Create Your Responsive WordPress Site In Less Than 5 Minutes + Bonus Tutorial

In this video post I will guide you through the whole process of how to create a responsive WordPress site without you touching a single code. Well, at least for the first part.

The first video focuses on how to setup a responsive WordPress site using Bluehost as your host, and along with it is a special discount for 1WD readers. Second part is a little more technical where I will teach you how to create a child theme for the WordPress theme called Responsive and basically redesign the whole theme to your liking.

Create a Responsive WordPress Site Using BlueHost

If you already have your own web hosting then you can proceed with the second video below.

Create Your Own Child Theme Tutorial

In this video I will guide you through how I designed 1wdnotes to look like 1stwebdesigner’s new version. It’s as simple as copying HTML and CSS, just a little more tedious. But by the end of this hour-long video you will definitely be able to create your own child theme from scratch.



Spencer Forman

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  1. says

    Hi Spence,

    Great tutorial… this just may put several theme shops out of business;) I’m not a developer by trade but you make this look very easy…nice work.

  2. Scott says

    Hi I have read, with interest your tutorial and I’m signed upto your newsleetter. My problem is that I cant find the member section so I can download the entire tutorial.
    Can you point me in the right direction please?

  3. says

    Nice Tutorial. Thanks for providing such a valuable information. Video support us a lot of information about creating a website.

  4. Shane says

    Hi Spence,

    Really awesome tutorial – I’m making my first wordPress site and you’ve really given me a jump start!!!
    thanks dude!

  5. says

    Thanks for the great tutorials. Its much appreciated. This is one of the most thorough and complete ones I’ve seen. This will help a lot of people and dummies it down for those that are less advanced. Keep the great content coming!

  6. Anna says

    Thanks for the great video. I am stuck with the part with the child theme…
    Is there any place I could download the child theme you are using?
    You wrote that whoever registers to bluehost through your link, they will get entitled to‘s special membership and its benefits, including access to WordPress video tutorials, eBooks, worksheets, videos, codes, files, and support forum, tips from freelancers who have been in the business for several years…
    I signed up at bluehost and registered for but I can only find a few videos there (including the two seen here).

    • says

      Hi Anna,
      Thank you for creating a BlueHost account with us!

      We’re still setting up the community and downloads at but if you would like to send me an email directly to I would be happy to send you the child theme with css mods ;-)

  7. Steve says

    I would like to read one of your posts, ” Working from home in the Philippines , problems and perks ” … how
    can I do that ?

  8. says

    Thank you Thank you Thank you….
    I am not a web designer and I have taken on the task of building my own website. Let me backup a little. I did deploy a website,, using the Pitch Theme from However, I did that in a rush just to get a way for my customers to find me and place orders.

    Now that I know a little more, I found the Responsive Theme back in December, and I set out to do a complete redesign of my site using it. I needed to address the various mobile device screen sizes given we are mobile people now. This would also make it easier for my customers since most of them are on iphones.

    I have managed to build a localhost on my Ubuntu box where I am planning on doing the redesign. Your videos just gave me the fire that I needed under my butt. You just showed me how easy it is to do this. I was so not getting it until I watched these two videos. I have countless books that I checked out from the local library, and I gathered more from your videos than I have from these books.

    My area of issue was understanding these grids. I could not get my mind around them. I understood the concept. But I could not see how they worked until you made it clear as water. There are Wrappers. My problems are with the wrappers at this point. You are the man. You also showed me how to look at the source of something else and use it to benefit what I need. This makes perfect sense now.

    Thank you once again. I have bookmarked this page because I will be watching them again and again. Maybe I will bounce a question or two off of you once I get started again.

    • says

      I am so grateful for your positive feedback! It is amazing to know that I’ve been able to help you get over some hurdles, and see how powerful our system can be for making “magic” :-)

      I look forward to seeing you in our community and more reports of your progress!!

  9. says

    Thanks for the great tutorial Spence,
    Recently I’ve launched my first blog on WordPress, As I have little knowledge about WordPress then I asked one of my friends to setup it for me, but later I decided to learn all the basics and today we searched it on Google then I got link to this great Tutorial, its really helping.

    • says

      Hi Hamayon!
      I am obviously. Huge proponent of WP and how easy it can be to use for building powerful and beautiful websites. I hope to hear more from you an your progress soon :-)

  10. says

    Hi Spence,
    Thank you for this awesome tutorial. Im a developer but I´m starting with wordpress, and it´s just what I needed. A great result with 2 simple (and free) tools.


  11. Emma says

    Really useful post! I’m a newbie to child themes – can you please clarify, what is the benefit of using a framework eg Genesis or Thesis, when I can just create my own child theme as you have demonstrated?

    • says

      Hi Emma,
      Genesis has child themes as well, and has a conventional WordPress theme structure.
      Unfortunately, Thesis does not.

      We suggest that using the Responsive parent, with a child theme, provides a way to add many desired features (Social Networking, Support Forums, Membership, Video, E-commerce) while also providing a safety net for any upgrades to the parent (the child theme mods are not lost)

  12. Nicol says

    Very interesting videos which are exactly what I have been looking for and wanting to learn for quite some time.
    One question though: I use WordPress to blog but I don’t download it and pay for hosting etc, I just build straight from the dashboard on WordPress and I can’t do much from there.
    Everything that you have shown is only available if you pay, right?

    • says

      There is a big difference between and The former is a hosted version of WordPress, but in their free version you don’t have access to many of the CSS and other plugin options as you would when you host your own version of the open source code.

      There is really very little cost (only the cost of the web server) to hosting your own full-version of WordPress code. That is why we suggest you go that route (about five bucks a month).

  13. Steve says

    How many videos do you have on plugin development
    and how deep do go into plugin development ?

    • says

      Hi steve,
      Most of our stuff is geared towards the beginner crowd, however I do focus on modifying existing plugins to work with our system or to achieve certain goals. Check out for now … And you should find a few gems :-)

  14. says

    Thank you, Spence! I learned a lot from the first video. The second one got me a little lost, so I’ll have to watch it again once I have some more experience with WP. So far, I only knew how to install a theme and make some tiny modifications, like changing the font color.
    Inspired by what I’ve learned, (I watched the video last week on YouTube) I built my own website using the Responsive theme. It’s still a work in progress, and it only has dummy content, but I would be grateful if you could take a look at it and maybe give me some tips on how to improve it. Thanks again!

    • says

      Hi Paula!
      thanks for checking-in and sharing with us your experiences so far.

      Don’t worry too much if the second video is over your head, it’s a bit advanced in some parts. I just wanted to show how far one can go with just our basic toolkit ;-)

      The subsequent videos will be much more oriented to the basics to start.


  15. Sheridan says

    wow this was really cool – thank you for posting and doing the job

    very big Inspiration for me, I was really long in the Joomla stuff but since a few weeks doing some WP, and then you come with this for me – thanks!

  16. margins mcdougal says

    Thanks for the post – reassures me I’m kind of doing child the right way.

    Just wanted to know if we can download the child of responsive you mentioned in the video?

    • says

      Hi Margins (bwhahaha),

      We will be making the child themes and other code from these videos available to anyone who is participating in our community site… please check over there this week for details ;-)