best,

  220. I am a few months into starting my web design and development company, so a book like this would be a great inspiration for me to be able to better serve my clients and deliver the best possible site to them.

  221. Corine Ross

    I am a MCPD Developer and would like to see what is trendy in the web world as I basically only work with window forms at the moment. I am also a graphics designer so I think I can bring the two together.

  222. I have a Web design studio and the one thing I see is that clients dont know what type of layout they want. This book will do great things for me when I go and see my clients in the Future.

  223. Sam

    Who doesn’t need a little inspiration to get their creative juices flowing? Looks great.

  224. brandon

    I am starting my own business soon and I think a book that is full of ideas is great. I could show it to clients so I could get idea of what kind of look that would like.
    A site I just started working on is my brother from another mother business he just started, with this book I would not have to spend as much time looking for site to show him to find one that he likes.

  225. tonya

    I am a beginner web designer and this book will help me understand different designs and looks without searching the web – which is tedious. I would really appreciate it

  226. GiaVonni Powell

    I’d love love love to win this book because it gives great ideas to get my creative juices flowing when it comes to design. It’s very useful not only for web design, but design in general. I found great use for the first two & I’m sure I’ll definitely have great use for the third edition!!! Pick me, pick me!!! :-)

  227. Jenny

    I love the Web Designers Idea Book series. I have the first two, and they have been instrumental for inspiring me in my work. I would love to win the newest volume in this amazing series!

  228. Make

    I love to make and define something new. I badly want to this book.
    Good to luck to all.

  229. Patrick is an amazing designer who I highly respect so I’d love to have the book as a reference and to use as inspiration in my own work! :) Thanks for hosting another great giveaway!

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      I love how well they are organized and the thoughtful comments are excellent guides. I really valued the detailed description of how to use inspiration, not copy design elements, to create the best original designs.

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