Marry Your Client to Win the Game – Get Your Gold Client VIDEO Series


How nice would it be to see your web design client return to you.

How nice would it be to hear your web design client say wonderful things about you.

It would be very nice, I can only agree with you…but I am sure you’re not doing your best to make it happen.

What do I suggest?

I suggest you to do more than what you would normally do.

What is it?

Well, as the title of this article says – Marry Your Client.
What happens then? Keep on reading!

Marrying your client is actually about how much of a difference that extra mile can make.

And by the way I am not on my own.
Ask anyone, who is successful and they will tell you – going that extra mile made the difference.

“The man who does more than he is paid for, will soon be paid for more than he does.” ~Napoleon

Marry Your Client To Win The Game

Believe me – it works!

Even Freelance Folder Writes About It.
And their readers are totally supporting this idea.


Question: “Do You Take That Extra Mile?”



  1. Smile with clients always work, I do it many times and get more clients. Just smile and do more than what they paid you’ll see amazing result later.

    P/s: sr my English not good :D

    • James Richman

      Wow Kimi

      That’s exactly what I’m talking about mate.
      Let them feel and see how positively charged you are.

      And over delivering will always, set you apart from your competitors.
      Your English is good mate, I understood everything without a problem.

      Do you have any other techniques that work for you Kimi?

  2. Dude, drop the Welsh Tony Blair act, please. You have some great ideas, really good info but the stilted Tony Blair style talking is really off-putting and detracts from the valuable tips you are giving out. Be more natural and I will definitely not only come back but share the love to others too.

    (Are you trying to appeal to the American market perhaps? or has some media guru advised you to try to slow down your talking as I have seen that technique/style on other UK marketing videos)

    Sorry Mate, love what you are doing, wish you all the success but I can’t listen to something that sounds so unnatural any more, and I say this rather than just ignoring the emailed links because it could be putting others off from listening to some really good advice and you might not know anything about it.


    • James Richman

      Hey Jo
      Thanks a lot for your comment mate :)
      Glad you find my advice useful.

      But regards the way I talk… I’m not gonna be able to help you here I’m afraid.
      Because this is me – natural me. The way I communicate.

      There’s no show, no rehearsals, just me.
      I’m not here to please everyone, or change the way I carry myself in order to make others like me.

      My task was to deliver the information, I know is useful for others.
      So If you are not able to watch my videos. You are certainly not forced to do so.

      Just make your choice Jo ;)
      I’ll Catch You Later Mate.

      • Jay

        I don’t mind the way you talk, however, your hands are quite distracting. Stop using your hands to “talk” so much. In fact, it might help if you are actually sitting down instead of standing to make these videos. It’s ok to use your hands to emphasize certain things when you talk, but when they become a focus rather than letting people concentrate on your face, then it’s a distraction.

    • James Richman

      Hey Zulhilmi
      Well, if they feel likewise and understand that, then that’s fine :)
      I know some clients may find it unprofessional if it’s done at the very first conversation.

      But later on, yes why not.

      Actually I really recommend to have clients on the phone with you.
      That’s when you can feel the real engagement.

  3. Well, i had a completely different thing in mind when i read the title! :D
    Sure, i’m willing to take that extra mile! The problem is that usually we lack the right tools to remind us of important occasions!

    Are there any free software tools out there that can help us keep track on those things?

  4. Totally agree with you on this James,

    It is a year this month that I did my first website commission, which was for a lady I attended a business workshop with. I have now to date done about a dozen commissions (plus a few that have not been realised for various reasons) and they have all come from word of mouth, starting with this lady. She referred me to her friend, who the referred me and so on. She said (she has given me a testimonial to use on my new website) it was all the extra help I gave her in addition to a website she was very happy with. I have tried with each client to help customers and not just purely create a website. I take time to explain things to them too and they really appreciate that and as you mention, I ask them a short time after ‘how things are going’ with it, do they need any further help etc.

    Although I have not done many projects yet, I have been studying a course but without needing to advertise yet I have been kept busy enough.

    • James Richman

      Wow Mike
      That’s a real great life example.
      And by the sound of it, all of it comes naturally.

      And now imagine how many more word of mouth referrals you will have once you get better and better.