How To Create Your Permalink Structure More User And SEO-friendly

title-permalink Okay, this time it will be just a small tip, I see many people do not know about. I must say this tip is for WordPress blog users, I don’t know what kind of system is in other blogs.

So what am I talking about??
Every WordPress blog user should use and customize their permalink structure. What permalink means and stand for? Permalinks are the permanent URLs to Your individual blog posts, categories, archives and others. It is URL that follows after Your web site address for example I use ( as web site front page address) – You see?

This is default address to blog posts after installing WordPress blog –, WordPress calls this “Ugly” link and I cannot agree more :)

Whole reason I write this short article, because I see so many blogs using this default ugly link. Why people call this about ugly link?  Actually it’s because this link is very unfriendly to the search engines – one of the most important criteria to the search engine spider is file name – do not to waste this SEO friendly factor. You see permalink address like ?p=123 do not say anything about Your post. Okay, now maybe You agree, You should use SEO friendly permalink so I will go ahead and answer to the next question – How to implement it?

Ugly permalink –

Pretty permalink – or

You can change permalink settings in Your admin panel  Settings–>Permalinks. If Your settings are default I suggest and recommend to change  it to  – /%category%/%postname%/

Do this in every blog when You are starting out. Now Your address to post will be – much better indeed?


Huh, but what You can do if You’re using default settings and have many posts already?

You have all these links in search engines, trackbacks, pingbacks and social bookmarking sites – permalink change would seriously crash and broke all links out there. If You are in this situation there is actually one thing to do, I’ll explain things later.

Take these steps then in following order:

1. Download and install Permalink Migration plugin

2. Unzip it, drop it in wp-content/plugins folder and activate it;

3. Now go to admin panel->options->PermalinksMigration

4. And then set the old, default permalink structure of your site in the form.

5. Now go to Your admin panel  Settings–>Permalinks. Now change  it to  – /%category%/%postname%/

Permalink Migration plugin – “With this plugin, you can safely change your permalink structure without breaking the old links to your web site,and even doesn’t affect your search engine rankings.” It’s called 301 Redirect, also known as a permanent redirect. For alternative You can also check out this Redirection plugin with more options.

Now  instead of hitting 404 error page, user will be automatically redirected to Your new structure URL in moments and search engine spiders also will find new links faster and change it! Nice one! Also You can use redirection plugin if You are migrating pages from other web site, or are changing the directory of your WordPress installation. I hope this will help – now You have much more SEO-friendly permalink structure!

If You have any tips, questions, feel free to ask, also consider to visit WordPress Codex – Using Permalinks, You’ll find more options how to change Your permalinks using different tags like –  %year%, %monthnum%, %day%, %hour%, %minute%, %second% and much more detailed explanation.

Dainis Graveris

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  1. Satz says

    Seems like google crawls more .html contents.
    Try this:
    Go to wordpress permalinks > custom structure > and add %postname%.html

    So now your links will be in this format:

    instead of

    Cool huh:)

  2. says

    Thanks for the post. Just wondering why has wordpress made something “ugly” as the default. I have hundreds of blogs with these ugly permalinks – these probably want to have a meaningful link structure but do not know how to configure it. Btw thanks.

  3. says

    This simple tips are useful to newbie wordpress developers. Applying this permalink will enable search engine to prioritize your links into their SERP..

  4. Jeremy says

    Thanks for this great plugin but I was curious after I activate the plugin and change the permalinks structure, all post is “not found” under “%category%/%postname%/”… something is missing

  5. Yodi says

    short and exactly what I was looking – now, that’s me, will appear prettier :-)

  6. Ajnabii says

    you helped me alot, now my blog URL are nice :) i was confused by defualt wordpress permalink structure and now after reading your post, all links are seo friendly keeep writing good post i have bookmarked you blog.

    Thanks alot.

  7. Kathie says

    If you are writing a news site like latest news and trends then use yeay/month/date structure as it gives to idea to search engine and readers. And if you are writing a tutorial blog then use category/post name structure as it gives good idea to search engine and visitors as well.

  8. Kashyap says

    Thank you for sharing great seo help. But can i add more than one categories to the post? And also i want to know that if i add more than one categories to the post, then all categories are added into permalink. Please help me. Thank you.

  9. Zend says

    Thanks Dainis. Obviously this works for SEO since you were #1 when I looked up permalinks :) I will use your techniques on my new site and refer back to you when I need some more tips. Keep em’ coming!

  10. Anggity says

    How long each post page to fit with the new permalink?? is there any plugin other than Permalink Migration plugin to move permalink

  11. says

    I use month and name. I do not like using category in permalinks because than you have absolutely no choice of shifting a particular post from category to another category later

  12. says

    Thanks for this.. but i want know how this permalink is used in my php type website other then wordpress Good guidance for creating user and seo friendly permalink structure, thank you very much, Great post.

  13. Phil says

    Great post! Great work in this. I see a lot of the ruler schemes you’re advocating here and agree that they are prettier. Nice article! I am thinking about doing exactly . I am happy this article helped to You! Thank you.

  14. says

    Thanks for suggesting best permalink for wordpress. Nice article! I am thinking about doing exactly …..It’s very useful !…


  15. says

    It seems everyone is still hung up on “pretty” mod re-written urls for seo purposes. Yeah they look nice enough, but they dont matter too much anymore. Infact, it’s a very difficult thing to alter if you end up over-optimizing your pages.

    Best to only remove the ? and = from URLs instead of filling them with keywords

  16. Kaushik says

    Hey thanks for sharing this. I am looking to optimize my blog to seo friendly.

  17. Mike says

    I have made many experiment with this structure, but i like complete title in posts as url and category also for SEO purpose

  18. says

    Thanks for this.. but i want know how this permalink is used in my php type website other then wordpress

    Help me

  19. Ben Druce says

    What happens if I’ve already changed permalink structure without using the migration plugin?
    I’m pretty annoyed because my Google ranking has dropped off the map.
    Any suggestions I’d be grateful.

  20. theCount says

    A positive side effect of doing this at the beginning of every wp install is that it creates a .htaccess file in your root, this is an essential file for a good wp installation and can be used for more than just redirecting links, you can configure server side functions (for example forcing host/ISP php/mySQL 5 to be used)

  21. Stop Dreaming Start Action says

    For me I like to use the .htm ending.. so it will be like this %postname%.htm or html.. look like static page..

    Stop Dreaming Start Actions last blog post : Follow Your Dream

  22. Teddy says

    Question about the following:

    “4. And then set the old, default permalink structure of your site in the form.”

    What is the ‘default structure’?

  23. John says

    For some reason when i changed my permalink settings to custom, all my posts lead to a 404 error. can someone help me out on this one? thanks!

  24. JCarlosMC says

    Thanks, thanks,thans ….from spain.

    JCarlosMCs last blog post : “Mala vida”…Mano Negra

  25. says

    The permalink migration plugin is what I should have installed over on my other blog prior to the change in the permalink structure! But that was a way good find which other WP users will find very useful! :)

    Daniel Richards last blog post : 10 Things: Absolute Coolness That You Can Believe In To Make Your Blog Super Awesome!

  26. says

    @Brian oh, do so, maybe it’ll help :)
    @Ricks that’s great, if ou have any problems, just ask :)

    @Chris if You don’t believe me just read WordPress Codex link and search for SEO.

    @Angie thanks for the tip! :)

    @Tom yeah, I do it to hopefully help those people, who don’t know this tip..:)

  27. Danh ba web 2.0 says

    Thanks for great post. It’s very useful !

    Danh ba web 2.0s last blog post : Top những mạng Social Media hàng đầu hiện nay

  28. Tom Ross says

    I was aware of this tip already, but I know that a lot of people aren’t. It’s well worth doing.

    Tom Rosss last blog post : Daily Image Inspiration #9

  29. Angie Bowen says

    Really nice article! For anyone considering using category/postname who also has a tendency to assign posts multiple categories, make sure you put something in place to counter wordpress’ tendency to create multiple addresses for the same post. I started out using category/postname and quickly switched to postname only.

    Angie Bowens last blog post : The Twittering! A Closer Look at the Social Media Giant

  30. Ricks says

    Had no idea about this, well found and thanks for sharing!

    Rickss last blog post : Man Eater

  31. says

    Nice article! I am thinking about doing exactly what Selene did, using categories/postname. Right now I have simply /postname..

    This will come in handy when I get round to doing this! Thanks Dainis!

    Brian Yerkess last blog post : Bayfront Bistro Logo Design Signage

  32. says

    No kidding! I literally just changed from date based permalinks to /category/postname/ structure this morning. With the Permalink Redirect and Permalink Migration plugin, it went off without a hitch!

    My problem was I changed a few postname title url’s too which I needed to use the Redirection plugin to fix.

    Great info here – I know a few people thinking of changing their permalink structure… I’ll be passing this link onto them!

    Selene M. Bowlbys last blog post : Guest Post on Freelance Folder – 10 SEO Techniques All Top Web Sites Should Use

  33. says

    Hum. I built my own blogging engine and must admit that I defaulted to the /?b=xxx url scheme. Mainly because it’s simple to implement. I see a lot of the url schemes you’re advocating here and agree that they are prettier. But I’m just not convinced that it’s going to make a difference for SEO. You’re just saying it’s better. I’d like to understand why.

    That said – I’m going to go into the code tonight and add in the prettier scheme – and do the redirecting as you suggested. Thanks for the nudge!

    Chris Ritkes last blog post : Where’s the Gantt Chart?

  34. says

    @Selene oh, You really cheered me up – this is one coincidence, and I am happy this article helped to You! I’ll be thankful if You pass this link further! Thanks for good words!