Advanced Calendar Plugins For WordPress

Are you looking some intriguing calendar plugins for your WordPress based blog? Following is a collection of some of the best calendar plugins for WordPress that could suit your needs and maybe this is exactly what you need for your blog now!

Each plugin serves a unique purpose and can be customized to your specific needs so read carefully and maybe you will make your blog even more handier and powerful with simple use of plugin!

1. Booking Calendar

This WordPress plugin adds an online booking service to your web site. Your site visitors can check availability of resources like hotel rooms, cars, equipment etc., and make reservations for one or more days and pay online.

If you are a freelancer, this plugin would be of great use as your clients can make an appointment, booking or register for participation in events from anywhere at any time. Booking Calendar plugin is extremely easy to use and very flexible.

It features email notifications for administrator and site visitors, easy integration into posts/pages, using TinyMCE button, booking calendar widget, validation of required form fields and email field and has multi language support.

2. Calendar

An easy to use calendar plugin for WordPress. Calender plugin enables you to manage your events and appointments and display them on your website or blog.

It has useful features like monthly view of events, mouse-over details for each event, events in the calendar can span more than one day, multiple events per day possible and events can repeat on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. The events can be easily managed in the admin dashboard.

Calendar plugin has optional drop down boxes to quickly change month and year. User groups other than admin can be permitted to manage events.

Furthermore, events can be placed into categories. Events can be links pointing to a location of your choice. This plugin is compatible with WordPress MU.

3. The Events Calender

This WordPress plugin enables you to quickly create and manage events using the post editor. It’s key features include Google Maps integration as well as default templates such as a calendar grid and event list for streamlined 1-click installation.

It sports an upcoming events widget and provides extensive template tags for customization. Includes support for venue, cost, address, start and end time, google maps link. This plugin is compatible with WordPress MU.

4. Events Manager

Events Manager is an effective event management plugin for WordPress. It supports recurring events, venues data, RSVP and maps. With Events Manager plugin, you can plan and publish your tour, or let people reserve spaces for your weekly meetings.

You can quickly add events list, calendars and description to your blog using a sidebar widget or short codes. Events Manager integrates with Google Maps and finds the location of your events, and accordingly displays a map. It also provides an RSS feed to keep your subscribers up-to-date about your events.

5. WordPress Event Calender

WordPress Event Calendar for WordPress enables you to create and manage multiple calendars with one time and recurring events.

6. Google Calendar Widget

This plugin adds a sidebar widget called ‘Google Calendar’ that can be dragged into your blog sidebar.

Multiple widgets can be used on the same page, each referring to a unique feed. Each widget can be configured with a URL of the calendar feed, a title, and the number of agenda items to be displayed.

7. Editorial Calendar

The editorial calendar plugin enables WordPress administrators and editors to manage the dates for multiple posts at once.

You can see all of your posts in a calendar view and can arrange them via an easy drag and drop interface. This plugin would be of great use for blogs that plan posts in advance or takes contributions from multiple users. With this plugin, you can quickly drag and drop to change your post dates, edit and arrange post titles. Easily see the status of your posts.

8. Availability Calendar

Availability Calender plugin for WordPress displays booking availability on a year-by-year basis. It displays a full calendar year with booked dates highlighted.

9. Calendar Archives

Calendar Archives plugin for WordPress creates yearly calendar for your posts. You can create a new page for your calendar archive and insert the shortcode for calendar archives in the editor to load the page and view the calendar archives.

Each day of calendar will display first available photo from posts of that day in the background.

10. Ajax Calendar

AJAX Calendar, WordPress plugin lets you display an AJAXified calendar for your blog. This plugin enhances the standard calendar functionality by – allowing the asynchronous navigation of months, without updating the page, adding a drop-down list of post titles in each month and adding full caching support to reduce server load.

11. Events Calendar / Scheduler

The event calendar/scheduler plugin for WordPress, allows you to manage single or multiple user events through a dynamic interface. Users can add/modify/delete events on the fly and easily change events dates and time by simply dragging the event boxes.

You can set up different levels of permissions to users who will use the calendar. The scheduler can be configured to display events in Day, Week, or Month view, as well as in any custom view. The scheduler can be used as an ordinary calendar on a webpage to visualize some events/appointments, or as a calendar to display your blog posts archive.

If you know of any other useful calendar plugins for WordPress, do let us know in comments.

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  1. Marcie says

    So, it’s been almost four years since you write this article and it is truly appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Jackson says

    Nice list here, we’ve tried a lot of these in our work… Events Manager is our favorite.

  3. mark shirley says

    Couldn’t find what I wanted from this selection. I need a plugin for wordpress that I can input multiple appointments by seperate times per day. Preferable Free.

  4. Nick says

    Thanks for making this post! I found it extremely resourceful as I didn’t have to search google for hours trying to find the right calendar plugin. Each one you featured provided different functionality. Extremely helpful! Thank you.

  5. Sassette says

    Looking for a calender/diary management plugin that would do the following:

    Have one assign registered users
    Assign them to a time slot
    Have email reminders

    Are there any such..?

  6. Lane says

    Forgive me for being dumb on this point, I am still new to WordPress, but I am looking for a calendar that allows someone to request a room via a form/page that can be easily authorized and automatically entered on the calendar. It would be nice to have a “Room Reservation Request” page that would allow anyone to request a room and that request would be sent to an event administrator (not a WordPress admin, but editor level access) to approve the request. On the approval screen, the data has already been entered but allow editing by the event admin so corrections/modifications (such as room requested, etc) can be made if needed. When the event admin approves the request, the event then shows up in the calendar. All of the calendar plugins I have seen so far seem to suggest they can do this, but the ones I have tested don’t seem to have an easy way of implementing it. I must be missing something, or did not setup the calendar plugins I have tried.

    Any suggestions?

  7. ahmadshorif says

    I need a plugin that will show calender and when i click a date of the calender then it will show the post of the pages of the specific category.

    But above plugin will helpful for my future task.

  8. Wasim says

    If the person want to insert the dates in free text field and will be validate from the formats that define by the system. Is it possible? From where I can find out the example where such thing is implemented?

  9. Jeremiah says

    This is a fantastic list! I personally am a big fan of the Booking calendar and Events calendar, both of them are VERY user friendly and with a few tweaks to the PHP – you can do just about anything. Modded for a Moving company, thank you!

  10. Bayarette says

    Thanks so much for this info! I couldn’t find the editorial calendar and this description was perfectly suited for what I needed. 30 seconds later and it’s up and running on my site! :)

  11. Okera Ras I says

    Thanks for this information. I used ‘Events Calendar’ and worked like a charm. Thank you again for the info

  12. Kevin says

    I recently installed the All in One Event Calendar Plugin for WordPress because of the features. For some reason though, I can’t seem to get the event date and time to update. I’m a newbie, but I thought even I could handle that. Is there some simple thing I might be missing?

  13. says

    This is extremely helpful, with a good mix of simple to complex event calendars. I have some customers who are less than very computer literate, so some of these simpler ones are just what I am looking for.

  14. Farrold says

    I’ve recently started a webcomic. After viewing some of my favorite other webcomic sites I noticed that they had a ? in every comic posted. My questions are: Do you have to Copyright a webcomic? Is it as simple as just typing in a ? into every comic or do I have to register something somewhere?.

  15. Agga Brown says

    useless – you must add features that describe at least a minimum of what the plugins can do or, even more interesting, can NOT do.

  16. Ruben says

    Very good list. There’s algo my Google calendar plugin which allows bloggers to embed a google calendar into a post or page by using a shortcode. It’s actually quite simple but it can be helpful, check it out here:

  17. Ken says

    I need an event Calendar for my nursing home that allows me to print out the calendar from the web page. Any suggestions on which plug in does this the best. Thank you for any help.

  18. bsinj says

    Asking out of ignorance: do these plugins have to be contained within a “blog” or can they be accessed directly from an external link?

  19. Alexander Rodriguez says

    I cant seem to find the booking calendar. does someone have the link. I clicked on the image and it just takes you to the first wordpress page.

  20. John says

    Great compilation of calendar plugins! Which one of these do you recommend as the easiest to use?

  21. says

    Great article, thank you – I’ve been looking for a suitable scheduling application for WordPress, and it looks like Booking Calendar might offer the features my client needs.

  22. Jared says

    The events manager is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the round-up. I was amazed how hard it was to find a good unbiased review of some products out there. It’s like Google decided to show all the low quality results at the beginning this time. Thanks again!

  23. says

    Thanks for a very useful post – fyi there are also appointment scheduling tools like book fresh and appointy plugins for wordpress that provide a great user interface – both a pretty pricey though. Going to try and set up something with one of the options above instead

    Thanks again!

  24. says

    What’s needed for my ‘too busy’ clients is a calendar that allows emailed-in events. They want to email in their posts, and a calendar that allows import, export or mail-in would be ideal. I’ll take a closer look at the iCal calendars. Perhaps they have these features.

  25. dave says

    Hi, I am looking for a plain ol simple calender that i can use on my site, all i need it to do is let me creat events myself in a way that i don’t want them as blogs or posts, just something that i can show events on the calendar that is a widget, there probably is something out there allready but i cant seem to find it.
    thanks in advance for any help

  26. says

    Booking calendar seems awesome but I’m looking for a freebie. Anyone knows of a similar service? I need to be able to manage bookings at particular times of the day (not possible with the standard version)

  27. Bill Scheider says

    Thanks so much for this review. The Events Calendar (#3) looks very promising. I’ve been looking quite a while for an elegant and flexible event/calendar solution for WordPress and hadn’t come across this one yet.

    I’ll be setting that up and playing with it tomorrow!

  28. Patrick McDonough says

    I need a calendar of future events that would display an image much like the “Calendar Archive” plug in above but for future events not past events. Anyone have an idea on where I might find that for WordPress 3.01?

  29. Bob says

    what about a facebook events – wordpress events plugin integration? any way would work – meaning either you publish and event and there is way to import it semi-automaticaly on facebook – or even better – you create it and manage it on facebook and it’s automatically displayed in your wordpress blog in the appropiate events page…

    • Adonna says

      I agree Bob. A Facebook events plugin for WordPress would be wonderfully useful. You could add an event and the details and it would push the content to the homepage without having to manual re-enter data (again!).

      With the advent of multiple social hubs online, updating information in multiple locations is becoming a real problem and time drain. I assist published authors with PR and book marketing support online and I need a really good calendar that can list their events in a simple list format, as well as allow you to click on the event title and see more information (such as a blog post that isn’t shown anywhere else on the site). An additional feature to have the event details emailed to the site visitor at a later date would also be great. If all else fails, I guess that I can sit down at the drawing board and create / program one of my own.

      Thanks for the plugin list. I found it very helpful and informative to see what’s currently out there.
      Adonna from The Author Pro

  30. says

    The Events Calendar doesn’t support a shortcode, so you can’t embed it in a page. Its documentation doesn’t even tell you how to set it up. Do you have to create a category and post events there? Doesn’t say. Is there a URL that the events calendar can be seen at? Doesn’t say. Very frustrating. Perhaps you could post instructions about getting it working.

  31. Whitney says

    I am using your widget “The Events Calendar” on my web page. I want to have my week laid out from Sunday- Saturday, not Mon- Sun as it appears on my website. How do I make this change?

    • Nigel Parry says

      @Whitney: My guess is that it draws this from WordPress’ Settings > General panel. Look there. Right at the bottom it says “Week Starts On…”

  32. bpdir says

    This looks really good, I’ve been looking for a better WP calendar for one of my sites and I think I might have just found it right here! :)

  33. Jerop says

    Thanks for that. A previous one I was using seemed that the developers stopped working on it and does not work with wordpress 2.9. I am excited that 3.0 is finally out.

  34. Kevin Lanteri says

    Hi, nice list :)

    i’ve just released a new one that could fit in there : iCal Events Manager :

    it’s an adaptation of the jQuery iCal by stefano verna to fit all wordpress events need, be sure to give it a try !


  35. JenOhsome says

    I’ve used the Booking Calendar for two sportfishing charter sites & it’s fantastic. Easy to setup and manage. You can see it in action at
    Great post by the way – I’ll def. be referencing it in the future.

    • says

      Jen – is this the standard Booking Calendar (freebie)? Or one of the other versions. Thnx. Looks great, BTW.

  36. Adal Design says

    Awesome! I was looking for good WP calendar apps just earlier this week.

  37. DjaVupixel says

    Excellent article. I have to try some because this can be handy…


  38. says

    I did a search for plugins when a client who gives retreats asked to have one on her homepage. (Calendars are a great feature for sites. Surprised I have not had more requests.) Calendars get complicated. They are not as straight forward as I had thought. We are using #2 Calendar: in the footer. Instructions and support could be improved. I will bookmark this post and review the next time. Many thanks.

  39. says


    if using ics files, then this can be used with free version from wordpress amr-ical-events-list. this multimonth version (4) will be there in a day or so – just wrapping up testing – this is test version at test/demo site.