30 Powerful WordPress Plugins For Blog Administrators

title-admin-plugins-for-wordpressTo handle a blog these days can be quite difficult if you are not well-organized and you don’t spend enough time managing it. That’s why there are plugins for WordPress. They literally make your job lot easier and if you work well with them you can put them to work for you.

Sounds cool I know, but you have to know which plugins are ment for your blog and when to use them. In my opinion, the administration plugins have one of the most important roles in your blog because they are the ones that help you to get: statistics, help you manage content and help you to generate content.

There are tons of plugins designed to do the job I’ve just mentioned and is pretty difficult to find the plugins you really need. That’s why, in today’s post I’ve selected some of the most powerful administration plugins I know. You should also check out the great article by Saad Bassi about WordPress plugins to change the outlook for Administrator Dashboard .

Keep in mind that you have to save lots of time in order to become more effective and I’m sure that using these plugins right will save you a lot of time.

1. FireStats and FireStats Charts

Firestats is without a dub my favorite plugin for gathering statistics about the traffic that comes to my blogs. It has a powerful monetization system so that you can get info about: user country, ip, browser, operating system and many more. Firestats and Firestats Chart can work separately as well, but I recommend you to use both of them in order to get a better idea about the traffic that comes to your site.


2. Custom Admin Branding

Many people consider this plugin not very useful, but I consider that once with your blog evolution there will be more people to write for you or just more people logging in to your blog and if you are like me you want your own logo to be the one that dominates your creation.


3. Post Video and Photo Galleries

Being able to create photo galleries and adding videos to your WordPress blog is just perfect for any type of blog you manage. This plugin helps you to easily do that and also integrates a small button in the visual editor of your post writer.


4. Login with Ajax

The combination between PHP and Java Script has always a good impact for your visitors. The Ajax Login system brings great login effects which will determine more people to register.


5. Google Analyticator

If you are a Google Analytics user this plugin saves you a lot of time but if you are not, than you should definitely go and start using it because is the best option for your website traffic statistics.

6. Admin Management Xtended

To save more time, Admin Management Xtended brings new Ajax forms to automatically change or add content to your blog without having to reload the page and lose time.


7. Admin Menu Editor

Easily customize the Admin Menu as you like.


8. Database Size WordPress Plugin

Displays a small and non disturbing message text which contains information about the size of your WordPress blog database.


9. Hide Admin Panels

If you are running a collective blog, this plugin will help you to restrict some permissions for different types of members of your blog. You choose who sees what.


10. Favicons Chooser

We all know how important a first impression is and without a dub, the favicon you have on your website is vital and probably the one that remains in your visitors head. Favicons Chooser helps you to easily add or choose a Favicon.


11. Post Ideas

This plugin stores your ideas about what you would like to write in the near future. When you are ready to post about one of your ideas in the “Post Ideas” just click on it and you will be redirected to the writing page.


12. Broken Link Checker

Is pretty messy to find out that the post or page you are looking for is missing or is broken. Broken Link checker helps you to solve this problem and warns you when you should change links.


13. Digital Raindrops Style Sheet

The admin can easily change the style sheet of each page from the theme directory.


14. AdRotator

Helps you to add any type of ad banner anywhere you want and also it helps you to keep a statistics page for them.


15. WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is a must have plugin for any respected website or blog. It generates static HTML pages for your every page and post so when you have tons of traffic the bandwidth will handle it and you will not have any problems.


16. Genki Pre-publish Reminder

This is very useful if you are that kind of guy who forgets what to do before posting a new article. If you forget to post an a category for your article or just need to add SEO tags you just have to add those into the Genki Pre-publish reminder.


17. WP Grins

Automatically adds clickable smileys for administrator area and also for users comment form.


18. WP Super Editor

Get more control over the styles of your blog and also emoticons and layouts.


19. Plugin Installer

This plugin helps you to get the content of other plugins and automatically installs it. All you have to do is to point the Plugin Installer to the source of the plugin and it will do the rest.


20. Batch Categories

Automatically adds a new page to category management which shows what posts are in that category so that you will be able to easily transfer them to other categories.


21. Ajax Spell Checker

One of the most powerful Spell Checkers created for WordPress.


22. Custom Write Panel

This plugin helps you to select the way that your WYSIWYG panel looks like and choose what elements to show and which not.


23. Google Sitemaps Generator

Automatically generates xml and gz extension sitemaps for your blog which is very important for indexing your pages by Google.


24. Share This

Adds the social media links for every posts and pages.


25. Site Unavailable

Displays a message which alerts your visitors that your website is unavailable. The message is customizable.


26. Fluency

Changes the whole User Interface in WordPress and creates a great experience for every user.


27. Simply Tags

Helps you to easily manage batch tags so that you will be able to save lots of time.


28. Adminize

Compress and hide unnecessary items in your wordpress blog.


29. Quick Menu

Create and customize your own menu in WordPress Admin Area. You can add all kind of quick links in the menu section like: Google Analytics, Adsense account or just a simple other page.


30. Admin Notepad

Adds the Notepad in your WordPress application. The Notepad panel can be hide or displayed by clicking one simple button.


I’ve personally tested all of these amazing plugins and I can confirm that they are great for every type of blogger. Hope it will help you too and stay with us to get more interesting articles about WordPress and blog management tutorials.

Cosmin Lupsan

I love spending time creating web designs and development projects such as blogs, forums and online communities as well as working on some freelance projects. I also love working with WordPress and that's why I created WP Century

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