How to Create a Perfect White Web Design? Tips and Inspiration


White is clean and elegant, these are the two things we see on White. This color has always been popular that is used in different kinds of industries. For instance in interior designing, designers prefer more White to stand out as the main color in decorating a room or a house.

But how to create such design on our own?

Take a look at this image of a room that is decorated in all White.

White room

Image by: New Inspiration Home Design

Do you find this beautiful? I do. And the color is just simple yet it brings out the elegance and cleanliness of the room. Also with web design, White is becoming famous as the chosen dominating color for a theme of a website. Not only that it is simple, clean and elegant, it also brings a lot the creativity on designers reflecting on their works. Personally, I find it very easy to create a web design when I use White as my main color. In this article, I will be sharing to you my thoughts and ideas regarding White color in creating a web design.

What Makes White Beautiful?

Clean and Simple

I think everyone will agree with me that White symbolizes cleanliness. And that is one thing we are looking for on a website, right? We can say that a website is clean when the contents and other elements of the site look organized where they are properly placed in an appropriate position.

Greece is for Lovers, a website where you can buy several limited Greece-inspired products, is one good example of a website that value simplicity and neatness. Notice that the navigations and contents are well placed. The whole site is simple to use, therefore gives users comfort in exploring.

Greece is for lovers

Another example of a website that looks clean is i am Dan, a portfolio website owned by a web designer and flash developer. The contents and elements of the site are placed in a right position, the texts are readable and the navigations are user-friendly.

I am dan

There are just some of the examples of website where White gives a cleanliness in the look of a website. Now, let us go to how White can offer simplicity on a web design.

In the mind of viewers, the simplicity of a website is determined when it loads faster, user-friendly, easy to navigate and responses quickly. For designers, a simple website is easy to create, edit and maintain, therefore giving less cost on employers . To fully understand this one better, I have here examples of websites that value simplicity.

Zurb is an agency of web design that has a website that is simple to use, refreshing and very direct.


Professional and Elegant

When a website looks professional is elegant, it gives an impression to users that the company or the person is professional and elegant or formal too. White is one of the colors that can give a look like this on a site.

fourthfloorinteractive is an agency that gives interactive solutions on their clients. Take a look at their website, White gives a professional and elegant look and it blended well on the other elements of the site.


The professionalism and elegance of a company or a person can be determined on the impression their websites is giving, and putting a White color on your site can hand you these things.

Creative and Attractive

Websites should be creative and also attractive. In this way, visitors will have an excitement and drive to fully explore your site. A website is creative and captivating when the viewers enjoy and is having a comfort exploring well, even if it only have less contents on the page.

The reason that I always find White as a main color on a design is because whatever you match with it, it will still look good. And that’s what is why I find White very creative and attractive. Why don’t you take a look at these sites for an evidence that White can also be creative and catchy.

Noemie Chevaux-Tavernier

Here is one example that White website can be creative. The designer used different kinds of figures and beautiful fonts to make it look creative. I think if the White was put into different color, it won’t look good as the way it is.

Noemie chevaux

We Make It Live

Each elements of this website gives a creative and uniqueness on the whole design. White makes the design look fabulous, cute yet professional in look.

We make it live

Benefits of Using White

It makes your contents stand out.

Imagine a plain canvass, it’s all in White right? But after you have drawn on it, the drawing stands out. And that’s how contents also stand out on a layout if you will be using White color.

Compare the two websites below:



As soon as the page (image above) loads, the first thing you will notice is the Black. But if you will be seeing this page (image below), you will immediately notice the contents but not White. And that’s how contents stand out on a White canvas.



It is easier to mix and match.

This applies to everything. When you choose a top that is in White, you may pair it with bottoms in any color. When you use White wallpaper or paint on for your wall, you can have your furniture in any color. And for web designing, when you use White you may use any colors to mix with it. You may use Black, Gray, Pink, Blue or even Orange! Try looking at the picture below.

White orange

Image by: gugy

I can say that White is a color that you can mix and match with other colors.

It looks neat.

White symbolizes neatness and cleanliness. This also implies on web design, it makes your website looks neat even you put any colors to match it.


Image by: jessamyn west

When Creating a White Web Design: Tips and Guidelines

  • As much as possible, use dark colors on your texts to make them stand out from the White. Make your text readable in size.
  • Make your buttons in a darker color, so that your viewers will notice them quickly. Also, design them as simple as White is to give your viewers comfort in exploring your site.
  • Put your contents in an organized way to make your website look more neat. This will also make your viewers easier to read and explore.
  • Be simple yet creative. You can put different kinds of figures or images to make your web design look simple yet creative. This can capture viewers’ attention.

More Examples: Websites With White Design

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Look designs

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Numan cebi

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Alcian blue



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Woman in the mirror

Shop YCN Online


Your Thoughts

I hope you learned something from this article and got inspired to create a website with White color on it. You may also want to share some thoughts regarding White color on the Comment section.



  1. hari prabhas

    Great post!. thanks for sharing this links.. its really hard to design with white..

  2. Neil

    Great post, designing a white site is hard to master, but when done right it is stunning!!

  3. Ben D

    Great tips and advice – I’ve just recently completed my site which is 2 colors, white and green. Was a bit worried half way through that I’d bitten off more than I could chew so to speak but I got there in the end.

    Being able to pull off a white website is definitely an art of its own!

  4. Nora

    I really like the article and website designs, some people usually scare of white background. It is not that easy to make an attractive design on white background, you should be very careful in colour selection, stuff placement/positioning and white space balance etc.

  5. SayaSukaDesain

    For me, white is beautiful if you can combined them with other color and good layout. And by the way…the picture of a room there is not good, cause it’s to plain.

  6. Allan jose

    good article.i think color is one of the key in web designing.white not only make it easy to blend in other colors while designing a webpage but also makes it more elegant and sophisticated.