1. John

    Trevor thanks for the lists. I have created wordpress sites and this post helped me a lot.Reading all comments it seems Social Metrics plugin is the most used.

  2. You’ve not mentioned “Digg Digg” wordpress plugin, that one can create the social bar run along with your website, it’s very useful.

  3. Saket Jajodia

    I prefer to add manually so that I can work out with my loading time but have to say some of these plugins seems to be really great..!!

    • I agree. Wibiya is a good way to get people to share. It is also great because you can add in info to the bar that you want the people to see and lead them to pages you want more traffic.

  4. James Harrington

    I like your conclusion, Trevor. There is something really offputting about a blog or site that offers 43 sharing options. I can’t help but feel that less is more in this instance. Pick the most popular options, which will depend on what country your target audience is in, and stick with them. It makes life easier for your users/readers.

    • I think if you are going to go through all the work of writing content for your site, you should know who your audience is and where they hang out. It seems like common business sense… to you an me anyway.

  5. Jussi Sivonen

    How about AddThis? I hate the clutter all those shiny colored buttons create. AddThis incorporates them all into one customizable button which pops up on hover.

  6. Cosmin

    Very nice list, Trevor! I had some issues with my social plugin and I decided to approach a new one. Wibyia is great and social metrics also an awesome must-have plugin. Thank you!

    • I liked the social metrics plugin because it made it easy to track who is sharing where. There aren’t a lot of plugins that do that from what I’ve seen.

  7. All are looking wonderful but I am going to use Social Metrics as it is looking more elegant !! Social media is one of the best way to make our Article viral !!